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bojammis 28-Oct-15 14:27pm View
Sesharaman - post the freaking exception message.
bojammis 27-Oct-15 11:52am View
I agree with Richard, you need to review the exception message. Some common areas to consider: XML can serialize an object if the object has a parameter-less constructor(this gets me every time). Also properties of other object must have parameter-less constructors. The exception message will indicate what property failed to initialize if this is the case.
bojammis 28-Aug-15 15:01pm View
That's a great article you pointed to, thanks.

regs ron O.
bojammis 22-Jul-15 11:27am View
You might try Clean then Re-build.
bojammis 10-Jul-15 11:28am View
Thanks for the reply. Is creating those controls (like the example given) that have focus not a good solution? Or am I missing something.
bojammis 17-Mar-15 21:48pm View
I was trying to say that if you have placed a dll into another folder besides the bin or debug folder you can point to that one.
bojammis 17-Mar-15 17:28pm View
As you have quickly pointed out.
bojammis 23-Jan-15 15:21pm View
Thanks for pointing that out. Taking your advise, I am changing my sqlCommands to use parameters. Thanks
bojammis 13-Jan-15 12:10pm View
Good point but I would still consider and use the following: Some cases using string concatenation is acceptable. It is taking the steps to reject any string parts that violate your rules for SQL injection. My apologies - I didn't see that you are working on an Access DB my comments maybe null and void.
bojammis 11-Jan-15 16:28pm View
ok- so now you need to put on the old thinking cap - you need to write some code that adds or subtracts the area of the label that violates the requirement you just stated - let me know what that might look like.


ron O.
bojammis 9-Jan-15 14:03pm View
Ok - maybe we don't have a clear understanding of "...going out of the panel..." Is it that you want the labels rectangle not to disappear as it extends into the limits of the panels rectangle shape, if the panel border style is set to "singlefixes" the label would begin to disappear as it enters the border area. Or can the label be places outside of the panel and onto the Form?
bojammis 8-Jan-15 11:37am View
If you have a Label named label1 and a Panel named Panel1 you should be able to cut and paste the example and it should run....
bojammis 7-Jan-15 22:00pm View
Depends...if the label is available in the form designer - just drag the label into the panel. If you are creating the label in your code then you need to do this in the constructor after the initializeComponent() statement.

regs ron O,
bojammis 7-Jan-15 21:19pm View
Make sure you have assigned the Parent of the label by either;
mylabel.parent = myform
bojammis 7-Jan-15 20:32pm View
You can get the community edition (free) of Visual Studio from here;

With that you will be able to develop software and more importantly use the .NET programming language of your choice. Hope that helps, got to get back to my illusion, nothing too serious going on here.
bojammis 7-Jan-15 17:37pm View
I don't think there is a member ParentContainer for the Label control;
Label1.Parent = Panel1
bojammis 31-Dec-14 15:40pm View
Need to see class UserLoginDataContext
bojammis 24-Dec-14 12:14pm View
Ok - just duplicated your code, created stubs for members that you do not show code for. This code hits the runWorkerCompleted only once. This might indicate there is something going on in others members you call (AppendNegative, AppendPositive, StartSendingMessage() etc.). Would be nice to see what is going on with those areas.


ron O.
bojammis 24-Dec-14 11:55am View
What code is in StartSendingImages?

regs Ron O.