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Comments by Kees van Spelde (Top 19 by date)

Kees van Spelde 12-Jan-14 12:19pm View    
This isn't a question, be more precise in what you want to do. And try to figure it out yourself. It's called cheating when somebody else makes your homework.
Kees van Spelde 11-Jan-14 9:17am View    
Your question is very fuzzy. Describe in a better way what exactly you want to do. In ASP.NET you only can give some values to another page with Session variables or through URL query parameters.
Kees van Spelde 11-Jan-14 9:12am View    
I totally agree with you... very hard to understand what he wants.
Kees van Spelde 11-Jan-14 9:10am View    
Make your question more clear... it's very hard to understand what exactly you want to do.
Kees van Spelde 11-Jan-14 9:07am View    
Where is your database logic? You need to do an update query somewhere.