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Mohammad Nasim 19-Dec-10 17:32pm View
Than you jean Davy,
This may be the comment. It encourages me to write more.
Mohammad Nasim 16-Dec-10 5:57am View
Thank you Lars,
Thins is neither my article to delete it, nor i am an administrator here.
you can delete it. I can only accept it as an alternative for mine.
Thank you for being understanding
Mohammad Nasim 16-Dec-10 5:54am View
Thank you Jean. Although, I like things to be more abstract and more general, I preferred not to use abstraction here. I think this is the only way to introduce such a topic.
In general, I found students get bored when they receive a lot of unjustified theories. Instead, you have to ask them a question that has no answer using their all previous knowledge, then they will open their mind fully for you, waiting for a solution to this new problem. Then you can pour out as much theories as you can. As long as these theories are in the scope, students will get it perfectly, and in no time.
Finding such a question is not an easy process, but results are great. If you are honest in teaching process, you should (must) search regularly for such questions in different fields.
I think, in this article, the key question that acts as the master-key is "have you thought as a compiler?"
This is my Philosophy, try it.
Mohammad Nasim 14-Dec-10 5:09am View
Greetings Lars,
I am not sure i understand you. This article is written mainly to uncover needed things that look like padding.
e.g. semicolons that looks unnecessary, ...etc. I am not discussing about adding new keywords to the language.
Thank you.
Mohammad Nasim 11-Dec-10 2:26am View
Thnak you Walt Fair, Jr for visiting
Mohammad Nasim 8-Dec-10 19:59pm View
Excuse me Mr. Alexey Leonov, I didn't get it.
1- I didn't say what you claim that I have said.
2- The best suggestion is the class-type part and why they need semicolon; if that what you mean, then I didn't say "People you must declare objects with class-type definitions". I just said C++ accepts declaration there, and hence it must provide some way to allow programmers to actually declare their objects.
If that was my intent, excuse me, I have to say it is not a wrong documentation. Otherwise I think you have to explain more what you mean exactly, and what this code is for. Thank you.
Mohammad Nasim 8-Dec-10 19:48pm View
Thank you jingnudt, and that was my intent to clear troubles.
Mohammad Nasim 7-Dec-10 1:51am View
Thank you, paulgrealish. I think I should enhance my Enlish, and sorry if it is broken, although I think it is acceptable.
English is not my native tongue. My native tongue is Arabic, as it is clear from my profile/country.
Mohammad Nasim 3-Dec-10 6:00am View
Thank you Mr Member 3428383. BTW you have nice name :)
Mohammad Nasim 2-Dec-10 12:09pm View
Thanks sendmetamil for visiting
Mohammad Nasim 16-Nov-10 12:21pm View
Thanks wincsi for being positive by commenting and voting. Hope to publish more useful articles
Mohammad Nasim 29-Sep-10 17:33pm View
Thanks Kevin Drzycimski
Mohammad Nasim 14-Sep-10 15:07pm View
Others find it useful. Understanding why things as they are is not so bad. After all, thanks for being positive by commenting and voting.