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Comments by Tamer Hatoum (Top 41 by date)

Tamer Hatoum 10-Jan-13 15:44pm View    
my concerns is not the data ,cause I built a UPD and SQL triggers to get the latest data , only my concerns how to animate it and makes interactive , cause I am displaying it on huge screens ,
Tamer Hatoum 10-Jan-13 15:20pm View    
No this is just a windows form application using C# , but my question is how to display the data in an animated way , that display for example the results for the first lap then after few seconds displaying the second lap , and still repeating ???
Tamer Hatoum 28-Nov-12 16:00pm View    
if you mean that you want to locate an .exe file then you want to start the chosen app. then you have to start the process by the file path not only the file name.
Tamer Hatoum 26-Nov-12 15:45pm View    
please explain more , coz I saw your website and its opening other form if you want to update the main page after registering you can use ajax, but really I don't get what exactly you want.
Tamer Hatoum 26-Nov-12 1:23am View    
your welcome ...