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Tamer Hatoum 10-Jan-13 15:44pm View
my concerns is not the data ,cause I built a UPD and SQL triggers to get the latest data , only my concerns how to animate it and makes interactive , cause I am displaying it on huge screens ,
Tamer Hatoum 10-Jan-13 15:20pm View
No this is just a windows form application using C# , but my question is how to display the data in an animated way , that display for example the results for the first lap then after few seconds displaying the second lap , and still repeating ???
Tamer Hatoum 28-Nov-12 16:00pm View
if you mean that you want to locate an .exe file then you want to start the chosen app. then you have to start the process by the file path not only the file name.
Tamer Hatoum 26-Nov-12 15:45pm View
please explain more , coz I saw your website and its opening other form if you want to update the main page after registering you can use ajax, but really I don't get what exactly you want.
Tamer Hatoum 26-Nov-12 1:23am View
your welcome ...
Tamer Hatoum 25-Nov-12 16:54pm View
if you mean that you wan to know if the clients have logged on, you can create a function on login button to insert the ID of the client in a temptable with the datetime value , so you can compare on your admin side by time and discover who's users are online..
Tamer Hatoum 23-Nov-12 8:21am View
also follow that link will guide you how to add the file :
Tamer Hatoum 23-Nov-12 8:20am View
this is depending how you are adding your dependencies
Go to Project=>Properties and select "Java Build Path"
Select "Order and Export" tab
Move "android 2.x.x" and "Android Dependencies" to the top of the list
Tamer Hatoum 19-Feb-12 4:20am View
but how to find the first colored pixels ??
Tamer Hatoum 2-Feb-12 11:16am View
after tracing the problem i have found that my problem is not in Copy and Paste and not in the path setting ...
my scanner in app1 is using some .dll files .
when I put the ddl files in the debug folder of the app2 it works fine..
my dll files are C based not .net dlls.
I think to register it without pasting it in the debug folder.
any advice ???

Tamer Hatoum 15-Jan-12 3:47am View
I am not scanning using the oracle : I have already the C# software which scan the image and save the path in text file only, just the oracle app have a button to start my C# application that's all.but when my application starts from oracle it doesnot function well , but if I start it alone it do all functions perfect
Tamer Hatoum 14-Jan-12 1:50am View
so that means all the controls and dlls that is related to my scanner application must create OLE objects for them ???
Tamer Hatoum 9-Oct-11 4:28am View
I am not asking about how to export to excel , I am asking how could I add picture and checkbox and other information inside my list ...
Tamer Hatoum 5-Oct-11 2:35am View
but I have Visual c# 2008 express installed ? but still asking for VS2005 SP1 ...
Tamer Hatoum 18-Aug-11 14:46pm View
you mean the size of the file o the hard disk??? just you can check after creating the class file in your project folder...
Tamer Hatoum 17-Aug-11 1:39am View
OK Please try that link: ...
Tamer Hatoum 14-Aug-11 4:34am View
Kindly see my update ... and what is the next step ...
Tamer Hatoum 21-Jul-11 6:54am View
I am not yet have the LEd I just want to collect information before starting...
Tamer Hatoum 21-Jul-11 5:28am View
thank you for your fast answer, but the point is how in C# to control that for example this DataGridView must be displayed on the led not all the software interface ?>??
Tamer Hatoum 15-Jun-11 16:55pm View
take a look for this article it helps me a lot :
Tamer Hatoum 13-Jun-11 18:03pm View
can you post your html code please ?? regards..
Tamer Hatoum 3-Jan-11 13:08pm View
thank you all for your support , all was helpful but the documentation is not enough to teach how to apply .. I have done it on web application , I have created index.en.resx and
and I check if the selecteditem on the check box is arabic I will assgin the cultureinfo for my recourse file .. is the same what will happen in winforms?? I want step by step how for example to asgin for a label a value in both resource files and then how on page load I will call the value from the resource file....
Tamer Hatoum 19-Dec-10 7:06am View
this is from html to rtf .. I want to disply my RTf in Html ...
Tamer Hatoum 19-Dec-10 3:04am View
Thank you for your reply , but I mentioned that I want to display as textarea in html tags .. regards..
Tamer Hatoum 15-Dec-10 12:17pm View
If I will put e.canecl is that means that I close the current event which is trying to close the window?? No just I was thinking that when I call the formclosing function it will not close the window it will just apply the code inside the function, so for that I have add this.close, but now I commented all the code and make it emptye function and it closes the window .. so by conclusion it is closing the windows and when we are adding : += new System.Windows.Forms.FormClosingEventHandler(this.MainForm_FormClosing);
that means we are adding to main event a new functionality..
that is great.. thank all for you comment
Tamer Hatoum 12-Dec-10 10:08am View
thank you for the links, but that is not my question , I know how to create the notify tooltip.. but I mean I load it when the login form loads , and then I close the login form and I am now for example in form2 then when a new msg updated in inbox database so I want to be notified... how can I do it???
Tamer Hatoum 30-Nov-10 7:46am View
Thank you Man so much for your following and Help ....
Tamer Hatoum 29-Nov-10 5:28am View
the firewall is turned off, our server domain is not on intranet, and I do all the configurations in the right way, and I am testing it from my cleint side PC using EMS 2008, and also trying to connect the Software by changing the connection string but it is not connected, but if I try the software from the server directly it is connecting to the database...
I am tired since one week and trying ...
note : I have configured before a server outside the country remotly and connected to the sql and working very fine.. but I donot know why I am not able for that now :(...
Tamer Hatoum 29-Nov-10 4:22am View
Thanks so much , BUt I already Applied all of these steps, But what if I am using a workgroup not the domain name, I am using SQL authentication and workgroup is any thing will chang???
Tamer Hatoum 26-Nov-10 16:41pm View
thank you for the reply , but it is giving connecting failed, but if I ping to the server IP it is pinging, any suggestion?
Tamer Hatoum 14-Nov-10 12:21pm View
thanks for your answer , I alread checked that links , and regarding the code which you provide is stream from a url and display the image into the picturebox...

but if you see my code :
MemoryStream stream = new MemoryStream(); realimage[0].Save(stream, System.Drawing.Imaging.ImageFormat.Jpeg); // MemoryStream ms = new MemoryStream(); // StreamWriter sw = new StreamWriter(stream); //sw.Write(); // sw.Flush(); stream.ToArray(); Attachment data = null; MessageBox.Show(stream.Length.ToString()); byte[] contentAsBytes; // FileData holds byte[] that is the contents of the file contentAsBytes = stream.ToArray(); stream.Write(contentAsBytes, 0, contentAsBytes.Length); stream.Seek(0, SeekOrigin.Begin);
I already streaming the image and get the byte [] ...
I already stream the image and get the by
Tamer Hatoum 14-Nov-10 12:10pm View
this is not my question, I want to streem an image from picturebox, not by file link... thanks..
Tamer Hatoum 14-Nov-10 7:59am View
thanks for the links, but that doesnot help in my situation , this function :
mail.Attachments.Add(new Attachment(listBox1.Items[i].ToString()));
is for adding string to the attachment, not stream an image...
so do you have any link ro sample code how to stream the image and attach it?
Tamer Hatoum 14-Nov-10 4:22am View
thanks for your reply.. acctually I can print a picture from the imagelist , but it prints only the last image in the list, it doesnot create new page and print all the images .. this is my code :
private void button1_Click(object sender, System.EventArgs e)
PrintDocument doc = new PrintDocument();
doc.PrintPage += this.Doc_PrintPage;
printPreviewDialog1.Document = doc;
PrintDialog dlgSettings = new PrintDialog();
dlgSettings.Document = doc;

if (dlgSettings.ShowDialog() == DialogResult.OK)

private void Doc_PrintPage(object sender, PrintPageEventArgs e)
Font font = new Font("Arial", 30);

float x = e.MarginBounds.Left;
float y = e.MarginBounds.Top;

float lineHeight = font.GetHeight(e.Graphics);

//for (int i = 0; i < 5; i++)
// e.Graphics.DrawString("This is line " + i.ToString(), font, Brushes.Black, x, y);
// y += lineHeight;
// }
y += lineHeight;

// Image myimage = realimage[0];

e.Graphics.DrawImage(realimage[0], x, y);
e.Graphics.DrawImage(realimage[1], x, y);

plz help..
Tamer Hatoum 13-Nov-10 11:49am View
what do you mean by fake answer ???
Tamer Hatoum 11-Nov-10 18:53pm View
that is great man, just take a look fro deferent versions of RTf in that link..
Tamer Hatoum 9-Nov-10 7:18am View
Please I have updated my post ...
Tamer Hatoum 7-Nov-10 15:57pm View
be more clear in your questions..
Tamer Hatoum 7-Nov-10 11:53am View
acctually it looks fine ... but can you add some breaks and debug your error for inserting some alerts in each loop to know what is happening and inform me back.. thanks...
For (i = 0 ;List.Items.Count - 2 ) {
For (j = ListItems.Count - 1 ; i + 1) {
If( List.Items(i).ToString = List.Items(j).ToString){you code here}}}
try that please...
and also try that link please I think it will help u a lot
Tamer Hatoum 7-Nov-10 8:41am View
sorry for being late to reply,,, you can check that article it will help you ...
Tamer Hatoum 7-Nov-10 8:34am View
what is the error ??? can you post all of your code???