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Comments by Honeyboy_20 (Top 9 by date)

Honeyboy_20 23-May-13 8:08am View
Could you correct my code ... coz i have some conflicts in your code.
Honeyboy_20 27-Dec-11 18:57pm View
Great it work with me ...thanks ahmed for your help and thanks also to OriginalGriff
Honeyboy_20 1-Dec-11 4:42am View
First thanks to Ahmed for his solution and I get the solution with sample from his blog
Honeyboy_20 30-Nov-11 20:23pm View
Thanks for your effort .. work with me without any problem
Honeyboy_20 30-Nov-11 8:28am View
I pass the name of comboxes so i need to loop on it
Honeyboy_20 22-Nov-11 9:36am View
Does Shutdown like power off plugin
Honeyboy_20 23-Sep-10 9:00am View
Reason for my vote of 5
Clear and Simple
Honeyboy_20 30-Jul-10 23:43pm View
Reason for my vote of 1
no logic in answer
Honeyboy_20 29-Jul-10 8:16am View
because I know google good and know how to search i am not need your advise for that coz I do search and i know the easy solution is that to call web services and I am ask a determined question if you have answer or key for that plz say or not add answer that not add anything ............ I want to send and receive using usb modem you have any key or your not know ?