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Comments by Paramu1973 (Top 53 by date)

Paramu1973 7-Oct-22 21:47pm View    
Always Richard MacCutchan is one of my favorite Guru!. Richard is always important to my career!
Paramu1973 13-Dec-21 8:22am View    
Thank Richard, can u explain me this line
XAttribute(XNamespace.Xmlns + "UDF", "TallyUDF")
Paramu1973 13-Dec-21 8:13am View    
Thank OtiginalGriff, Can you teach me to convert it in Managed C++/CLR
Thanks Again
Paramu1973 14-Apr-21 15:16pm View    
Ok. Once I need to access my files directly, How to connect, But the joke is before my hardware support staff, gave me the files direct access by IP. But I don't know the hardware configuration scenario.

Paramu1973 17-Sep-20 3:55am View    
Thank Richard, I have pages like Index, AboutUs, ContactUs. While I used the above code in Index working good. But when I wish to use the same code in another contactus page it's not working good. Can u have a try in other pages also...