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PaulS_UK 4-May-18 10:49am View    
Thanks for your quick reply Jochen. I think that is all a little beyond me! I was hoping to integrate GNUPlot to my console project to avoid calls to another program but it looks like it will be more effort than is reasonable. You've given me excellent pointers for learning though: thanks again!
PaulS_UK 7-Mar-15 10:46am View    
No richard; they're not Linux commands. They are commands sent to my executable in sequence through the command line with the executable running. That's why I suspect it's something to do with buffering inputs? The executable is behaving ok. any ideas?
PaulS_UK 29-Jan-15 13:46pm View    
Thanks for your reply. I had a good look around and was surprised not to find it anywhere!
PaulS_UK 22-Nov-13 8:39am View    
Thanks RedDK
I'm beginning to think this is a CLR/Native code issue.
I appreciate your input