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Asif Huddani 29-Jan-15 1:10am View
superb... this is best...
Asif Huddani 31-Jan-11 6:22am View

probing is only search inside bin directory or application directory.
I have 10 application which i publish as click once in .net so they install in "C:\Users\ahuddani\AppData\Local\Apps\2.0\J99BQE5J.KV1\6JX14ZMC.NLY" location and then global path i think it's complicated and not possible. i want to use common path C:\asif\assembly but not GAC.
Asif Huddani 31-Jan-11 6:19am View
Hi Abhinav nice article but my question is still more complected..
i have 10 project and each use same infragistics ddl which has around 100Mb.
if i have to deploy at one location then how all projects knows that because this change is for only machine.config for particular framework.
and if i remove all dll from my project then it want allow me to publish.

i change property of each dll to CopyLocal flase. and then change machine.config and specify path.. When i publish work properly but at anohter system same path in machine.config but when i try to install my application then it throws error that file not found in GAC... any solution????