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mslliviu 30-Dec-10 2:57am View    
Depending on what install requirements you have... if you just want to move files, why not an exe archive (zip rar whatever) with default extract path to C:\inetpub\wwwroot\
mslliviu 23-Nov-10 8:09am View    
Hi, thanks for your support, but I might not define the problem corectly. I'm usign DataGridview (Windows forms) which doesn't have EditIndex Property. I will try to attach the code I'm using and a more detailed explanation of the simptoms.
mslliviu 22-Sep-10 3:28am View    
Wouldn't be easier just to modify the query for the dataset, so it always give you back 5 rows
mslliviu 22-Sep-10 3:26am View    
I think the first step you have to take is to add the Oracle server to the LinkedServers collection in SQL Server (Server Objects). After that I think you can query Oracle data (don't know what security issues can appear)
mslliviu 22-Sep-10 3:21am View    
I'm not 100% sure I understand your problem, but through VPN you can use clickonce deployment to distribute the files, but the application will still run on local machine. I don't think you can run a windows application in browsers (IE)