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Comments by KenJohnson (Top 4 by date)

KenJohnson 17-Aug-10 10:39am View    
Thank you for your response. Unfortunately the web site you provided was one of the ones I had looked at and been unable to glean useful information from.
KenJohnson 24-Jul-10 3:49am View    
Reason for my vote of 5
Looks very interesting.
KenJohnson 10-Jun-10 18:38pm View    
Thanks it is running now. The idea was an excellent one. Incrementing does not work as doubles are not evenly distributed. This working depends on long fully utilizing the entirety of the possible 64 bits available to it and double also using only 64 bits. Again, excellent idea.
KenJohnson 10-Jun-10 13:44pm View    
Thanks for responding. I am converting the doubles to a significantly more fine grained numeric type. I want to make sure that one can do a round trip with no loss of information so I would like to test every one. I am aware that the running time of the test may be considerable, but I have an extra computer that I would be willing to let churn for as weeks if necessary.