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shanawazway 26-Apr-11 2:14am View
can u give the steps involved in that
shanawazway 15-Feb-11 1:00am View
Thanx for the right answer.
I followed your second link u suggested.
That was really simple and nice

Thanks agaiin
shanawazway 14-Feb-11 8:13am View
Error Message : The type initializer for CrystalDescision.Engine.ReportDocument Threw Exception.

I not installed crystal report on client machine. And I dont want to install the crystal report, but I want to include in setup project.

how can I do that.

shanawazway 20-Dec-10 8:38am View
User ID and Password is correct , I tested it by logging in SQL Studio. And Instance is also configured to allow TCP/IP Connection.

Any other suggestion?
Thanks for your reply
shanawazway 23-Nov-10 0:36am View
Your answer is best to fit my question, but
I am getting error in foreach block of first line < foreach Form f in this.MDIChildren >
MDIChildren is a 'Type' but used like 'variable'

MDI form is unaccessible. to access that we need new object but that is not a proper way if it is already MDI for all Child form
shanawazway 23-Nov-10 0:13am View
As I mentioned in the question, I don't have to create a new object of Form.
In Form1 Button1 Click ,it is creating a new object, which create and open a new form (not MDI Child form).
It means we have to opened Forms of same name like Form, one is MDIChild Form1 and other is independent Form1.
shanawazway 13-Nov-10 5:27am View
I resolved myself.
I done Window State=Normal
shanawazway 11-Nov-10 8:01am View
I tried your suggestion but It is not working.
Is there any solution ?

shanawazway 10-Nov-10 7:29am View
Dear, I think, U have not read my question completely, in the third line of question I explained this.
shanawazway 27-Oct-10 8:26am View
Thanks for best answer.
Here I made one change in your For Loop : index++ => index--
It went into infinite Loop
for (int index = Application.OpenForms.Count-1; index>= 0; index++)

for (int index = Application.OpenForms.Count-1; index>= 0; index--)

Thanks Again.
shanawazway 1-Oct-10 1:12am View
Still I not success in my motive .
U can give me the solution which u have successfully done, if u can ?

shanawazway 29-Sep-10 4:04am View
I tried using the property, but when it goes to other form, the value in the variable become NULL.

Is there any solution for this.

shanawazway 29-Sep-10 1:32am View
Closing of form is successful. Thanx.
but can u guide me how to pass value between two windows forms.
shanawazway 20-Sep-10 2:22am View
Hi Shabbir,this Shahnawaz. I read ur answer, but I have not it understood properly.
Can u please explain me how to execute it and (From .Net Visual Studio OR SQL Visual Studio)

Can u explain me below two lines, and from where it should run ?
sp_addlinkedserver '<server alias="">', '', 'SQLNCLI', NULL, NULL, 'SERVER=<ip>', NULL
sp_addlinkedsrvlogin '<server alias="">', 'false', NULL, '<username>', '<password>'
shanawazway 1-Sep-10 1:34am View
I m beginner in AJAX. can u send the Link or peace of code to solve my problem
shanawazway 27-Aug-10 6:31am View
I not aware of AJAX Toolkit, hence I was asking the solution without AJAX Toolkit. If it is not possible without AJAX Toolkit , then give me the solution With Ajax Toolkit.
Appreciate Your Feedback
shanawazway 25-Aug-10 5:34am View
Get it
shanawazway 29-Jul-10 6:10am View
yes , keep ur classes and DLL in APP_CODE folder. And dont forget to reference the DLL.
shanawazway 7-Jul-10 8:52am View
Specify your question and issue
shanawazway 7-Jul-10 8:48am View
gratefull if u can expplain me the line of code, bcoz it have space and comma also

ul.AspNet-Menu li a, ul.AspNet-Menu li span Smile
display: block;
text-decoration: none;
shanawazway 29-Jun-10 1:14am View
Thanx for ur best efforts and reply.

Can u clarify one doubt (in the last line of answer):- If I purchase domain name,web space, sql server space, then (1)do we need to purchase a license version of SQL server (2)if we purchase SQL server then where we install this either on domain server or on our local server.

Help me once again
Appreciate ur best reply
shanawazway 29-Jun-10 1:03am View
Reason for my vote of 4
It was best answer till date.
No body reply me such answer
shanawazway 26-Jun-10 10:32am View
yes, u r correct, but I never found any correct solution for this.
I never hosted any web application + database before.
Can u suggest any idea for the same.
I want my PC(web application+SQL database) to available on the internet.
Please suggest any solution for this.

Appreciate your best reply
shanawazway 26-Jun-10 10:23am View
It is OK to purchase a domain space.
But what at all are the steps and procedure to make my PC available on the internet.

Can u help me for the same .

Appreciate your best reply
shanawazway 17-Jun-10 7:44am View
Hi Ankur, appreciate ur reply.
can u give me any link or tutorial, through which I can learn "how to deploy web application and SQL server on Domain/Host".
shanawazway 14-Jun-10 3:14am View
Hi Dear,
As I mentioned in my question,I am not using template field, but it is command field of gridview(Select,Delete,Edit);
How can I call JavaScript function with Gridview Command default field like "Delete".

Again help me out

shanawazway 3-Jun-10 8:03am View
My intention was not to hurt u. u replied whatever u thought.
shanawazway 3-Jun-10 7:33am View
Reason for my vote of 1
bad idea
shanawazway 3-Jun-10 7:32am View
I applied the css,but problem is the same.
Grid is working fine in IE6 but giving problem in IE7 and mozilla.
shanawazway 24-May-10 1:06am View
Hi graus,
Let me explain the condition, if your internet connection is not there, so what screen will appear if u open a browser, so this the screen which is appearing. I tried creating a new virtual directory and load my project into that, but the IIS also showing the same screen.

I think, it is a problem of ISS. May be it is not requesting the web request properly.
Can U suggest any solution for this.

shanawazway 19-May-10 4:11am View
dear swati,
below statement is not working in child master page.
What could be the reason and the solution.

var myTextField = document.getElementById('txtAmount1');

shanawazway 19-May-10 4:07am View
I tried this , it is OK with normal page, but when I tried in child master page, it is not detecting the TEXT control.
It is saying Object required. It means it is not finding any Text control.
What could be the problem?

Please help me once again
shanawazway 18-May-10 1:13am View
I applied this in my project, It gives another error : control can not be added or located in head section.

I get frustrated by this, can u post the article for this.

Thanks Shahnawaz