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shanawazway 26-Apr-11 2:14am View    
can u give the steps involved in that
shanawazway 15-Feb-11 1:00am View    
Thanx for the right answer.
I followed your second link u suggested.
That was really simple and nice

Thanks agaiin
shanawazway 14-Feb-11 8:13am View    
Error Message : The type initializer for CrystalDescision.Engine.ReportDocument Threw Exception.

I not installed crystal report on client machine. And I dont want to install the crystal report, but I want to include in setup project.

how can I do that.

shanawazway 20-Dec-10 8:38am View    
User ID and Password is correct , I tested it by logging in SQL Studio. And Instance is also configured to allow TCP/IP Connection.

Any other suggestion?
Thanks for your reply
shanawazway 23-Nov-10 0:36am View    
Your answer is best to fit my question, but
I am getting error in foreach block of first line < foreach Form f in this.MDIChildren >
MDIChildren is a 'Type' but used like 'variable'

MDI form is unaccessible. to access that we need new object but that is not a proper way if it is already MDI for all Child form