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Vinodh.B 11-Mar-14 8:02am View
To create a new one .
Vinodh.B 11-Mar-14 7:54am View
Basically I want to create a Excel xml in Japan Language .
Vinodh.B 11-Mar-14 7:49am View
CAn you please provide the alternative
Vinodh.B 27-Feb-14 6:08am View
Suppose user from Japan is generating a report means the report should be in Japan and user from Germany means German Langauage . I need to translate text .
Vinodh.B 17-Jan-14 4:41am View
All images that are displayed should be approved by admin . This is the basic principle since you can have control of the photo's that are being posted .
Vinodh.B 17-Jan-14 4:35am View
Check the compactability of Silverlight 5 with your systems . If getting any error mention it .
Vinodh.B 26-Dec-13 5:18am View
Where you are facing the problem ? design or coding . If coding means what had you tried and try to paste the code .
Vinodh.B 24-Dec-13 5:48am View
Your question is unclear . If possible try to add UI screenshots .
Vinodh.B 2-Dec-13 5:40am View
whats the issue you are facing .
Vinodh.B 2-Dec-13 4:28am View
May I know what are you going to do with table id ?
Vinodh.B 2-Dec-13 4:09am View
use the .NET Framework tools sn.exe. Open the Visual Studio Command Prompt and then point to the dll’s folder you want to get the public key,

Use the following command,

sn –T myDLL.dll
Vinodh.B 2-Dec-13 3:54am View
Please refer and use it according to ur requirement .
Vinodh.B 2-Dec-13 1:51am View
Please mark this question as answered if your issue is solved .
Vinodh.B 2-Dec-13 1:38am View
Then try to do a partial load ie . load 10records in first page . If user goes to the next page in grid then load another 10records .
Vinodh.B 27-Nov-13 6:07am View
Please make your question more clear .
Vinodh.B 27-Nov-13 5:09am View
Sorry I missed that !!
Vinodh.B 26-Nov-13 6:24am View
By adding True/False it will tell whether the execution of the current page should terminate or not . Just try the code and post the results .
Vinodh.B 26-Nov-13 5:54am View
Don't create duplicate questions. You had already posted this question earlier
Vinodh.B 26-Nov-13 5:46am View
I had clearly mentioned Read it once again .
Vinodh.B 26-Nov-13 2:20am View
Please post your code .
Vinodh.B 26-Nov-13 2:10am View
Did you google . Come back with your constraints in Implementation .
Vinodh.B 26-Nov-13 2:08am View
Did u google . Come up with your requirements and feasibility .
Vinodh.B 25-Nov-13 0:35am View
In approve button click save data to DB . Don't send any mail .
Remaining things i had explained step by step in previous answers.
Vinodh.B 22-Nov-13 2:52am View
You need not call any method in Approve button click . Just save the data to database .
In Window service project get the data & send mail .
Vinodh.B 21-Nov-13 4:44am View
1)In btnSendMail_Click event Just save the data in DB . DON"T send mail in this event .
Remove this method SendEmailUsingGmail.
2)Create a New Window service project .
3)In the link provide there is a method named timer_elapsed . Here you should do the following
a)Get the mail id's from db whose status is approved/rejected.
b)Loop through the datatable
c)If user is approved send approved mail
d)if user is rejected send rejected mail .

You can schedule this send mail service Hourly/daily/weekly instead user going to screen & sending mails .
Vinodh.B 21-Nov-13 4:15am View
Pls see my updated solution with link .
Vinodh.B 21-Nov-13 2:32am View
Can you share the code of Login Button click ?
Vinodh.B 11-Nov-13 4:11am View
Pls mention the browser and version . Did you try in all the browsers ?
Vinodh.B 24-Oct-13 7:48am View
Missed the link . pls find the updated solution .
Vinodh.B 24-Oct-13 7:07am View
Question not clear . Be specific or provide an example .
Vinodh.B 24-Oct-13 5:36am View
Then create a single user registration page without create user wizard.
Vinodh.B 24-Oct-13 5:22am View
Yes . Please refer the following link .
Vinodh.B 18-Oct-13 1:15am View
Pls write down your table design and actual output and expected ouput .
Vinodh.B 17-Oct-13 4:57am View
Pls write down your actual result and expected result with some example .
Vinodh.B 5-Feb-13 7:11am View
Question unclear . Do you want row total or column total ? Paste sample output data
Vinodh.B 5-Feb-13 7:08am View
My suggestion is to make the file available in browser for download & save it the system & mail it .
Vinodh.B 4-Feb-13 7:19am View
IS it possible to paste the code of webconfig file ?
Vinodh.B 31-Jan-13 0:46am View
It would be helpful to suggest new ideas/features if you list out what you had implemented so far.
Vinodh.B 30-Jan-13 7:29am View
Post code written in row command .
Vinodh.B 30-Jan-13 6:07am View
anyways if my solution had helped you you can accept the solution or vote the solution .
Vinodh.B 29-Jan-13 8:07am View
Your above comments are unclear. Could you explain step by step exactly what is your need or how to display the data .
Vinodh.B 25-Jan-13 7:45am View
Your Question is unclear . If possible explain with screenshots .
Vinodh.B 4-Aug-12 15:33pm View
I could not make it work . Can you pls suggest changes in following code.

<head runat="server">
<script type="text/javascript" src="Scripts/jquery.shortkeys.js">
<script type="text/javascript">
'Space+1': function () {
'Space+2': function () {
<form id="form1" runat="server">
<asp:Menu ID="menu" runat="server">
<asp:MenuItem Text="Home">
<asp:MenuItem Text="Sales">

Vinodh.B 9-Jul-12 9:24am View
ObjComments = commentEntryText.Text.Trim();
then build a insert query & assign it & insert the into db
Vinodh.B 6-Jan-12 2:10am View
No my input consists of a list . it may one or 10 inputs in a comma separated string.
Vinodh.B 10-Dec-11 5:49am View
the above link coding i tried and Its failing .
Vinodh.B 18-Oct-11 10:10am View
No Code Changes done . The object is available .
Vinodh.B 18-Oct-11 10:02am View
Please find the above link for entire code .
Vinodh.B 18-Oct-11 6:33am View
Requested Object is not available
Vinodh.B 14-Oct-11 10:22am View
I had already tried this & it did not worked out
Vinodh.B 19-Aug-11 2:43am View
IS there any another way in c# to convert without using 3rd party tools .
Vinodh.B 18-Jul-11 7:42am View
lnView_Filter_Template_List is link button id and onclick is written using a general constant class instead hard code.Moreover i had not used inline code and during page load made the tr display none .
Vinodh.B 18-Jul-11 7:01am View
No its not working .
Vinodh.B 18-Jul-11 5:16am View
No the Javascript code executes only once
Vinodh.B 14-Apr-11 3:23am View
Dataview dvSpeed= dtSpeedAndFeed.DefaultView;
dvspeed.sort="Service_Speed ASC";
Now when i check dvspeed its not sorted .
Vinodh.B 14-Apr-11 3:18am View
No i just want to do some calulations after sorting but Sorting itself not done
Vinodh.B 10-Feb-11 10:03am View
Cpu has got a illegal instruction. this is the error msg .
Vinodh.B 10-Feb-11 9:50am View
Could you lay the procedures to execute the exe . eg do we need to execute promp in cmd or double click .
Vinodh.B 10-Feb-11 5:54am View
am getting error when i click cp.exe
Vinodh.B 10-Feb-11 2:22am View
can you provide the complete Code since the above query does not seems to work .
Vinodh.B 24-Jan-11 5:41am View
Yes . Am testing this script.
Vinodh.B 24-Jan-11 5:36am View
this is wat i tried .

<script type="text/javascript">
function FirstLetterCharacter(val) {
if (val.value.length > 0) {
var firstLetter = val.value.substring(0, 1);
var remainingLetters = val.value.substring(1);
firstLetter = firstLetter.replace(/[^a-zA-Z]/, '');
if (firstLetter == '') = "block";
else = "none";
val.value = firstLetter + remainingLetters;

Vinodh.B 18-Dec-10 1:04am View
I tried The above link already but still problem exists .
Vinodh.B 15-Dec-10 6:19am View
I tried Sp_Lock And got the Table Name but could't find the owner name .
Vinodh.B 8-Nov-10 7:12am View
Actually the Theme is stored in Db & Applied according to the User Preference . No Hardcoding of Theme is done in Code Behind . The Screen Shot as shown in above appears in only that screen . Remain screen Works Perfect .
Vinodh.B 22-Oct-10 10:12am View
From my knowledge i think somewhere null values is being sent. I can't debug since i use 2 projects . So only am finding difficult. Is there any another source to find the cause of the error.
Vinodh.B 27-Jul-10 4:59am View

yes am aware of it but all methods and events are working well .

With Reg
Vinodh B
Vinodh.B 19-Jul-10 11:38am View
For my knowledge we can transform a image but not the combobox list . I also searched the whole day for combo box transform but in vain.
Vinodh.B 16-Jul-10 10:48am View
Can you elaborate your suggestion by giving sample code .

Vinodh.B 3-Jun-10 8:27am View
thanks for reply . But it wil be more clearer if you can add some sample coding since am new to this concept and domain .
Vinodh.B 27-May-10 1:50am View
Thanks for spending time on my question. i had updated my requirement. kindly go through and suggest a solution

Vinodh.B 26-May-10 11:11am View
Actually i have to develop 2 types of reports . one report contains 10 controls and another report contains 15 controls where only 5 controls of the 2nd report vary . so commonly i put the controls in DB and want to Display the controls based on a particular report.