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Steve Wellens 26-Mar-13 15:47pm View
Even if it was a double (and it's not) comparing doubles requires tolerance handling because 1.000000000000 does not equal 1.00000000000001 (even though they are practically the same number).
Steve Wellens 18-Feb-12 0:07am View
"Cute" code is a bitch to maintain.
Use a temporary variable.
Steve Wellens 6-Feb-12 20:59pm View
If the web.config is used in a working environment, it is unlikely the problem is there. How are you setting the IIS timeout? The Group, Session State page?
Steve Wellens 1-Feb-12 18:03pm View
Why would you want to do something so annoying to the user?
Steve Wellens 4-Jan-12 18:39pm View
Did you add the dll or did you add a 'reference' to the assembly?
Steve Wellens 4-Jan-12 18:37pm View
Steve Wellens 4-Jan-12 16:08pm View
That's funny...but keep your day job. I'm not a big fan of the LINQ language but I sure like the LINQ extensions:

What the heck? I can't format a link? Rats.
Steve Wellens 22-Nov-11 7:33am View
Note: The border causes scroll bars to appear. You can use 99 percent and set the body to be the same color as the div to make it look correct.
Steve Wellens 17-Nov-11 13:56pm View
For a good explanation of what is happening...

Steve Wellens 16-Nov-11 23:25pm View
Add the code you tried and the exact error message.
Steve Wellens 25-Oct-11 0:02am View
Reason for my vote of 1
There is no tip here.
Steve Wellens 17-Jun-11 8:33am View
I was being facetious.

Hover your mouse over this:

var MyVariable = GetData();

Do you get any intellisense? No. Because browsers do not have intellisense.
Steve Wellens 14-Jun-11 7:57am View
>> We got intellisense that can tell us
>> how to handle the return value.

Really? What is the type of the MyVariable here:

var MyVariable = GetData();

Is intellisense helping you?
Steve Wellens 4-Apr-11 23:45pm View
I couldn't tell from the context that it was all in the same post your conclusion is correct: It shouldn't be an issue.
Steve Wellens 30-Mar-11 15:11pm View
Seems like you could extrude three points so you would have three lines.
Then, put a surface between each two lines (a rectangle, four points, two per line).
Steve Wellens 28-Mar-11 17:35pm View
I hope that's true. Nevertheless, I'll be up all night worrying about it.
Steve Wellens 28-Mar-11 17:14pm View
catch { }

Really? That's the equivalent of disconnecting the smoke alarms in your children's bedrooms or putting black tape over the idiot lights in your car. Not good. Bad. Really bad.
Steve Wellens 27-Mar-11 11:42am View
Do you mean 3.8k on disk?
Jpeg images are not compressed until they are saved.
The size is dependent on the image content and compression level.
A klunky, crude way would be to save two temporary images with a high and a low compression. Check their sizes and interpolate what the compression level should be.
Steve Wellens 27-Mar-11 10:14am View
Those are user settings files as opposed to application settings (user settings are per user, application settings are application wide). However, when I do it I only get four files.

Is it possible you have two applications and are putting the settings in one application but trying to read them out of the other application settings file?
Steve Wellens 23-Mar-11 0:03am View
Follow the instructions in the error message but instead of the ASP.NET account, use the IUSR account or the IIS_IUSRS account.
Steve Wellens 22-Mar-11 21:49pm View
Try using the IUSR account.

"Set file system permissions for the IUSR account by using Windows Explorer "
Steve Wellens 15-Mar-11 10:59am View
Steve Wellens 12-Mar-11 18:18pm View
"I want to develop application that can remotely sense any object..." Any object? Do you mean like a potato? You're going to have to elaborate.
Steve Wellens 5-Mar-11 20:23pm View
Actually, I considered the possibility it was a homework assignment. But I've never seen a programming assignment have an answer that simple. If it is homework, his teacher will probably reject the use of Linq and make him iterate the arrays.
Steve Wellens 23-Feb-11 16:14pm View
Where did you save it?
Steve Wellens 6-Feb-11 9:13am View
There must be something else you are not mentioning. This works (with two form elements):

<html xmlns="">
<head runat="server">
<script type="text/javascript">
function Test()
document.JobOp.start.value = "New Text!!";
<form id="form1" runat="server">

<form name="JobOp">
<input type="button" value="My Button" name="start" önclick="beginTest()" />
<input id="Button1" type="button" value="Change the other button" önclick="Test();"/>
Steve Wellens 5-Feb-11 23:28pm View
It doesn't have to have runat="server" to work.
(You can take that property out, think of the form as a named container)
Steve Wellens 5-Feb-11 13:30pm View
Just make sure your buffer has enough room.

There's probable something a bit off with the TCHAR, Unicode, using SendMessageW (with the W) and the writing of the null terminator.

It probably only happens when the string returned is larger than your buffer.
Steve Wellens 5-Feb-11 0:01am View
When you WriteXml everything in the DataSet gets saved. All three of your tables. Is that what you want?

You can also call WriteXml on a individual table.

It is also possible you have somehow added extra data to the table and it is saving accurately.