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SteveHolle 20-Feb-17 16:01pm View    
I would set a breakpoint on drNew[I] to break on the fourth iteration and trace through the 4th loop to see what you are getting. Why are you converting all of them to string using getString if your drNew has decimal fields?
SteveHolle 10-Feb-17 16:44pm View    
My guess is that something in the spreadsheet from a column you assume is a number of some type has some non-numeric characters. If you have a header or two at the top of the spreadsheet when you try to insert those into your table you will get the header label which probably cannot be converted to a number.
SteveHolle 27-Dec-16 12:24pm View    
I am looking for the maximum length in each column for display purposes.
SteveHolle 8-Jul-16 11:31am View    
You could use a BackgroundWorker which allows cancelation.
SteveHolle 8-Jul-16 11:23am View    
If your database is already on a Cloud Server any changes will automatically be synced. I wouldn't recommend loading the complete database and trying to sync it at night. Your best be would be to use Entity and LINQ in your app so the cloud server sync is handled in the background.