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Rajesh Kariyavula 5-Dec-17 13:10pm View
If we are using PGP Keys, I expect that the email client should be aware of that to be able to decrypt it. I am not expecting some code to encrypt the contents, send the email, and expect gmail to know what it is looking at and decrypt it. I have been on it for past two weeks and I am curious to know if there is a way to do it or if someone had come across this problem and found out a workaround or some tweeks to do the same.
Rajesh Kariyavula 5-Dec-17 13:09pm View
If we are using PGP Keys, I expect that the email client should be aware of that to be able to decrypt it. I am not expecting some code to encrypt the contents, send the email, and expect gmail to know what it is looking at and decrypt it. I have been on it for past two weeks and I am curious to know if there is a way to do it or if someone had come across this problem and found out a workaround or some tweeks to do the same.
Rajesh Kariyavula 5-Dec-17 13:04pm View
Thanks for your comment. I haven't asked anything related to securing the password and we are not sending password in the email nor we are storing it in plain text. Even though the comment is off topic, it might help someone looking for it.
Rajesh Kariyavula 5-Dec-17 10:59am View
Can you be more specific please, as what options need to be configured in SMTP
Rajesh Kariyavula 25-Feb-15 9:28am View
What is that you want to achieve using asynchronous post back? If you just want to do a async call use onclientclick to bind a javascript function to the link button and in the function use PageMethod or use Jquery AJAX call. If you need more info on this I will answer your question
Rajesh Kariyavula 25-Feb-15 8:39am View
Instead of Page reference give Button reference and button type and try
Rajesh Kariyavula 25-Feb-15 8:35am View
I see no issues with your code except that I didn't find where you are filling the comboBox and no implementation in SelectedIndexChanged event. What are you looking for exactly?
Rajesh Kariyavula 26-Nov-12 23:12pm View
What is the result that you are getting
Rajesh Kariyavula 6-Nov-12 1:20am View
What are you doing in radio button event and what is the error that you are getting?
Rajesh Kariyavula 6-Nov-12 1:18am View
Is the Dropdown Data source set before setting a selected value for it?
Rajesh Kariyavula 29-Oct-12 0:03am View
Please check the Page Size that you are using and the number of records it fits in each page
Rajesh Kariyavula 26-Oct-12 1:34am View
Happy to hear that it helped you.
Rajesh Kariyavula 26-Oct-12 0:51am View
Yes for grouping you have to select the fields, all fields mentioned in Group By clause should be there in select clause also
Rajesh Kariyavula 26-Oct-12 0:21am View
I can't understand what you wanted to achieve, what problem are you facing, is it with FirstofTheMonth function or with accessing values in a stored procedure?
Rajesh Kariyavula 25-Oct-12 7:18am View
Do you think is it really necessary to load 1000 records into a grid? Use server side pagination instead, Unresponsive Script Error occurs when JavaScript cannot handle the data in the view state for its operation.
Rajesh Kariyavula 25-Oct-12 1:40am View
Is this all your code for saving a record?
Rajesh Kariyavula 25-Oct-12 1:09am View
Are you using LINQ to SQL and have you tried anything so far?
Rajesh Kariyavula 23-Oct-12 2:16am View
In delete where exactly you are getting the error.
Rajesh Kariyavula 23-Oct-12 2:16am View
In Update the code :

var query = (from p in ld.BATCH_LOTs where p.SNO == sno select p).FirstOrDefault();

may be null, as you are using FirstOrDefault, it will not throw an exception even no resultset found and returns a null and you are not doing null check on the result set and trying to access the property of a object which is null. So you are getting the exception "Object reference not set to an instance of an object." For fixing this do a null check before you access any property of the result set.
Rajesh Kariyavula 23-Oct-12 2:03am View
What is the error that occurred on update and delete?
Rajesh Kariyavula 22-Oct-12 8:33am View
Is the popup a new window or a DIV which you have hidden in your page?
Rajesh Kariyavula 20-Oct-12 6:27am View
I didn't get the platform you are working on, web or windows?
Rajesh Kariyavula 20-Oct-12 2:54am View
As far as I understood, you need the controls to be Hidden and should be made visible after sometime, you want this to be a cyclic process.

And you are able to do this for the first time, but couldn't repeat it right?
Rajesh Kariyavula 19-Oct-12 23:54pm View
Have you tried anything so far?
Rajesh Kariyavula 12-Jun-12 0:23am View
Have you tried anything so far...?
Rajesh Kariyavula 12-Jun-12 0:21am View
What do you want dude?
Rajesh Kariyavula 5-Jun-12 6:45am View
I suppose that you are thinking of a common function that will be used to enable/ disable any control in your form using JavaScript, is that correct?

If yes what type of controls do you have in your page.
Rajesh Kariyavula 5-Jun-12 6:41am View
I suppose that you want to pass the values that you got from DB to JavaScript function, Is that correct? If yes what is the type of the result that you want to pass
Rajesh Kariyavula 3-Jun-12 3:51am View
In your DBML check if there is a foreign key relationship between the CourseGroup and Professor.
Rajesh Kariyavula 3-Jun-12 3:34am View
You can save the dynamic control values in JavaScript using JSON Objects and AJAX. But getting the dynamic control IDs in javascript is bit tricky.

If you have 10 TextBoxes, give IDs for each of them like textBox_1 and textBox_2...textBox_10.

In the the JavaScipt you can write a for loop and the get the controls like

document.getElementById('textBox_' + i);

But if you are using a master page or a div then all your Controls ID's will be preceded by then ContentPlaceHolder Id or DIV id. So the above approach will not work in this case. If you have the same problem, please let me know, I will provide a solution tomorrow.
Rajesh Kariyavula 3-Jun-12 2:53am View
Where exactly are you getting the error? Can you share the code...!
Rajesh Kariyavula 3-Jun-12 2:51am View
Are you getting data into "gaduatedStd"
Rajesh Kariyavula 2-Jun-12 3:33am View
I suppose that you to avoid copy & paste in your answer TextBox. Is it right?
Rajesh Kariyavula 2-Jun-12 3:24am View
Where exactly are you getting the issue while fetching the data or while binding to the grid.
Rajesh Kariyavula 1-Jun-12 6:42am View
Still not clear what is your actual requirement. May I know why you are joining three values into 1.
Rajesh Kariyavula 1-Jun-12 5:54am View
I didn't get you what do you mean by this line "although there are 3 checkboxes only one will have value". Did you mean that there is only one field in the DB to save the CheckBox status
Rajesh Kariyavula 1-Jun-12 1:57am View
What is the issue?
Rajesh Kariyavula 1-Jun-12 0:38am View
Have you debugged the code? Did it show any errors?
Rajesh Kariyavula 1-Jun-12 0:35am View
Did you Event Log for any errors?
Rajesh Kariyavula 31-May-12 23:39pm View
Its good to hear that your problem got solved
Rajesh Kariyavula 31-May-12 13:57pm View
thats great Sandeep
Rajesh Kariyavula 31-May-12 13:52pm View
Null will be passed when the DataContext is not able to generate the primary key value from the DataBase as it is an identity column, please recheck you table.
Rajesh Kariyavula 31-May-12 13:51pm View
The problem is with LINQ to SQL and the above link has nothing to do with the problem.
Rajesh Kariyavula 31-May-12 13:38pm View
Can you share the code on how you are initializing the DataContext...And there is a problem which I have faced, even I have created DataContext Manually and when you want to update the DataContext with the DataSource then all you modifications will be reverted and will be set as per the DataSource. So my advice once you create a DataContext never update it through a DataSource, you have to do it manually.
Rajesh Kariyavula 31-May-12 13:04pm View
Are you sure the ID column is Identity column in DB?
Rajesh Kariyavula 31-May-12 6:21am View
Let me know if that doesn't suffice your need.
Rajesh Kariyavula 31-May-12 5:48am View
You dont need to convert time to an integer for this, I have solved this for you, please check my answer.
Rajesh Kariyavula 31-May-12 5:11am View
Have you created the DataContext manually or its automatically created on providing the DataSource. And how many DataContexts you have?
Rajesh Kariyavula 31-May-12 5:07am View
What do you mean by "dynamically". Due you want to load month names based on a criteria or load all months.
Rajesh Kariyavula 31-May-12 5:00am View
Sandeep, why do you want to convert time to an integer, is it for the previous calculation for getting amount based on time??
Rajesh Kariyavula 31-May-12 4:49am View
Is that a time that you want to convert.
Rajesh Kariyavula 31-May-12 4:03am View
Have you tried anything so far...?
Rajesh Kariyavula 31-May-12 3:21am View
What difficulty are you facing in creating the Access Rights page. Please mention so that we could find a solution.
Rajesh Kariyavula 31-May-12 2:41am View
I suppose that you will be entering a time and you want to get amount based on the rules you have set like 1-3 hours 15rs,1-6 hours 30rs,1-12 hours 45rs. Is it correct?
Rajesh Kariyavula 31-May-12 2:21am View
Price is defined for an hour or a day? Do you want to derive a formula for this?
Rajesh Kariyavula 30-May-12 8:19am View
May I know where you are setting the SelectedValue for the ListBox in the Page Load event.
Rajesh Kariyavula 30-May-12 8:10am View
Can you mention the TextBox value when you get this error
Rajesh Kariyavula 30-May-12 6:08am View
Information provided is too limited to answer. It would be useful if you provide some code
Rajesh Kariyavula 30-May-12 2:35am View
What is the issue? I see only code...
Rajesh Kariyavula 30-May-12 2:04am View
Even before the HiddenField value is updated multiple records gets saved.

Suppose I pressed on Save 3 times then 3 Save operations are firing Which will call a WCF Service Method and that WCF service method calls a RepoMethod where Duplication is checked and data is saved using nHibernate.

Three records will get inserted into the table with same data and the hidden field will get the last record ID
Rajesh Kariyavula 30-May-12 1:52am View
This will not work for me we are using nHibernate along with not the ADO.Net, anyways thanks for your answer
Rajesh Kariyavula 30-May-12 1:26am View
The same record gets inserted multiple times
Rajesh Kariyavula 29-May-12 8:04am View
Do you mean grouping from your example : 635 or 6 + 3 + 5
Rajesh Kariyavula 29-May-12 1:00am View
As per my understanding you have a Label and a Button, on Clicking the button you want to show something in the label, Is it correct?
Rajesh Kariyavula 28-May-12 7:41am View
In your case it is as below:

myButton.Attributes.Add("onclick","CountUp('" + System.DateTime.Now + "','" + counter + "')");

myButton will be your Button ID.
Rajesh Kariyavula 24-May-12 1:54am View
I'm happy that you found multiple solutions. But I'm not comfortable with the above code.
Exception is catched and not handled properly. Its a good practice to handle n log the exceptions.

ToString will not handle null, if the txtDt.Text is null, an exception is fired.

And date format is hardcoded, which is not a good practice.

And if (txtDt.Text.Trim() == "") . Please avoid too much code and especially conditional code blocks(if they can be avoided).

Hope you will get it
Rajesh Kariyavula 22-May-12 0:23am View
"Data With Many Characters" is it a text file to want to save or simply the text data