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Comments by Martin P. Davies (Top 11 by date)

Martin P. Davies 14-Feb-13 4:51am View
Thanks for the response - I agree, I can't see how FileNotFound is the only exception that can be thrown.

I have to admit I was thinking along the same lines regarding locking - thank you for all the suggestions - I'll have a play and see if I can isolate it further, but yes, I agree I think some difference in the locking mechanism is occurring on each platform.

Thank you again - much appreciated.
Martin P. Davies 13-Mar-12 8:56am View
Thank you sjelen, I'll have a bit of a play and see where we go - this is all really helpful everyone, thank you very much.
Martin P. Davies 13-Mar-12 8:56am View
Thank you John/Bob, I'll have a bit of a play and see where we go - this is all really helpful, thank you very much.
Martin P. Davies 13-Mar-12 6:51am View
Hi John, thanks for the reply.

I agree - an indicator in the database would be a much better idea, but this still leaves me with the same problem - essentially I am still going to have find the name of the method and link it to the delegate, via an enum or something.

Failing that it'll be a large switch statement or something, but ideally I'd like to avoid that, though I'm beginning to think that it's probably the best route to take.
Martin P. Davies 9-Dec-10 4:41am View
It's also not just decimal numbers when it does this. If you type 'yo', it appears 'yo', but it you type a dot it then appears '.yo', then type a u it appears 'yo.u'. I understand what you are saying about the numbers, but I don't understand why it would work like this in text too. I'm probably missing something I admit, but if anyone can clarify it would put my mind at rest!
Martin P. Davies 9-Dec-10 4:29am View
Thanks for that Manoj, that's useful information. My only question before I accept the answer is that why does it not behave like this in Windows XP?

Plus, the other thing I don't understand is why if you type a string (e.g. 'hello'), why does it appear 'hello' and not 'olleh'? Is that due to language settings rather than the right to left property?

I suppose what I need to know also is a way to right-align text in a combobox without using the RightToLeft property...
Martin P. Davies 8-Dec-10 12:22pm View
Hi Kschuler, no, definitely not - it's a .NET problem - I created a brand new project to test, nothing in it at all, apart from a single Combobox with RightToLeft set to true, and it behaved in exactly the same way...
Martin P. Davies 15-Jul-10 7:40am View
Hi Elina, thanks for the suggestion, I've changed all those settings - in fact the only reason it's currently set to TableLock is that somebody else suggested it may help in making it go quicker...
Martin P. Davies 12-Jul-10 4:54am View
Hi daveauld, thanks for the suggestion. I would be surprised if this was the case, I'm only testing one table at a time at the moment, with only 500,000 rows in them. Plus, if you stop and restart, it speeds up again. Thanks for the suggestion though, I will have a look at it.
Martin P. Davies 9-Jul-10 12:00pm View
Incidentally, I have also played about with the BatchSize property, but it doesn't really make any appreciable difference.
Martin P. Davies 9-Jul-10 11:59am View
No, nothing of that sort. The table is literally created just before calling this method in with just the column definitions, no triggers, primary keys or indexes applied at this point.