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Comments by Keviniano Gayo (Top 17 by date)

Keviniano Gayo 18-Jun-19 5:26am View
How did you load the datasource into your datagridview?
Keviniano Gayo 18-Feb-19 5:17am View
nopCommerce :-)
Keviniano Gayo 8-Nov-18 10:04am View
Just download bootstrap navbar, they have built-in hamburger menu
Keviniano Gayo 23-Aug-18 10:39am View
that kind of low level stuff cautious to memory is somewhat i'm not good at. But i know that using IEnumerable as a variable or to pass around is efficient compared to List because IEnumerable has fewer methods and the base class of List. Displaying UI in LOB application is not as intensive as video games. IMO, in LOB apps usability and intuitive UI is important then you can later improve its performance..
Keviniano Gayo 23-Aug-18 5:15am View
Did you try to run in your local IIS with the same files and it works?
Keviniano Gayo 22-Aug-18 7:18am View
The way the Enumeration class is designed, you don't need to add the default constructor. You don't have to call Fruit method directly e.g. GetAll because it is used as a type (to identify a type of enum).
This code in your example: List<fruit> AllFruits2 = Fruit.GetAll<fruit>(); doesn't make any sense because you will always get a Fruit type since you are "getting" all types from the "Fruit" itself.
This is how you call to get specific Enumerations type:
IEnumerable<cardtype> AllCardType1 = Enumeration.GetAll<cardtype>();
IEnumerable<fruit> AllFruits1 = Enumeration.GetAll<fruit>();

Or enum checking:
Enumeration cardCurrent = CardType.Amex;

if (cardCurrent is CardType)
int isEqual = cardCurrent.CompareTo(CardType.MasterCard);
bool ismatch = cardCurrent == CardType.Visa;
Keviniano Gayo 22-Aug-18 6:50am View
Yes it removed the default parameter-less constructor
Keviniano Gayo 22-Aug-18 5:56am View
No problem. Public parameter-less by the way is not required, unless you are going to instantiate a class without parameters. Although the compiler will add the default constructor(parameter-less) in the background if you didn't explicitly declare it, if no constructor override in your class declaration.
Keviniano Gayo 3-Aug-18 11:35am View
XmlNode node...
Keviniano Gayo 1-Aug-18 5:55am View
You will setup different connection string for each DBContext.
class EmployeeDB : DBContext
public EmployeeDB() : base("name=employeeConnectionString")

class LeaveDB : DBContext
public LeaveDB() : base("name=leaveConnectionString")

<add name="employeeConnectionString"
connectionString="Server=.\SQLEXPRESS;Database=Blogging;Integrated Security=True;"/>

<add name="leaveConnectionString"
connectionString="Server=.\SQLEXPRESS;Database=Blogging;Integrated Security=True;"/>
Keviniano Gayo 25-Jul-18 7:40am View
What tools are you using to preview/print the report? Is it SSRS? Crystal reports? or web page generated with pdf?
Keviniano Gayo 18-Jul-18 11:24am View
Did you display the google map inside your web page using iframe?
Or did you generate a URL link from your web page that points to the above URL?
Keviniano Gayo 18-Jul-18 11:06am View
In SQL Server 2016, management studio is not included in the installer. You need to download management studio and do a separate silent install.
Keviniano Gayo 11-Jul-18 10:46am View
The windows service is on a separate project.. You have to install it on the server.
It will run continuously, it will show in services (services.msc) in windows, and you can see the status if its running or stopped.

Or you could try "Solution 2" which i also used to trigger the task, just make sure the request is coming from pingdom when you deploy to production.
Keviniano Gayo 14-Oct-16 10:54am View
Ah yes, i will remove my solution
Keviniano Gayo 28-May-15 6:12am View
I already solved the 1st comment by overriding the Jsonserialization by using JSON.Net.
Keviniano Gayo 28-May-15 6:11am View
Yes. In detail part there are buttons for insert/update/delete, then in header part, there is update/delete. Then a "save" button in header part to save all changes including detail part.