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Comments by RickZeeland (Top 200 by date)

RickZeeland 15-May-23 12:39pm View    
Sadly not much on GitHub for C++, but maybe I searched with the wrong keywords ...
RickZeeland 8-May-23 15:36pm View    
Skip that if it is not a valid mouse click, then it will not be processed.
Before modifying the example code, use the debugger to see what the return codes of this method look like.
RickZeeland 8-May-23 14:57pm View    
I have not used this code myself, but it seems to me that you only want to pass the hook information to the next hook procedure in chain when it is a valid mouse click. You need to program some logic for this.
RickZeeland 9-Mar-23 12:49pm View    
See the updated solution above, good luck!
RickZeeland 9-Mar-23 9:00am View    
Try the second example, its written for VS2015