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RickZeeland 28-Jul-22 3:04am View
Maybe you can use this library:
RickZeeland 22-Jul-22 5:02am View
Are you using SQL Server or another database?
RickZeeland 22-Jun-22 15:24pm View
I never used this library, but you can try to ask the author of the article for more information. Good luck ;)
RickZeeland 22-Jun-22 5:51am View
If it is a console application, make a menu and use ReadKey to get user input, then execute the code you want. If it is Winforms make a main form and run the form you want from there.
RickZeeland 22-Jun-22 2:19am View
He mentions: "However, the focus winds up on one of my buttons"
RickZeeland 20-Jun-22 6:35am View
Thanks for the info, I have updated the page on Slant.
RickZeeland 17-Jun-22 8:00am View
What Windows version are you using? it seems to run only on Windows 10.
RickZeeland 14-Jun-22 7:06am View
Don't do that, even if you find (bad) examples on the internet and some "experts" say it's safe to do!
RickZeeland 6-Jun-22 9:51am View
That's a brilliant answer!
why didn't I think of that ...
RickZeeland 6-Jun-22 2:05am View
Almost, updated the solution again ;)
RickZeeland 5-Jun-22 16:01pm View
Ok, updated the solution.
RickZeeland 5-Jun-22 15:56pm View
That is problematic I'm afraid ;)
RickZeeland 5-Jun-22 15:21pm View
Thats strange, I get World Hello, are you sure that's a space in between?
RickZeeland 19-Mar-22 17:04pm View
I never heard of a "in visual studio webcam", is this some new feature?
Or are you running some kind of program?
RickZeeland 19-Mar-22 1:53am View
Thanks, but I get the feeling that this has not solved his problem :)
RickZeeland 16-Mar-22 15:41pm View
Don't think so, but I can only speak from a C# background.
RickZeeland 16-Mar-22 15:34pm View
Maybe you have also set a cursor property somewhere for a control in the designer?
RickZeeland 7-Mar-22 7:31am View
It could be that your spam blocker does not trust the redirect to the webpage (Slant earns money this way I assume), on the Prefix page it states that it supports .NET and also other languages like Java, Python etc.
But as I never used it, I can not tell for sure ...
RickZeeland 18-Jan-22 15:29pm View
RickZeeland 18-Jan-22 9:56am View
I'm not a Java programmer, but I suppose you could use a PDF library like for that.
RickZeeland 31-Oct-21 2:26am View
As you mentioned "words with the letter 'a' at a specific position" it searches for the letter at position 3, which is the fourth letter as arrays in C# start from 0.
RickZeeland 20-Oct-21 12:34pm View
That's right, I did not want to mention named pipes and stuff like that :)
RickZeeland 20-Oct-21 12:31pm View
Yes, most beginners think that SQL Server is the only route to take, but there are more and better options IMHO. It is good to point that out to them. I used SQL Server for years and was hard to convince too to use another database, but after working with PostgreSQL I never want to go back to SQL Server anymore.
RickZeeland 9-Oct-21 11:26am View
Absolutely !
First feeding the hungry, second, quenching the thirsty
RickZeeland 5-Oct-21 13:57pm View
myC ? never heard of it and can't even find it when Googling, are you sure you spelled that correctly?
RickZeeland 3-Oct-21 5:21am View
If you start with a new datagridview you will see that the problem is not in AllowUserstoAddRows, but probably in one of your routines. You can use a Try..Catch to catch errors, and you should check before getting values from the datagridview if the values are valid.
RickZeeland 2-Oct-21 2:35am View
Sorry, I'm too busy with work right now, maybe someone else can help you.
Besides I stopped using SQL Server years ago, did not like it at all :)
RickZeeland 1-Oct-21 15:14pm View
That's an interesting idea :)
RickZeeland 1-Oct-21 14:51pm View
Have you tried running Access as administrator?
RickZeeland 11-Sep-21 2:53am View
Some consider the VS installer a "Dead end" as it is not supported in newer versions of VS, so I would recommend using something else.
RickZeeland 24-Aug-21 14:50pm View
It's been long ago that I struggled with a similar problem, and being an old fart I can't remember how I solved it sadly ... maybe after a good night's rest :)
Oh, and custom controls are controls too !
RickZeeland 1-Aug-21 5:27am View
The second answer shows how to use the paint event of the picture box.
(you should post this as a new question btw)
RickZeeland 11-Jul-21 2:26am View
I'm not a Java programmer myself, so I can not tell, it will be trial and error I fear. Good luck!
RickZeeland 6-Jul-21 7:52am View
Ah, then that can not be the problem :)
RickZeeland 20-Jun-21 8:24am View
I'm afraid I can't quite follow you, isn't that app in your server a Windows application?
Your question was: "How to use a windows / linux application" ...
See the last note about Cameyo, it allows you to run Windows applications in a browser.
RickZeeland 20-Jun-21 1:52am View
Did you also try Nuget restore from the command line in the solution folder?
RickZeeland 19-Jun-21 15:50pm View
Ah, very patient of you :)
Then maybe the last note might shine some light on this, otherwise you could post this as an issue on GitHub.
RickZeeland 7-Jun-21 5:07am View
Exterminate! spoken in true Dalek style :)
RickZeeland 7-Jun-21 2:11am View
That's a mystery to me too, good question for the language designers :)
RickZeeland 24-May-21 15:50pm View
Maybe I misunderstood but isn't your question about connecting to Microsoft Office?
RickZeeland 22-May-21 3:26am View
Sigh :{
RickZeeland 20-May-21 3:09am View
Yes, see the updated solution above.
RickZeeland 19-May-21 3:38am View
There still seem to be some problems, working on it ...
RickZeeland 15-May-21 6:17am View
Did you modify the Program.cs file maybe?
RickZeeland 8-May-21 8:04am View
Maybe not, but let's stay friendly and give some hints for those who are really desparate :)
RickZeeland 27-Apr-21 8:31am View
I never tried this project, so I can't tell, it was more to show how you can call ffmpeg. Good luck!
RickZeeland 25-Apr-21 2:05am View
You will have to contact the author of the program, or a dedicated forum for that, this is a general question and answers forum.
RickZeeland 4-Apr-21 4:31am View
Please don't post this as a solution, but use the 'Have a Question or Comment' button if you have more comments, otherwise I won't be notified.
RickZeeland 22-Mar-21 13:00pm View
Updated the solution with an example that shows how you can use it :)
RickZeeland 21-Mar-21 13:53pm View
Thanks Maciej :)
RickZeeland 20-Mar-21 16:28pm View
Then I would recommend edX
These are free courses from universities, you will only need to pay for the certicate.
And for getting a well paid job, certificates are quite important.
RickZeeland 20-Mar-21 15:58pm View
FreeCodeCamp seems to be very popular, but it's not my cup of tea as a lot of popular languages like C# seem to be missing. Also I have some objections to the article as it seems more salary oriented than focusing on becoming a good programmer. But if salary is your prime concern that might be an option for you.
RickZeeland 14-Mar-21 8:43am View
No, using a library is probably overkill for what you want, only if you could use the extra functionality it would be of interest I think.
RickZeeland 14-Mar-21 7:15am View
Yes, this way your UI thread will remain responsive, it is recommend to study Async first if you never used it, there are many pitfalls.
RickZeeland 2-Mar-21 12:01pm View
Congrats, 5 points!
RickZeeland 2-Mar-21 2:08am View
Hmmmm, so the problem seems NuGet related.
RickZeeland 28-Feb-21 3:12am View
I think you will run into problems this way, in the past this would have worked well with MS Access databases, but SQL Server is more difficult. I would recommend using backup files instead. Personally I stopped using SQL Server altogether in favor of PostgreSQL and never regretted it.
RickZeeland 27-Feb-21 15:41pm View
Are you using SQL Server or other database(s) ?
RickZeeland 27-Feb-21 15:22pm View
Ah, recognition finally :)
RickZeeland 27-Feb-21 12:21pm View
Thought that was something of the past, but it still seems to exist :)
RickZeeland 27-Feb-21 6:32am View
Beat me to it :)
RickZeeland 24-Feb-21 2:42am View
Ji...5d :)
RickZeeland 22-Feb-21 3:01am View
To err is human :)
RickZeeland 22-Feb-21 2:58am View
Maybe add "01-" at the begin of "04-2020" ?
RickZeeland 22-Feb-21 1:15am View
That's the "final countdown" :)
RickZeeland 22-Feb-21 1:14am View
5d as you did most of the work :)
RickZeeland 21-Feb-21 14:48pm View
popular does not say anything about security I'm afraid :)
RickZeeland 21-Feb-21 7:38am View
Hi Ralf, your routine is fine, but OP probably calls it from Form1_Load() and then it won't work (at least not in my test application).
RickZeeland 20-Feb-21 16:15pm View
Don't use a messagebox but a form which will not block and will be closed with the main application.
RickZeeland 19-Feb-21 13:04pm View
The problems I encountered were with a datagridview placed in a usercontrol. I also think Anchor is easier to use when you want other controls like e.g. Buttons aligned next or under the datagridview. But all this might be a personal preference of course :)
RickZeeland 19-Feb-21 12:47pm View
That was my advice, I prefer not to use Dock as I had some problems with it in the past.
RickZeeland 18-Feb-21 7:42am View
Your "small section of JSON" is missing
RickZeeland 18-Feb-21 6:15am View
He probably can not put his finger on it :)
RickZeeland 18-Feb-21 5:24am View
Don't forget to mark your solution as answer :)
RickZeeland 18-Feb-21 2:35am View
Congrats, then you can mark this as solved.
I'm still curious why you could not get the Anchoring working, I think this is an important concept that you should master (in the future)
RickZeeland 18-Feb-21 1:12am View
Looks ok to me!
RickZeeland 17-Feb-21 15:19pm View
Congrats, but what do you do when you want to send data back to the main form?
RickZeeland 17-Feb-21 15:19pm View
Congrats, but what do you do when you want to send data back to the main form?
RickZeeland 17-Feb-21 6:56am View
Good :)
If my answer was helpful, you can mark it as solved.
Btw, what solution did you choose?
RickZeeland 17-Feb-21 3:20am View
That should not be the case, check if you did not set some other properties wrong.
RickZeeland 17-Feb-21 3:13am View
Ah, already 5d your answer :)
RickZeeland 17-Feb-21 2:39am View
Wow, but in the results I see only see Denver and Chicago?

It seems to work with: WHERE minr>0 OR maxr=1
RickZeeland 16-Feb-21 15:44pm View
Then take a look at the answer by OriginalGriff, he suggests to pass a null value for the column, that should do the trick (don't know if this will work in Linq to SQL however)
RickZeeland 16-Feb-21 8:33am View
Dock can sometimes be problematic, try to turn it off and use Anchor instead.
RickZeeland 15-Feb-21 10:04am View
Calling Async "simple" would be the understatement of the year :)
Take a good look at how the example uses a combination of Tasks and Async.
RickZeeland 15-Feb-21 8:46am View
RickZeeland 15-Feb-21 7:36am View
Seems to be an Async problem, what happens if you make the FormatResponse() a normal method?
RickZeeland 14-Feb-21 13:17pm View
What could also help is upgrading to a newer .NET version 4.5 or higher if you are still using an older version.
RickZeeland 14-Feb-21 13:00pm View
In the title you say: "this browser is no longer supported"
RickZeeland 14-Feb-21 12:30pm View
Are you using the standard WebBrowser control in your form maybe?
RickZeeland 14-Feb-21 10:22am View
That sounds like Client-Servant architecture to me :)
RickZeeland 14-Feb-21 9:41am View
5d :)
RickZeeland 14-Feb-21 8:46am View
Hope you are not using a "form in a form" that is a bad idea!
RickZeeland 14-Feb-21 6:30am View
Did you try to set ActiveForm.BackColor or this.BackColor ?
RickZeeland 13-Feb-21 2:17am View
Do you mean to connect to a database? if so what database are you using?
RickZeeland 13-Feb-21 1:56am View
You can also add a header to your CSV file if that is easier
RickZeeland 13-Feb-21 1:40am View
You probably have no header in your CSV file, as it says in the error message:
set the configuration HeaderValidated to null
RickZeeland 12-Feb-21 7:35am View
Ah, I see, working on it ...
RickZeeland 12-Feb-21 7:11am View
You mean storing the read values in an array?
RickZeeland 12-Feb-21 5:48am View
hehe :)
RickZeeland 12-Feb-21 5:45am View
Then maybe this is more your cup of tea:
RickZeeland 12-Feb-21 1:13am View
Can not say more about it, as I'm not a network expert. But I can say that in our main software written in C# we never send large chunks of data via TCP, we always break it up in smaller chunks, so I guess that's because of experiences in the past with networks that couldn't cope.
RickZeeland 11-Feb-21 23:36pm View
In computer networking, out-of-order delivery is the delivery of data packets in a different order from which they were sent. One of the functions of TCP is to prevent the out-of-order delivery of data, either by reassembling packets in order or requesting retransmission of out-of-order packets
RickZeeland 11-Feb-21 13:40pm View
Gitea supports SQL Server, but I have only used it with PostgreSQL.
More info here:
RickZeeland 11-Feb-21 13:29pm View
We have Gitea running for 2 years now on a virtual machine without problems.
GitHub has the option of private repositories, but that could be a paid option.
If you are used to GitHub you will find Gitea easy, as the interface is almost the same.
RickZeeland 11-Feb-21 9:39am View
Hard to say, guess it depends on the situation and how your code looks, let's wait and see if someone comes up with anything better :)
RickZeeland 11-Feb-21 9:17am View
RickZeeland 11-Feb-21 9:10am View
Click the link :)
RickZeeland 11-Feb-21 5:16am View
Ji..haa, then you can mark the solution as solved!
RickZeeland 10-Feb-21 15:47pm View
It sure seems to be popular according to the upvotes on Slant, haven't used it myself though as I like doing things the hard way and made my own custom controls :)
RickZeeland 10-Feb-21 14:27pm View
Ah, Mr.Zeeland, like the sound of that :)
But I think you were correct that C basically does not have graphics capabilites, you need extra libraries for that, and there are lots of them.
RickZeeland 10-Feb-21 7:12am View
Then try with 4.5.1 or higher
RickZeeland 10-Feb-21 7:00am View
What .NET framework version are you using? I'm on 4.5.1
RickZeeland 10-Feb-21 6:47am View
That's strange, when I test it both links work, maybe you have something blocking it like an Anti-Virus ?
RickZeeland 10-Feb-21 5:33am View
And when you try the CodeProject URL I gave you?
RickZeeland 10-Feb-21 5:12am View
Maybe you need an extra slash: "/Modules/ ..."
RickZeeland 8-Feb-21 3:02am View
The problem is that I wrote this code so long ago that I don't remember exactly how it works, added a CustomTabPage to the solution.
RickZeeland 8-Feb-21 1:48am View
Have you tried setting the ForeColor too ?
RickZeeland 7-Feb-21 13:29pm View
Bummer, usually it is not allowed to save files directly from a browser this is a safety measure that's baked into the system.
RickZeeland 6-Feb-21 5:54am View
As you seemed to know the answer already please don't post as a question, but create a TIP instead on CodeProject.
RickZeeland 5-Feb-21 13:54pm View
Data binding might seem strange and frightening to you at first, but it is well worth learning. Sadly I'm not a VB.NET programmer so I'm not going to invest a lot of time trying to fix your code, sorry!
RickZeeland 5-Feb-21 4:07am View
He's one of the knights who say "ji"
5d :)
RickZeeland 5-Feb-21 4:04am View
"Sorry - but we can't fix that for you!"
You could buy a better monitor for him :)
RickZeeland 5-Feb-21 1:34am View
You are correct! updated the solution :)
RickZeeland 4-Feb-21 8:05am View
As my answers are downvoted I will refrain from answering any more questions about the subject, besides it takes too much of my time as I'm not a VB programmer but used to programming in C#, sorry!
RickZeeland 4-Feb-21 7:09am View
Take a look at Richard Deemings solution, that's the correct way to pass parameters to a query
RickZeeland 4-Feb-21 6:59am View
That's not possible with the standard DateTimePicker, but you could write a usercontrol that derives from the DateTimePicker, something like this:
RickZeeland 4-Feb-21 6:55am View
I think it cannot be blank, but you can set the Checked property to false initially
RickZeeland 4-Feb-21 4:27am View
How do you log? e.g. using log4net or other library?
RickZeeland 3-Feb-21 15:03pm View
You are probably right, but when it is done immediately after defining the dictionary it should work I think.
RickZeeland 2-Feb-21 7:42am View
As Richard already pointed out it might be better to change |DataDirectory| to another location.
RickZeeland 2-Feb-21 5:39am View
Bummer :(
RickZeeland 2-Feb-21 1:18am View
I think the last part of the path will probably be the same, but you should test that on different machines to be sure.
RickZeeland 1-Feb-21 3:04am View
Thanks for the warning!
RickZeeland 1-Feb-21 2:23am View
Use foreach(file in files)
RickZeeland 31-Jan-21 10:04am View
We can't tell where you save your text files, only you know :)
RickZeeland 29-Jan-21 4:29am View
Sorry about that, it should be:
System.Diagnostics.Process.Start(@"C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe", arguments);
But that does not seem to work either ...
RickZeeland 28-Jan-21 3:11am View
Did you set any breakpoints maybe? do you see any errors?
RickZeeland 27-Jan-21 12:19pm View
That seems like the Excel file is using macro's to fetch the data. You will have to try to open these macro's which are mostly written in VBA to know what they do. If you can't, ask the manufacturer for more information.
RickZeeland 26-Jan-21 4:46am View
Can't you use an alternative CI software that runs on Windows?
For .NET development TeamCity would be a better choice.
RickZeeland 24-Jan-21 8:43am View
From the above example you only need the attr.Value to display the values you want.
RickZeeland 24-Jan-21 7:36am View
As you can see in the above example you can also get the text without using any classes, this is probably the simplest way for you.
RickZeeland 20-Jan-21 7:08am View
Do you see "Access denied" ? then try running as administrator.
RickZeeland 19-Jan-21 12:18pm View
Thanks for the warning, could have known by the name "TutorialDost" that the site was DOS oriented 😊
RickZeeland 19-Jan-21 5:45am View
Just Google "quarter dates 2021" to see the standard dates
RickZeeland 19-Jan-21 3:46am View
A miracle! 👏
RickZeeland 19-Jan-21 2:50am View
Thanks, sadly no beer icon here :)
RickZeeland 18-Jan-21 7:13am View
So you want each client to have it's own database (SQL Server I assume) ?
RickZeeland 17-Jan-21 14:45pm View
Do you have the source code? if so what language is it?
RickZeeland 17-Jan-21 9:28am View
The name alfa for your variable is confusing to me, you don't mean alpha transparancy here? See:
RickZeeland 17-Jan-21 3:27am View
Take a look at button2_Click() in the last example, it does not open a new form.
And remember: I do not have your complete code with all the forms and datagridview!
RickZeeland 16-Jan-21 10:48am View
Take a look at the last example "The Delegates Approach".
RickZeeland 16-Jan-21 9:57am View
Updated the solution with a "chunky" alternative :)
RickZeeland 15-Jan-21 1:33am View
Sorry, I never used this library myself, just found it on Google ...
RickZeeland 14-Jan-21 8:49am View
Can't be of much help I'm afraid, I never used that dll and only found this information on Google. Try posting your question on the forum of the manufacturer.
RickZeeland 13-Jan-21 13:37pm View
What database are you using, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL ... ?
RickZeeland 10-Jan-21 5:49am View
That's the link:
RickZeeland 10-Jan-21 4:55am View
Was already afraid of that, I added some alternatives on Slant :)
RickZeeland 9-Jan-21 1:04am View
DesignerSerialization is a very difficult thing, I once tried it (CodeProject: Beveled Panel with Shadow Effect - Now With Tabs) but had to give up.
RickZeeland 5-Jan-21 12:38pm View
That seems like a difficult thing to accomplish, you will also need information from the manufacturer of the 3rd party software or some SDK that allows you to communicate with their software. Another (ugly) option would be to scan the Excel file by reading it from your application.
RickZeeland 5-Jan-21 7:35am View
And what does the vbscript look like ? please update your question.
RickZeeland 3-Jan-21 2:36am View
To get online data you probably need to use some API, try to get this information from the supplier of the data. If there is a website try to find the information there.
RickZeeland 30-Dec-20 2:51am View
Thanks Bill, and best wishes for the new year!
RickZeeland 25-Dec-20 13:15pm View
Don't think you can check for running state (like for a Windows Service).
You can use schtasks /query to find task names however, see:
RickZeeland 22-Dec-20 9:36am View
Are you sure the barcode scanner is using serial communication? Maybe it's a better idea to go to the manufacturers website / forum and look for more information there.
RickZeeland 22-Dec-20 1:34am View
Bummer, but I think if your xml file isn't too large working with Xelement could simplify things, as the whole xml file is read into memory it will consume more memory than XmlTextReader of course.
RickZeeland 21-Dec-20 7:18am View
Do you see any errors in the Windows eventlog ? How do you create the setup file ?
RickZeeland 1-Dec-20 1:29am View
Sadly MySQL does not seem to support notifications, but maybe you can use this:
RickZeeland 27-Nov-20 23:39pm View
See the updated solution with ScriptCS.
RickZeeland 25-Nov-20 15:40pm View
You are right, it will only work for COM dll's, the only thing that springs to mind now is to use a disassembler or hacking tool, but that's probably not what you want.
RickZeeland 25-Nov-20 15:02pm View
Have you tried adding the DLL's of software B to a C# solution?
Visual Studio normally does a good job of automatically generating interop dll's.
RickZeeland 25-Nov-20 14:50pm View
Glad it works, you can mark the solution as solved if you think it is correct.
RickZeeland 25-Nov-20 5:54am View
Yes, I agree it should be used with caution and if this were a real Bank database it should certainly not be used, these databases generally never delete information.
RickZeeland 25-Nov-20 1:39am View
He means:
Delete the row with employee number 00103
Insert the row again, but now with the new bank number

If you have cascading deletes turned on the related information in other tables will be deleted too.
RickZeeland 24-Nov-20 8:34am View
The information on GitHub is not correct: "Alternatively, you can download the latest release in binary format from here."
This is only source code that you will have to compile first.
Or download from v1.8.4.
RickZeeland 24-Nov-20 8:29am View
Are you using NuGet? then you first have to build before the dll's are pulled.
RickZeeland 23-Nov-20 7:35am View
Probably port 4000 as Richard suggested, here is a nice tool to configure the Windows Firewall:
RickZeeland 22-Nov-20 10:26am View
See the updated solution, I also changed the reservations table as it did not seem right to use a timestamp as the primary key.
RickZeeland 20-Nov-20 4:03am View
It seems you have no idea what you are asking, is this some kind of homework question? Then ask your teacher for more information.
RickZeeland 20-Nov-20 3:26am View
Frames can mean a lot of things, e.g. frames in a web page or frames in an animation, what kind of frames are you talking about?
RickZeeland 19-Nov-20 15:27pm View
Maybe you can better post this under "Bugs and Suggestions" in the discussions menu. Good luck and keep trailblazing :)
RickZeeland 18-Nov-20 12:36pm View
Can you run the C# application on the same server where MySQL is located?
RickZeeland 16-Nov-20 9:41am View
The extra comma does not seem to matter ...
RickZeeland 12-Nov-20 8:10am View
alles turisten und nonteknischen lookenpeepers!
das komputermaschine ist nicht für der gefingerpoken und mittengraben! oderwise ist easy to schnappen der springenwerk, blowenfusen und poppencorken mit spitzensparksen.
ist nicht für gewerken bei dummkopfen. der rubbernecken sightseeren keepen das cottonpicken händer in das pockets muss.
zo relaxen und watschen der blinkenlichten.
RickZeeland 12-Nov-20 2:21am View
I doubt you will get any reactions if you don't even specify the programming language.
RickZeeland 7-Nov-20 8:35am View
Ah well, wisdom comes with the ages :)
RickZeeland 6-Nov-20 1:08am View
And, did you try Solution 2 ? it should work even without a bindingsource.
RickZeeland 5-Nov-20 4:52am View
I'll try over here, but my VB skill are very rusty :)
RickZeeland 4-Nov-20 12:27pm View
Knew you could do it! I never use DataAdapters so could not be of much help regarding that sadly.
RickZeeland 4-Nov-20 8:04am View
And can you see anything in DossierDataset ?
If not your connectionstring could be wrong for instance.
RickZeeland 4-Nov-20 6:48am View
Bummer, maybe you can try setting a breakpoint and hover over DossierDataset with the mouse to see if it contains anything, good luck!
RickZeeland 25-Oct-20 2:45am View
In C# you can do it like this:

private void monthCalendar1_DaySelected(object sender, DaySelectedEventArgs e)
if (e.Days.Count().Equals(1) && this.monthCalendar1.SelectedDates[0].Day.Equals(16))
// Ok
RickZeeland 20-Oct-20 13:33pm View
That's hard to say, there are lots of API's each expecting parameters in their own format. So look for information on the website or ask more information from the API manufacturer.
RickZeeland 12-Jul-20 2:27am View
My upvote of 5 if that's of any consolation to you :)
RickZeeland 9-Jul-20 6:23am View
Take a look at:
RickZeeland 6-Jul-20 16:23pm View
That's hard to say, if the repo's are large I would recommend keeping them separate.
However if the repo's share code it might be more convenient to start off with one master branch and create "feature branches" (all in the same repo).
RickZeeland 23-Jun-20 4:25am View
Thanks :)
RickZeeland 4-Jun-20 1:37am View
And how do you delete, are you using C# or SQL Server Management Studio or something else?
RickZeeland 28-May-20 15:08pm View
The syntax looks ok to me, but of course I can't see your database so it might be that the datatypes of the Filed1 and Filed2 are different. Maybe you can check in Access and test with a query.
RickZeeland 28-May-20 6:23am View
Knew you could do it :)