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Comments by Eugene Sadovoi (Top 12 by date)

Eugene Sadovoi 21-Apr-12 13:53pm View
You are welcome. I am glad I was able to help.
Eugene Sadovoi 20-Apr-12 16:44pm View
Are you trying to acheive duplex communication where server and a client send data at the same time?
What exactly does not work in your code?
Your question is a bit ambigous, it is hard to understand what are you looking for.
Eugene Sadovoi 20-Apr-12 16:17pm View
You could post 2 - 3 samples of the source string and what you wanted it to look like and we could help you with the patern.
Eugene Sadovoi 20-Apr-12 16:08pm View
Regex allows you to search for patterns. Something like this: a text between either characters {,[ and ],} with text being just numbers.
What I am trying to say Regex is a powerful search and replace engine with its own small language.
Eugene Sadovoi 18-Apr-12 16:49pm View
ConfigManager allows to combine configuration from different sources. It could be different files or different modules. See solution 4 for correct solution.
Eugene Sadovoi 18-Apr-12 16:44pm View
This is outdated and no longer supported way of storing config info.
Eugene Sadovoi 18-Apr-12 16:43pm View
You should store this info in .config file. ConfigurationManager provides you with ways to use different storage facilities, one of which is config file.
See solution 4 for example.
Eugene Sadovoi 4-Apr-12 16:04pm View
You do not expect us to write your application for you?
This section explains how to animate a WPF control property (any property):
Eugene Sadovoi 4-Apr-12 15:42pm View
It would help if you post content of your config file.
Eugene Sadovoi 4-Apr-12 12:39pm View
... or use Google or Bing to translate it to English from your native language.
Eugene Sadovoi 4-Apr-12 12:06pm View
Am I correct that you want to remove all the spaces from your target string? So the string "some text here" will became "sometexthere".
Eugene Sadovoi 3-Apr-12 9:35am View
It will work for both managed and unmanaged types. If you want to see variables on the stack, there is a window for that.