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deepakdynamite 1-Aug-17 2:43am View    
Thanks for your reply. I'm familiar with Azure SDK. What I'm seeking is a way to read data in batches from Azure storage as it's not a good practice to read 100,000 rows in memory and then loop through it ...
deepakdynamite 3-Jul-15 6:23am View    
I am not able to get desired output.. What I get is

Project name , State and count..
deepakdynamite 18-Jun-15 0:34am View    
I used "," (Entire ",") as column delimiter and it works fine for now but there may be other consequences with other columns...
deepakdynamite 17-Jun-15 6:55am View    
Thanks for you your solution. we are using c# code under script task to do this. It takes more time then expected as number of records\rows in file are more than 1 lacs and some times goes more than 1 million.
deepakdynamite 1-Jun-15 0:28am View    
Thanks :)