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Sebastiaan Meijerink 1-Aug-17 5:49am View
Not if it is running a background proces. Then there is no first service call
Sebastiaan Meijerink 1-Aug-17 4:18am View
I need to call one webservice from another inside the C# code itself. Not from the client perspective.

Sebastiaan Meijerink 16-May-15 18:27pm View
What have you tried?
Sebastiaan Meijerink 14-May-15 14:10pm View
It seems like you're on your way. What doesn't work?
Sebastiaan Meijerink 14-May-15 14:03pm View
These are two questions. Without the code we cannot tell you why it hangs on loading you're 2mb data. As to the webworker drawing a chart. It cannot. Webworkers have no access to the DOM, this is where the canvas element lives, and where the svg embed lives, althoug you could write the raw svg xml in a webworker. But I do not believe that the D3.js library has been designed like that. What are you trying to accomplish?
Sebastiaan Meijerink 14-May-15 13:51pm View
node.js is a server side library. The question is unclear.
Sebastiaan Meijerink 14-May-15 13:49pm View
There is no mouse on a mobile device. So there is also no mouseenter. You'll need to find some othere gesture like "tab"
Sebastiaan Meijerink 14-May-15 5:18am View
Sebastiaan Meijerink 24-Apr-15 17:25pm View
I'm sorry to say, you'll have to provide more info.
This doesn't look like javascript. Where is the code for the game object.
Sebastiaan Meijerink 24-Apr-15 16:01pm View
So, you need it to be interactive with the code editor?
I did try this, to use with a legacy language.
But this was in the 2005 version. And at that time it wasn't all that easy and i abandoned it.

But lately I'm seeing great plugins like that do these kind of things. Like the ones by Mads Kristensen.
You need to look at the VisualStudio SDK. Things like SideWaffle are made with this. And you can do amazing things.

But there isnt a single awnser that fits in a comment or solution.
Sebastiaan Meijerink 19-Apr-15 6:14am View
I think the way fullCalendar handles events and lets the user interact with them is great the way it is.

You're requirement is not at all compatible with this strategy. Maybe this whole component is not the right choice for you.
Sebastiaan Meijerink 19-Apr-15 5:29am View
Dit you try trim()
Sebastiaan Meijerink 19-Apr-15 5:22am View
Where is the drag and drop javascript code? What did you try?
Sebastiaan Meijerink 18-Apr-15 12:23pm View
Updated my answer.
Sebastiaan Meijerink 18-Apr-15 12:17pm View
I suppose you mean what css to use?
Sebastiaan Meijerink 18-Apr-15 11:55am View
Ok ok. Not rendered. Generated.
Sebastiaan Meijerink 18-Apr-15 11:51am View
You might be using .aspx. But that renders HTML. You're ASPX page does have a HTML doc type.
Sebastiaan Meijerink 30-Mar-15 1:18am View
Sorry, the word TAB should have been there. You are blocking way to many keys. The tab has keycode 9, which is cancelled. So tabindex won't work.
Sebastiaan Meijerink 28-Mar-15 11:15am View
After the page has rendered. Right click on the button and say "inspect element" (or at least in chrome it's called that.

What does the rendered HTML look like?
Sebastiaan Meijerink 12-Mar-13 18:06pm View
Next to a success function you can also specify an error function in $.ajax.
That will give you three parameters and should give you more information.
Sebastiaan Meijerink 12-Mar-13 17:25pm View
Why are you loading jquery via both the google CDN and locally as well. They don't even appear the same version.
Sebastiaan Meijerink 12-Mar-13 17:12pm View
Do you actually mean the browser adresbar? Or do you have you're own input field.
Sebastiaan Meijerink 12-Mar-13 17:06pm View
I've had 100.000+ records in cache without problems. Obviously you can over do anything, but as long as they are static records e.g. they don't change.
Sebastiaan Meijerink 12-Mar-13 16:23pm View
It would be pointless to access the metaheader tags with Javascript if thats what you mean. The browser evaluates the meta tags only once.
Sebastiaan Meijerink 27-Feb-13 18:01pm View
Is the script file at the bottom of you're body?
Did you try to wrap it in;
$(document).ready(function() {
//you're code here
Sebastiaan Meijerink 14-Nov-12 12:31pm View
It's like I thought. You are trying to mix php and javascript. If you do not want the page to refresh you'll have to use an ajax call to get the contents of cart. The php variable will never be refreshed unless you refresh the whole page.

I suggest you read into what ajax is and when you should use it. Try to get a clear notion of what runs on the server and what runs on the client.

To give a solution doesn't make much sense in this form. I'll make an article or tip for you and then post the link here to show the difference.
Sebastiaan Meijerink 8-Nov-12 2:12am View
That doesnt mean the webserver itself couldnt be in the lan. You can host the website to the internet from your own home.
Sebastiaan Meijerink 6-Nov-12 17:25pm View
You could host the webapp from a home computer. Poke a hole in your router. That way you only have to deal with a local area network. You could use xamp for the php server. Talking to the c software from php shouldn t be a problem that way.