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Comments by Greysontyrus (Top 17 by date)

Greysontyrus 7-Feb-13 11:03am View    
This answer does not relate to the question. That is exactly what sukumari1 doesn't want to do
Greysontyrus 7-Feb-13 6:21am View    
Please post the code showing how you are populating the dropdownlist.
Greysontyrus 21-Nov-12 8:56am View    
ManojDhobale: "I am looking for LINQ sort of code, instead of for/foreach loops" was in in the question but your solution is sound ^_^
Greysontyrus 19-Nov-12 12:00pm View    
Actually I have a kinda solution. Bit of a cludge as I would like to execute a 'slimmer' query, but it works.
I waited for your reply before posting the solution
Greysontyrus 19-Nov-12 5:57am View    
That would be my answer You wouldn't want the total to appear for each anon type in the array anyway. It would be calculated each time if it were possible.
Rather than gathering the days into an array, just so you can use the linq Sum(), it would be better to simply add them (j.day1+j.day2+...+j.dayn) as that would be executed in the SQL.