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Comments by Nima.naqipoor (Top 13 by date)

Nima.naqipoor 23-Apr-15 3:08am View    
so what test do you suggest?
Nima.naqipoor 23-Apr-15 1:59am View    
I test the connection in server explorer (modify connection) with sql authentication and it take too long to show succeed connection!
Nima.naqipoor 23-Apr-15 1:50am View    
it seems there's something like firewall ...cause in server explorer is slow too
Nima.naqipoor 23-Apr-15 1:32am View    
Tanx but I don't think that's for code,cause I retrieve data from server explorer in vs2013 and use show table data but it's slow !
Nima.naqipoor 23-Apr-15 1:20am View    
ping reply time<1ms ttl=128