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saurabh saini 25-Apr-13 10:38am View    
I able to understand what you are saying. But I am new to win32 programing, I found some code of transparent splash screen and modified that, plus tried to add some animation in it, that's where the problem started.
It will be better for me, if you can give some kind a code or pseudo code or some link how to do the things you saying in win32.
If you want I can provide you with the header and cpp of my class.
saurabh saini 25-Apr-13 9:45am View    
I have tried this code, The background is not transparent after the Call of FillRect. moreover it started flickering.
saurabh saini 25-Apr-13 9:43am View    
I was just trying with SetPixel. but SetPixel doesn't support alpha value.
I have tried FillRect. I think I am not able to find right brush. moreover my animation start to flicker after FillRect.
saurabh saini 25-Apr-13 9:25am View    
thanks for your reply.
Sorry but I am not able to understand what and how to do that. I am bit new to win32 and GDI.
saurabh saini 25-Apr-13 8:18am View    
Thanks for your reply.
Sending True or False to InvalidateRect doesn't make any difference right now and I have no code in WM_ERASEBKG.
Can u tell me which brush to use for alpha and what code to write in WM_ERASEBKG.