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KIDYA 5-May-14 7:36am View    
Thanks for your reply.
I'm using System.Windows.Control.RichtextBox control.
And I'm saving displayed data into the buffer.
On basis underline I have to add specific byte to the array.
Is it possible to read richtectbox displayed text character by character and their attributes.
KIDYA 13-Aug-13 4:41am View    
Thanks for reply Mehdi.If I have to check it with local machine then?
KIDYA 30-Jun-12 6:51am View    
But I need selection changed event as I do operation on row selection changed when i select that there any alternative to selection changed?
KIDYA 12-May-12 8:32am View    
Means when I clicked on panel and try to move it slowly then its working fine and when I'm trying to move it fast then cursor place and panel place are different.
KIDYA 16-Mar-12 7:26am View    
solved....Used ToolTipService.Placement="Top"