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OriginalGriff 12hrs ago View    
Seriously, it'll take you under five minutes to check what I suggested - and it will prove something, one way or another.
DGV's don't just "lose all their columns" - if they did, someone would have noticed in the last 20 years and we wouldn't use them! Which means : it's the wrong DGV, you cleared the columns elsewhere, or you didn't add the columns.
We can't fix that: we can't run your code, let alone search it!
OriginalGriff 13hrs ago View    
"Clues? I don't need no stinking clues! You have to think to work them out and that's your job!" :sigh:
OriginalGriff 13hrs ago View    
I wish these people would learn the language before they copy'n'paste'n'hope ... :sigh:
OriginalGriff 14hrs ago View    
That's what Using does: it says to the system "when this variable goes out of scope, Dispose it automatically" - it doesn't matter how it goes out of scope - end of a block or method, or an exception, or a Finally block - as soon as it's no longer needed, it is thrown away and can't be accessed.

If you want to pass it back to the calling method, remove the "using" and Dispose it manually yourself when you are finished with it.
OriginalGriff 2 days ago View    
Or you haven't included it's containing class in your Using statements ... you could use it's full name: