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callasda 19-Feb-17 14:38pm View
Thank you Eric
I'll explain in another way. I have 2 tables. Order and OrderDetails. Master and child. So the order header info will go inside the method "writeHeadData" and the order details info will go inside the method "writeDetailData" based on the order header info
Can you please tell me what is the query that should go inside the "writeHeadData" and what the is the query is that should go inside "writeDetailData" allowing for the the common key/field between the 2 tables
This is the difficulty I am having.
callasda 23-Jan-16 10:13am View
There are only two records in the table
the audio field is a text field
Can't you see anything wrong with my code ?
Why does it stop at while( ?
Why do you think its my production SQL server ?
callasda 4-Sep-15 8:50am View
Thank you for your help. A simple answer and it worked
callasda 26-May-15 17:52pm View
Hi Maciej
Example of what I mean. I need to get an ID for both tables. So
bc.ColumnMappings.Add("OrderDate & CostCentre", "orderID");
So concatenate two fields to make one field that will serve at the ID Key

I know this doesn't work but do you see what I'm getting at ?
callasda 26-May-15 12:49pm View
Hi Andy.
Yes to points 1 and 2. Need to create a relationship in sql tables between the two tables. A concatenated field (Orderdate and CostCentre) would do it but how to read it in and write to sql ? And then the filename ?
Why do I need it ? To create views and reports based on those two tables and view data via dgv.
As your question, "how do you read into multiple tables without xmlreaderoptions" I really cannot answer that. Is it not via the DataSets ? I picked up that piece of code from the net. It does work
If I have missed something in your questions, please let me know
callasda 25-May-15 18:22pm View
Are you an expert on xml bulkcopy ?. Am I allowed to ask you a couple of questions in this regards ?
callasda 25-May-15 17:25pm View
First time I've been on this forum. Clicked accepted but now showing Solution 1 (reject solution). Did I do something wrong ?
callasda 25-May-15 17:24pm View
Yes, Will do so right now.
callasda 25-May-15 15:40pm View
Thanks for your link.
I have read that Directory.EnumerateFiles is more efficient than Directory.GetFiles. Is there any truth in this ?
callasda 25-May-15 12:55pm View
any chance you could ignore my posts in future ?
Would be the best thing you could ever do
callasda 25-May-15 12:27pm View
Already saw these but of no help