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Comments by Jaydeep Jadav (Top 16 by date)

Jaydeep Jadav 14-Feb-14 2:21am View    
Use WCF or Webservice, It is a proper method for communicating remote application and web site/database using service architecture.
Jaydeep Jadav 14-Feb-14 1:55am View    
please format your question and use code block
Jaydeep Jadav 14-Feb-14 1:55am View    
What's your question ? Provide some more details please
Jaydeep Jadav 20-Nov-13 6:12am View    
I wrote this code and I also posted in other forum that is dedicated to MAC
Jaydeep Jadav 19-Nov-13 23:05pm View    
As You can see in Code that all the exception are handled and this error is not handled in any exception. I debug the code but it exit without going into Catch