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Comments by zeego (Top 13 by date)

zeego 18-Mar-14 1:11am View    
Thanks for your reply Bill. I would like to see your solution also, sorry about calling you Billy.
zeego 17-Mar-14 6:18am View    
Yes Billy, exactly.
zeego 17-Mar-14 5:45am View    
Thanks for your reply Raul. I am talking about individual attributes like FirstName is changed & lastName is not changed. By your tracking methodology I would be able to track an object as whole. How would I go about tracking individual attributes?
zeego 17-Mar-14 2:53am View    
Thanks Raul. That seems to be a nice idea. Can you tell me how would I track changes to individual attributes of a class? Also, would this approach mean peppering all the save, update, delete methods with state attributes?
zeego 26-Sep-13 3:21am View    
Is log4net the right choice for making logs of user activities like my requirement? Is it only for use with application errors etc. ?