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hzawary 24-May-15 13:41pm View    
Thanks, but let me explain the problem in detail. When I open the Word 2013 for typing, it switch to B layout automatically, whereas Windows 8.1 is set to default A layout. When I want switch from Word to dictionary program I have switch from B layout to A layout every times using Alt+Shift (or Windows+Space).
If I disable "Automatically switch keyboard to match language of surrounding text" option then when I back to the Word from dictionary again I have switch to B layout from A layout too! It is troublesome.
hzawary 23-Feb-14 6:04am View    
May I asking how old you and where are you from?
Now I am very busy (Studying in MSc), but wrote many tiny program application at Windows platform in this years, therefor that is alack if not be in used to an others. I've decided wrote an article about a 3D tiny app on two years ago, but I was busy and I english language is bad.
So, I sure you are trying and pursuit in your job and I like you see it 3D app and peresent to the others. If you have tendency about this cooperation tell me where upload it.
hzawary 23-Feb-14 5:27am View    
Oh, yes it is old story! thanks for your solution, but now I try below code and it is in correct. Perhaps, because I having use VisualStudio2012 in Windows8.1. Maybe Microsoft solved the bug, I don't know, just I know that now is work correctly and suggestion for you this simple code to drag the window.

public partial class myWindow : Window
public myWindow()

protected override void OnMouseLeftButtonDown(MouseButtonEventArgs e)

protected override void OnMouseLeftButtonUp(MouseButtonEventArgs e)
MessageBox.Show("this is a test");
hzawary 7-Aug-13 14:00pm View    
Your question is very primary in audio field. Want you use the ready library (DLL) or write the code directly changing to do this?
hzawary 7-Aug-13 9:08am View    
Very thanks so, what your offer for obtain this program purposes?

1- Ideal in higher performance (lower time & memory complicated) and processing image to faster.

2- Progress reporting (represent progress per line of image).

3- Be responsible UI.

Is use BackgroundWorker good for this?
and also Parallel.For for iteration?
if its positive, How to resolve value updating problem of represent progress bar in UI.