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a1mimo 17-Feb-13 12:14pm View
I know what you mean but as you said in your answer this would be useless and the next best solution for him is to do as I mentioned this will give him what he wants in another way, by the way if you have some knowledge in android I have an unanswered question about it please help :-)
a1mimo 17-Feb-13 12:03pm View
I don't mind the vote at all we all learn but this way works and as I said if he put the panel in form as the base of the form this will load his form there you can try it I always use this way, thanks for your comment
a1mimo 16-Feb-13 16:23pm View
Agree it isn't clear enough
a1mimo 16-Feb-13 16:18pm View
What is your save code into sql and not only the query the whole code block? it might be a problem there in the save code
a1mimo 7-Nov-12 9:10am View
yes this can be done but what is your problem exactly???
a1mimo 1-Nov-12 8:43am View
Try google it's faster and easier than waiting for people to answer actually on google there is lots and lots of answers for your problem try search for fill gaps in sql server auto increment
a1mimo 1-Nov-12 8:31am View
A further explanation would be good if you looking for an answer
a1mimo 1-Nov-12 8:28am View
What kind of authentication you use in your website?
a1mimo 1-Nov-12 8:22am View
What have you done so far? add your code so we can help
a1mimo 1-Nov-12 7:26am View
I added a link for you in the question check it out you will find all you need there and to upload the database you will need FTP client as I mentioned in the question
a1mimo 31-Oct-12 8:14am View
If you hard coded your translation then simply make the links redirect to the pages in the same language its that easy (IF you translated and made pages of each language of your own) if not state how you make your translation and maybe we can help
a1mimo 30-Oct-12 7:17am View
You answered it yourself it's a timeout problem as for 2gb or 1gb file to be uploaded you sure need some more timeout than this 300 try making it 0 (unlimited) and check again if the problem is gone

Hope this helped
a1mimo 27-Oct-12 14:46pm View
It seems that you posted your web.config but for some reason it isn't appear in here so try to improve question and put it there in the question, and I can't quite understand the next part of your reply
a1mimo 23-Oct-12 16:00pm View
I can't say nothing but LOL
Nice one Sergey :-D
a1mimo 22-Oct-12 14:59pm View
Do you mean that you have two times and you want to get the difference between both of them to get the total time spent or whatever?
a1mimo 22-Oct-12 14:19pm View
You can't know because there is too many factors that may affect the time simply if your processor is working in high percentage the shortest call to the server ever may give you time out try make it 0 and see if it works or no after all you have nothing to lose :-)
a1mimo 22-Oct-12 13:45pm View
have you tried to set the timeout of your sql server to higher number than 600 cause it seems to be that this operation takes more time than the server allows
a1mimo 22-Oct-12 12:41pm View
nitish nalan I am sorry for so late answer I just didn't log in for a very long while but I actually remember what was the problem it was just a hang up and the previous solution worked best for me all I needed to do is to delete the label and create it again sorry for late one more time but after all better late than never :-)
a1mimo 22-Oct-12 12:06pm View
Sure I will :)
a1mimo 22-Oct-12 11:59am View
I did sorry it didn't even tell me it posted both of them my bad
thanks :)
a1mimo 22-Oct-12 11:56am View
you explain your case good but not the problem what is the problem exactly? what do you want the select statement to look like?
a1mimo 22-Oct-12 11:53am View
What is the error?
a1mimo 21-Oct-12 19:08pm View
My vote of 5 because actually I am sure this wasn't what he asked for but at least you tried to give him something for that non question question :-)
a1mimo 21-Oct-12 18:25pm View
What? what are you trying to say exactly please enhance your question and answer the people who are trying to help you
a1mimo 21-Oct-12 18:07pm View
I think you already have the answer just remove the extra quotation mark you put before the semi colon in the third line and it will work fine
a1mimo 21-Oct-12 17:06pm View
I second John just add dataGridView1.Refresh(); at the end and it will update it
a1mimo 21-Oct-12 17:03pm View
I dont get what you want very clear do you want for example when you click on a record the image display in the image control or you want all the images to appear in images control beside the records?
a1mimo 21-Oct-12 16:57pm View
give more details what your database table look like what do you exactly need to do? will the datagrid be already filled with some values or you will have an empty one and fill it? please be more clear
a1mimo 21-Oct-12 16:55pm View
when exactly do you get this error what is in your main?
a1mimo 21-Oct-12 14:54pm View
what kind of reports do you use? if you use windows reporting service it has a feature to add this row for you, please make your question more clear
a1mimo 16-Jul-11 10:11am View
yes I know and btw my vote of 4
a1mimo 16-Jul-11 10:11am View
Thank you Danny
I already discovered the problem it was the single quote I didnt put it around the date value but your solutions will work as well so my vote of 4
a1mimo 16-Jul-11 6:39am View
Thank You mkgoud
I just solved the problem right now and to be fair I thought it would be as you said too but it was because I forgot to put the value of the date between '' like this cmd.CommandText="INSERT INTO person (birthdate) VALUES('"+dateTimePicker.Value.Date+"')";
but still there is something I wish to know how to get only the date value from the dateTimePicker if dateTimePicker.Value.Date dont get only the date?
a1mimo 28-Apr-11 10:09am View
Thank You I got it now.
a1mimo 28-Apr-11 3:20am View
here is something that I may add it might cause the problem "Label1" Text is binded to database, will this make any difference?
a1mimo 28-Apr-11 3:17am View
Thank you for your answer but actually this solution for some reason doesnt work for me
it always return null when I debug as if it cant find "Label1" at all
thanks again :-)
a1mimo 27-Apr-11 9:41am View
Thank You I got it :-)
a1mimo 27-Apr-11 9:41am View
Thank You I got it :-)
a1mimo 27-Apr-11 7:45am View
thanks alot for your answer I know it really works but I have a problem I am still fixing in the onclick event so I cant use it but its a great answer anyway thanks again :-)

my vote of 5
a1mimo 27-Apr-11 7:41am View
thank you,
but how to pass them in the querystring can you give me an example
a1mimo 14-Apr-11 7:32am View
My vote of 4

because its almost perfect

why almost?
because its not going to work for all the barcode scanners
but its still a great answer keep the good work :-)
a1mimo 14-Apr-11 7:26am View
I think this was it or that what I understood from his comment on your answer :-)
a1mimo 14-Apr-11 5:09am View
It would help if you share some code
a1mimo 14-Apr-11 5:01am View
Thank you Toli
I actually tried your advice and I was just reading it, you are a big help :-)
a1mimo 14-Apr-11 5:00am View
Thanks Rampas
I got it I appreciate your help :-)
a1mimo 14-Apr-11 4:34am View
can you suggest me an article or something to do so? I would appreciate this
Thank you,
a1mimo 14-Apr-11 4:32am View
I know that, but its just I am too lazy and curious about it :-)
Thank you,
a1mimo 12-Apr-11 9:11am View
it seems to be that you putting this code in an area that being called before the columns created
so to avoid this error you may find it helpful to put the code between a try and catch

the code
message or leave it empty doesnt matter
a1mimo 12-Apr-11 8:40am View
you are right it just hit me when I saw "child" that its an mdi app :-)

my bad
a1mimo 12-Apr-11 7:54am View
all you have to do is to select the textbox and see the see properties window you will find the validating event
a1mimo 6-Apr-11 8:19am View
:) I mean I dont understand what you want give more details about your question
a1mimo 6-Apr-11 8:15am View
what do you mean? please dont be short at your question give as much details as you can so you can get as much answers as we can
a1mimo 30-Mar-11 7:58am View
can you please discribe more I am getting lost starting from "if the user edits...."

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