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Comments by Catalin Serafimescu (Top 35 by date)

Catalin Serafimescu 10-Feb-12 17:15pm View    
Try to use Process.Start Method (String, String, String, SecureString, String). You should have username and password, anyway...
Catalin Serafimescu 9-Feb-12 13:30pm View    
Please post the code for impersonation. You might not have a good handle
Catalin Serafimescu 25-Jan-12 8:43am View    
Oh, I understand now. You are trying to run another read on same connection !
Read about MARS:
And don't mess with dtStudent in loop.
Catalin Serafimescu 25-Jan-12 8:26am View    
Paste the new code here.

See this example: You need to open the connection, though - my bad.
Catalin Serafimescu 23-Jan-12 13:01pm View    
Seriously, don't start with keyloggers or any advanced things. Start with basics, it will help you later.