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Steve Echols 13-Aug-13 18:21pm View
Maybe you could hide the elements (visibility:hidden) and after you set the translated text, then show the element (visibility:visible). I would use visibility:hidden and not display: none, so the elements still take up the space of the original text on the page, otherwise the rendering might be a bit jumpy.
Steve Echols 18-May-12 2:54am View
I think you need to determine what Object was hit (such as a datapoint).
Steve Echols 17-May-12 0:07am View
I think this is more of a problem with how browsers cache the pages, vs. session. When the user hits back in the browser, it just loads the page from the cache, without refreshing it.

There's are potentially multiple solutions, from using javascript to handle body onload and calling a web service to see if session is still active, or telling the browser to not cache the page.
Steve Echols 16-May-12 23:56pm View
Does the text disappear after a post back? I don't think the label control maintains view state, so setting the text property of a label control wrapped in a IsPostBack check won't work. I could be wrong, but something to consider....
Steve Echols 16-May-12 0:42am View
Correct. That will get you the CUSTCODE_T value.

You're welcome!
Steve Echols 15-May-12 0:17am View
Do you get an error in FireBug console? Have you tried to put a break point in setFrameUrl function using FireBug, to see if your function is even being called?
Steve Echols 10-May-12 2:34am View
I seriously doubt this is possible.
Steve Echols 10-May-12 2:30am View
You'll have to manually update the text of each ListItem. Where are you getting your data from?
Steve Echols 24-Apr-12 1:47am View
True, true. Wasn't sure if he wanted a hollow tube or a capped cylinder.
Steve Echols 24-Apr-12 1:36am View
Thanks! (Now I have to go delete that from the page I just mangled :-))
Steve Echols 24-Apr-12 1:32am View
Well, you can't draw circles in openGL, only simulate them using primitives like line strips, so I'm not sure what you mean by "one circle". Do you you mean "one for loop" iterating around the circle and drawing triangles or quads? You should be able to do this with a GL_QUAD_STRIP.
Steve Echols 24-Apr-12 1:16am View
There are tons of examples on how to draw cylinders with opengl on the web. NeHe is very useful (or was back when I was doing openGL :))
Steve Echols 24-Apr-12 1:08am View
Are you using glut.h? Google gluCylinder.
Steve Echols 9-Feb-12 4:44am View
I'm thinking the lblTotal/lblTotalAmount ids are probably not what you think they are.

Maybe try: <pre>$("#<%=GridView1.ClientID%> .total").each ......</pre>

But basically, view the source of the page and see what the structure of the elements are and what pattern you'd need to use as your selectors for jQuery (I'm not a jQuery expert, I use prototype.js)

Steve Echols 9-Feb-12 4:26am View
True, true. ClientIDMode="Static" or ClientIDMode="Predictable" would make it work in 4.0. Is that correct?
Steve Echols 25-Jul-11 22:09pm View
Reason for my vote of 5
I've ran into this many times too. Especially when someone uses the designer to insert new columns in a specific place. Then you actually can get data from different columns! Re-running view and sp scripts fixes it.
Steve Echols 25-Jul-11 22:02pm View
This is the one I "borrowed" from the net. Searches SPs and Views:

CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[Util_FindTextInSP]
@StringToSearch varchar(100)

SET @StringToSearch = '%' +@StringToSearch + '%'

FROM sysobjects so (NOLOCK)
INNER JOIN syscomments sc (NOLOCK) on so.Id = sc.ID
AND (so.Type = 'P' OR so.type='V')
AND sc.Text LIKE @StringToSearch
ORDER BY so.Name