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Comments by T Pat (Top 8 by date)

T Pat 13-Nov-13 3:34am View
Are you successfully reading the text file?
Can you please be little more descriptive
T Pat 10-Apr-13 1:06am View
Can you please be little descriptive?
Unable to understand your issue.
T Pat 2-Apr-13 8:32am View
Have you tried using Session or Viewstate to pass clickedalbum value to markup side?
T Pat 28-Mar-13 9:09am View
use this library
T Pat 21-Mar-13 8:03am View
Can you be more specific what you want and where you are stuck?
T Pat 19-Mar-13 8:43am View
You can use dlls and logic used in here

It was of great help when I used it few years ago

Hope you find it useful :)
T Pat 6-Feb-13 9:08am View
Ya that matched...
Can you please tell me the reason behind that...
T Pat 31-Jan-13 6:57am View
So you actually want replace the initial '0' value after ON with any digit you press first, is that right?