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demouser743 2-May-17 8:31am View
Is there any specific pattern you are following please have a look at this blog
demouser743 14-Oct-14 6:37am View
not only that we need to return the mesaage as varchar
demouser743 14-Oct-14 5:32am View
But it is not mandatory to pass error parameters for THROW, if I comment this line and execute my SP it is working fine ROLLBACK TRANSACTION [transName]. But if I include that I am getting the exception
demouser743 26-Nov-13 9:32am View
What is Items here when you are binding value to the combobox, generally ASPxComboBox in ASPxGridview should be binded in Init event of the combo box
demouser743 26-Nov-13 9:29am View
You can check here
demouser743 7-May-13 4:24am View
Is there any other event where I can handle this scenario
Dorababu743 12-Mar-13 8:43am View
Thanks for the idea :)
Dorababu743 12-Mar-13 5:49am View
In the page load I can not get this `int noOfweeks = Convert.ToInt16(txtString.Text);` then how can I
Dorababu743 16-Feb-13 1:37am View
Will all the values be null or particular values or null
Dorababu743 15-Feb-13 6:16am View
Can you explain more what you are trying to do, I didn't get what you really want by your question
Dorababu743 2-Feb-13 3:19am View
Change to what
Dorababu743 5-Jan-13 6:54am View
Any error?
Dorababu743 11-Dec-12 1:38am View
check my updated question along with images
Dorababu743 11-Dec-12 1:18am View
I am not asking about updating the database, I would like to create a new entity in edmx file, which I would like to add it as a table in the corresponding DB, which is having some tables
Dorababu743 8-Nov-12 11:15am View
Hi is it ok if I had both sharepoint server and FOundation
Dorababu743 8-Nov-12 8:28am View
Oops I am just saying that I installed windows server 2008 on my laptop, so will it be compatible enough to run the foundation on my laptop
Dorababu743 8-Nov-12 8:24am View
You mean on virtual machine, I am having server2008 is it ok if I install directly on the machine
Dorababu743 8-Nov-12 4:16am View
I would like to display all the results not just user name or some thing. I would like to display in grid format with edit and delete options
Dorababu743 18-Jul-12 6:14am View
Is it possible with out these, means I would like to extract the text by using some piece of code
Dorababu743 5-May-12 5:44am View
Try this

<asp:TextBox ID="txtuser" onblur="GetValue(this.value)" runat="server">

<script type="text/javascript">
function GetValue(username) {
Dorababu743 4-May-12 7:36am View
Where is your design related to AJAX tab control. Post it in the question by updating rather than posting as comment
Dorababu743 4-May-12 6:14am View
Can you post your design
Dorababu743 25-Apr-12 10:26am View
My session is as follows
Dorababu743 25-Apr-12 10:17am View
Yeah it is an int array
Dorababu743 25-Apr-12 10:13am View
Getting error as Object reference not set to an instance of an object. If I write as per said

int[] year = new int[] { (int)Session["year"] };
Dorababu743 25-Apr-12 9:35am View
This is how I assigned, intitally declared private int[] iPayrollYear; through code I will assign values to the variable then the sessiion is as below Session["year"] = iPayrollYear;
Dorababu743 19-Apr-12 6:59am View
Can you explain a bit, can you show us some samples that you need to type
Dorababu743 14-Apr-12 2:12am View
Will this be applicable if I am inserting data through different classes, I made a few changes check once
Dorababu743 7-Apr-12 6:01am View
Check this
Dorababu743 7-Apr-12 5:39am View
What error you are getting
Dorababu743 7-Apr-12 5:36am View
check this
Dorababu743 24-Mar-12 5:48am View
Probably I am going wrong at this statement

In EmpID's I will get 3 ID's like 101,102,102
for (int iempIdcnt = 0; iempIdcnt < EmpIDs.Length; iempIdcnt++)
if (!outerDictionary.TryGetValue(EmpIDs[iempIdcnt], out dictAddValues))
dictAddValues = new MyDictionary();
outerDictionary.Add(EmpIDs[iempIdcnt], dictAddValues);
As 102 already exists I am unable to add the dictAddValues for the 3rd loop. How can I add this
Dorababu743 24-Mar-12 5:32am View
yeah the data is not getting loaded as I expected.
Dorababu743 24-Mar-12 5:21am View
Lot of articles available on this , why don't you go through them.
Dorababu743 12-Mar-12 4:43am View
So with out adding that class we can not implement using LINQ
Dorababu743 14-Feb-12 7:10am View you asked the same here
Dorababu743 14-Feb-12 7:08am View
What you are trying to achieve that's what we required. As per my understanding you need to show a label and button in a single cell
Dorababu743 11-Feb-12 3:56am View
Is it a web or windows
Dorababu743 9-Feb-12 9:30am View
I need to delete from database and update the grid. I have written the code for that but from the script I am not getting return value as true.
Dorababu743 9-Feb-12 4:51am View
Have you Google before asking here
Dorababu743 8-Feb-12 4:53am View
Hi small help how can I handle when I am referring to the check boxes that are in grid-view
Dorababu743 8-Feb-12 4:48am View
Thanks CRDave
Dorababu743 17-Jan-12 4:28am View
Then add a bit of javascript adding some time to it
Dorababu743 17-Jan-12 4:04am View
Added pre tag
Dorababu743 17-Jan-12 3:50am View
what you mean by this code

this.imgLoading.Visible = true;
this.imgLoading.Visible = false;

showing the image and again setting it to false this will not work in any case.. Try by removing this this.imgLoading.Visible = false;
Dorababu743 17-Jan-12 2:47am View
What you mean by check box is not selected please post some code
Dorababu743 16-Jan-12 6:17am View
Check my update once
Dorababu743 12-Jan-12 3:51am View
I think you didn't get my requirement.. I am having 2 controls Textbox and a dropdown. when i click on either one will get disabled. When one get disabled and when i click on that control again i would like to enable that and disable the other
Dorababu743 12-Jan-12 3:03am View
But when disabling the textbox and again clicking on it doesn't enable the control right..
Dorababu743 30-Dec-11 6:05am View
Check my updates and try once
Dorababu743 30-Dec-11 6:04am View
I don't know where you went wrong the same expression working for me check the images
Dorababu743 30-Dec-11 5:33am View
Try with my new Regex that i updated
Dorababu743 30-Dec-11 3:32am View
Can you write down all possible conditions.. Is this valid abc123abc
Dorababu743 30-Dec-11 3:06am View
It's not an answer to his question better make it as a comment
Dorababu743 28-Dec-11 6:05am View
There were many built in Jquery plugin's why don't you use them
Dorababu743 28-Dec-11 3:27am View
Why you are assigning the values from JavaScript why don't you get it from sever side code
Dorababu743 28-Dec-11 3:03am View
Have you added if(!IsPostback) in your page load
Dorababu743 28-Dec-11 2:56am View
Mark as an answer if you get solved...
Dorababu743 27-Dec-11 7:09am View
Do you want to add selected value or all values?
Dorababu743 22-Nov-11 10:21am View
Even i try this i am able to see the content when i copy paste the url
Dorababu743 22-Nov-11 10:19am View
What i tried is the same right
Dorababu743 22-Nov-11 2:53am View
Are you saving your file in to a directory or any other can you please tell
Dorababu743 22-Nov-11 2:49am View
Hi color will apply to the back part of the image not on the whole.. Check this image
Dorababu743 21-Nov-11 11:15am View
Johnny Thanks for that :)
Dorababu743 21-Nov-11 8:28am View
Reason for my vote of 5
Good one
Dorababu743 21-Nov-11 7:48am View
You can get by changing the code a little bit like

If(plotID=="Your required")
apply back color like this
Dorababu743 21-Nov-11 7:45am View
Check my solution which works perfect for me
Dorababu743 21-Nov-11 6:31am View
Have you tried as per the given links.. Are you using check boxes in grid view or any other way
Dorababu743 21-Nov-11 6:20am View
Why you post it as answer dude.. It seems to be a comment
Dorababu743 21-Nov-11 5:11am View
Welcome mark as answer if it resolves ur problem
Dorababu743 21-Nov-11 5:01am View
Lan FanNinja Thanks :)
Dorababu743 21-Nov-11 5:01am View
Give it a try as per the posted answer of mine if it doesn't wrk let me know
Dorababu743 21-Nov-11 4:55am View
Why don't you create a stored procedure for inserting the values to DB rather than through query
Dorababu743 21-Nov-11 4:50am View
Means you are trying to insert extra item to the table which is not defined. Check out your columns in the table
Dorababu743 21-Nov-11 4:48am View
Post the code What you have tried so far.. Inserting the data to database is not a tough ask
Dorababu743 21-Nov-11 4:47am View
Post this as a comment. Do you think this an answer :-o
Dorababu743 21-Nov-11 4:28am View
Is this an answer or comment.. What have you suggested for him
Dorababu743 21-Nov-11 4:27am View
Have you googled first there are lot of articles available for auto completion of text box
Dorababu743 21-Nov-11 4:25am View
Yeah and the best method to choose is as per your requirement.

When your method modifies the list or returns new data you should use the return value. Its much better to understand what your code does than using a ref parameter.

Another benefit of return values is the ability to use method chaining.
Dorababu743 21-Nov-11 4:13am View
What you declared your price in SQL. Is it in an int or varchar
Dorababu743 21-Nov-11 4:02am View
I didn't get your question exactly. Can you explain more what you are trying to achieve..

Formatted your question in a better way by including the script in code lines
Dorababu743 19-Nov-11 7:16am View
Declare count as Static int so that the value will be constant
Dorababu743 19-Nov-11 6:19am View
As you are using Thread.sleep after assigning the text this will always show you the latest text available i.e Empty string as you specified will be shown.
Dorababu743 19-Nov-11 5:24am View
check out my first link with some changes in that you can get your required
Dorababu743 19-Nov-11 5:17am View
I didn't get what exactly you needed form that site. Is that the scroll on image button click that is displaying the next items you needed?
Dorababu743 19-Nov-11 4:37am View
Show us the content of your text file and what you would like to find out from that
Dorababu743 17-Nov-11 7:46am View
Welcome buddy :)
Dorababu743 17-Nov-11 7:21am View
Can you show us the sample data that was in resource file
Dorababu743 17-Nov-11 6:25am View
Thanks gpaantony :)
Dorababu743 15-Oct-11 4:50am View
But in my file there is no limit for that. I can have n no of lines from 5 to 8
Dorababu743 26-Sep-11 6:22am View
Form authentication
Dorababu743 26-Sep-11 6:17am View
But as per the given link if i do exactly even if i am active on the form session is expiring, i don't want to do so
Dorababu743 26-Sep-11 6:13am View
I am not asking about the user clicking on Log out button. Read the question carefully, i would like to end the session if the user is inactive for certain amount of time
Dorababu743 14-Sep-11 5:21am View
So what's the best to way to host my files to server
Dorababu743 14-Sep-11 5:21am View
Even if i have an website with some web pages this is occurring
Dorababu743 13-Sep-11 10:52am View
If you are working on reports the you can do it using "ReportInfo" control and set the "FormatString" property.
Dorababu743 12-Sep-11 8:50am View
Can you show us what you have written
Dorababu743 12-Sep-11 5:49am View
Check this image
Dorababu743 12-Sep-11 5:39am View
See i am having2 Empids and for those IDs i will get multiple or single values as per the user selection. If i get multiple means i have to pass each and every for that EmpID and delete that particular data if all my conditions works. If any condition fails i have to rollback all
Dorababu743 12-Sep-11 5:30am View
Ya as i have to pass single value each time for the delete method i am doing as it can not check the list
Dorababu743 12-Sep-11 5:23am View
Hi if its a simple delete then i will delete in normal but i would like to check 3 conditions like Maximum element for the selected ID exists or not if exists the i have to check out for the sequence then i have to delete. So i have written that many conditions
Dorababu743 12-Sep-11 4:32am View
How can i do that as per my requirement any sample code please
Dorababu743 10-Sep-11 2:16am View
Hi Can you check my update and tell what should i do
Dorababu743 12-Aug-11 5:23am View
I already installed in my PC
Dorababu743 21-Jul-11 7:59am View
It's not the question to download the file i would like to know how to export multiple dataset values to be added to a single excel file
Dorababu743 8-Jul-11 10:38am View
Ok after all change i am getting the following error Unable to start debug on web server Webserver is not configured properly
Dorababu743 24-Jun-11 4:29am View
But still i am unable to occupy the empty space even using Display:none
Dorababu743 23-Jun-11 1:07am View
But in code how can i set visibility to true again
Dorababu743 23-Jun-11 1:06am View
Nothing else will be there except that in my design
Dorababu743 3-Jun-11 9:24am View
Hi i think the code is working fine but when i am deleting the text box which i filled in the first form is getting cleared can you tell how to over come this
Dorababu743 31-May-11 4:54am View
Is it a windows application or web
Dorababu743 31-May-11 4:53am View
You want to display the cell value to text box or what
Dorababu743 28-May-11 5:24am View
Why you posted the same answer multiple times
Dorababu743 28-May-11 5:14am View
I'm guessing its because it treats the URL as a relative one and so if you're currently on page: the second will try and navigate to However if you put the http in front you are telling the link that it should be an absolute link

WWW is not a keyword meaning this is an external webpage - its essentially a convention.
Dorababu743 28-May-11 5:10am View
That i got it but i would like to disable the popup on textbox focus see if u click the textbox the calendar is getting loaded
Dorababu743 28-May-11 4:43am View
Can you check out from the link i posted and give me appropriate solution
Dorababu743 28-May-11 4:41am View
Then how can i have date in to my textbox
Dorababu743 27-May-11 6:29am View
No errors i am unable to load the calendar the one i used is from here i also tried this but on master page it is not getting
Dorababu743 27-May-11 4:13am View
Thanks kythen i got this by including the following yearRange: 'c-100:c+0'
Dorababu743 27-May-11 4:01am View
Kythen still i am not clear where to add this in my JS
Dorababu743 25-Apr-11 4:30am View
But if i write like this i can not pass multiple values here right
Dorababu743 25-Apr-11 4:30am View
CREATE DEFINER=`root`@`%` PROCEDURE `usp_SelectFileData`(_Id varchar(100))
Select File_Data from tblachmaster WHERE Id IN (_Id);
Dorababu743 25-Apr-11 4:29am View
Ya i know that
Dorababu743 25-Apr-11 4:26am View
Hey through code i am getting this but as per in store proc i am not aware how to create the exact as per i needed
Dorababu743 24-Apr-11 23:13pm View
Hi actually in winforms when we are using datagrdiview if we use proportional font the text in the datagridview will be of visible with out varying like that for gridview is there any font like that
Dorababu743 22-Apr-11 9:25am View
Reason for my vote of 4
Easy way
Dorababu743 22-Apr-11 8:10am View
Thanks Kim Togo :)
Dorababu743 22-Apr-11 5:18am View
May be you are missing response.flush() at the end
Dorababu743 5-Apr-11 9:04am View
Even this is also giving the same output :(
Dorababu743 5-Apr-11 8:08am View
While retrieving i am getting the data as System.string[] in my text file instead of the content
Dorababu743 16-Mar-11 7:52am View
Sorry wrongly commented not for your question this is
Dorababu743 16-Mar-11 7:51am View
Is it a Web application or Console application or Winforms
Dorababu743 16-Mar-11 7:51am View
Is it a Web application or Console application or Winforms
Dorababu743 16-Mar-11 5:00am View
Thanks Raj
Dorababu743 16-Mar-11 4:45am View
You want to remove \r and \n right
Dorababu743 14-Mar-11 5:05am View
What ever file name it is he has to give the name there i just take it as an example name.
Dorababu743 8-Mar-11 3:48am View
Mean instead of application path we have to set the directory from where we are getting that CHM na
Dorababu743 8-Mar-11 3:43am View
Good one i tested your code it's working fine
Dorababu743 8-Mar-11 3:39am View
Will that CHM will be opened if i have it any where according to your code
Dorababu743 7-Mar-11 23:36pm View
This will search for the Help File if it is in Application directory only. What if the user created a folder and place the CHM file in that folder instead of Bin
Dorababu743 24-Jan-11 7:51am View
I know how to export but i would like to add some content before that as i said
Dorababu743 8-Dec-10 7:13am View
As my help file is in the folder ACHWINAPP i would like to filter it too from the path
Dorababu743 8-Dec-10 7:12am View
Actually my help file is in the folder ACHWINAPP

The actual path is D:\\ACHWINAPP\\ACHWINAPPLICATION\\Bin\Release this is the startuppath i am getting when i write Application.StartupPath so i would like to replace all that stuff
Dorababu743 8-Dec-10 6:56am View
Ok but if i write as follows

Replace(strPath, "\Release", "\Bin", "\ACHWINAPPLICATION")& "\ACHWINAPP.chm";

I am getting the errors as

Error Unrecognized escape sequence
Dorababu743 6-Dec-10 4:24am View
But i need the exact folder suppose i give you my MSI file to you you can install in c: directly so that my files will be placed in c as follows
c:\ACH\help.chm along with dll's and other or you can directly install in the default path as c:\programfiles\ACH\ i need to get the correct path
Dorababu743 6-Dec-10 4:13am View
This doesn't work for me
Dorababu743 6-Dec-10 4:06am View
How can i test it while i am running it through program
Dorababu743 6-Dec-10 4:05am View
If i am not adding any directory means
Dorababu743 6-Dec-10 3:38am View
This gives the Path for Debug folder na
Dorababu743 4-Dec-10 0:15am View
Hi a small change

int currRow = 0;
currRow = dataGridView1.CurrentRow.Index;

dataGridView1.Rows[currRow].Selected = true;

This gives the solution
Dorababu743 27-Nov-10 4:32am View
Yeah i need in winforms only. If you are having any idea regarding that can you please post the normal i get the answer. Actually in my requirement i have to make all U.S holidays and week ends as non-selectable dates to the user.
Dorababu743 27-Nov-10 4:23am View
So what you are saying is we can not make those as non selectable as we did in web forms
Dorababu743 27-Nov-10 4:07am View
But how can i stop him from selecting that dates which are Saturday or Sunday
Dorababu743 2-Nov-10 4:03am View
Can you explain more about your problem
Dorababu743 30-Oct-10 5:51am View
Got it
Dorababu743 30-Oct-10 5:41am View
Hi small help i would like to display only 1,2 when i have 10,11,12, and so on
Dorababu743 30-Oct-10 4:52am View
Can i have an detailed one please
Dorababu743 30-Oct-10 2:34am View
What you mean by again running the application, you are closing the web page so that the session will abandoned and it will automatically redirect you to login page
Dorababu743 26-Oct-10 0:03am View
Make it as a comment not as an answer
Dorababu743 25-Oct-10 2:57am View
You can convert text from text box into DateTime object and use DateTime class methods or just subtract two DateTime objects which will give you TimeSpan objects. Then you can compare dates as per your requirements.
Dorababu743 25-Oct-10 2:43am View
what exact o/p you need i will give u the answer,
Dorababu743 25-Oct-10 2:42am View
Output should be Ok what exact o/p you need i will give u the answer
Dorababu743 22-Oct-10 3:54am View
But if i remove that i am unable to get the newly inserted data in the next line
Dorababu743 20-Oct-10 4:35am View
Dorababu743 15-Oct-10 5:26am View
Which frame work you are using
Dorababu743 15-Oct-10 5:20am View
I did not get you can you be more specific regarding the question please
Dorababu743 10-Oct-10 0:42am View
What do you mean by text . What exactly you need please mention.
Dorababu743 9-Oct-10 8:08am View
Small question do you need to check the selected item or by default you need some of the items in the menu bar get checked
Dorababu743 7-Oct-10 7:01am View
How can i get the key there
Dorababu743 5-Oct-10 3:51am View
Hi here "3" refers to the tag node of treeview.
Dorababu743 4-Oct-10 11:59am View
can any one help me please i got struck at this point in my application
Dorababu743 23-Sep-10 10:39am View
Thanks :)
Dorababu743 23-Sep-10 8:30am View
What exactly you need to do if you simply say auto save what we have to provide
Dorababu743 23-Sep-10 7:41am View
I know how to add child nodes but the one i asked is different
Dorababu743 23-Sep-10 7:41am View
But the node count will always be 1 na so how can i know whether child nodes exists or not
Dorababu743 21-Sep-10 4:12am View
Did you write a query regarding that you need. As per my understanding you need to display state related to country right.
Dorababu743 20-Sep-10 11:19am View
Dorababu743 20-Sep-10 11:12am View
Ok but if i have sum n number of check boxes let us suppose some 100 if i select some 50 or above for each and every event postback will occur and this will not be good i think so
Dorababu743 20-Sep-10 11:07am View
I am not asking for exact code actually my problem is as i am having list of check boxes inside the gridview for each and every checked event i have to do my validation and should display the total in the footer. So i am asking a sample code
Dorababu743 20-Sep-10 11:01am View
I tried but doesn't get the appropriate. I just found the normal way to display in the footer but i did not find the required i asked. Can you please post me the link for my exact one
Dorababu743 20-Sep-10 10:56am View
Haha nice one dude
Dorababu743 20-Sep-10 10:46am View
Where your files exists are you placing in any seperate folder or saving in any other
Dorababu743 20-Sep-10 10:23am View
For what type of files you are searching for.
Dorababu743 18-Sep-10 5:35am View
Hi can i have a sample code please
Dorababu743 7-Sep-10 4:06am View
Reason for my vote of 5
Thanks i got the solution
Dorababu743 4-Sep-10 3:11am View
I am not getting an error first it is executing If condition which was written first. If i have any value selected from combobox and if i left the other empty the messagebox is getting displayed and the remaining code executes. What i need is if the first if fails the second condition should not get executed
Dorababu743 2-Sep-10 7:10am View
Did not get what you asked.
Dorababu743 2-Sep-10 6:39am View
Reason for my vote of 5
Suggesting google ;)
Dorababu743 2-Sep-10 6:34am View
Oh before posting in to forums you should better search in google. Lot of articles available. You said to upload and download files but did not said what type of file you have to upload and download
Dorababu743 2-Sep-10 6:27am View
It all should e done with your sql tables first. If you are having your table data correctly then it is easy to get who logged in
Dorababu743 2-Sep-10 3:08am View
Even by using login controls too he can not get the object oriented code right
Dorababu743 2-Sep-10 3:05am View
Christian what ever he need that could be written in different ways on by creating a 3-tier or adding class files to an app folder and using them by creating an objects
Dorababu743 2-Sep-10 2:58am View
Why you are adding it as an answer add it as a comment
Dorababu743 1-Sep-10 4:18am View
Reason for my vote of 4
Good one
Dorababu743 1-Sep-10 0:44am View
If you have written any code please post so that we can help you
Dorababu743 31-Aug-10 3:03am View
But i am unable to find how make Nodes as an array of treenode
Dorababu743 30-Aug-10 6:12am View
He clearly displayed the image based on the selection
Dorababu743 30-Aug-10 6:09am View
Post as an comment not as an answer
Dorababu743 30-Aug-10 4:34am View
Can you please tell whether you want to auto increment the id itself in sql or you would like to display the auto generate id in your textbox and will pass to sql
Dorababu743 30-Aug-10 4:30am View
from the code you can pass in that way.

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