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Comments by Dean Oliver (Top 100 by date)

Dean Oliver 3-Apr-12 1:04am View    
"to read the selected Date by the C# code." In the question, look it is an assumption because the technology he's using hasn't been openly specified.
Dean Oliver 3-Apr-12 1:02am View    
Dean Oliver 3-Apr-12 1:02am View    
read the question ""If" I Change my INPUT component to a runat="Server" object". It's not running with runat="server."
Dean Oliver 2-Apr-12 16:02pm View    
This line of code is correct $('#BTTDataFIM'). The problem does not lie in referencing the datepicker to the control. The problem is with the binding in c#. won't automatically rename the id like this id="ctr001_BTTDataFIM" as well .
Dean Oliver 2-Apr-12 1:22am View    
Could you please rephrase your question with more information? thanks ravithejag