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Comments by Dean Oliver (Top 100 by date)

Dean Oliver 3-Apr-12 1:04am View
"to read the selected Date by the C# code." In the question, look it is an assumption because the technology he's using hasn't been openly specified.
Dean Oliver 3-Apr-12 1:02am View
Dean Oliver 3-Apr-12 1:02am View
read the question ""If" I Change my INPUT component to a runat="Server" object". It's not running with runat="server."
Dean Oliver 2-Apr-12 16:02pm View
This line of code is correct $('#BTTDataFIM'). The problem does not lie in referencing the datepicker to the control. The problem is with the binding in c#. won't automatically rename the id like this id="ctr001_BTTDataFIM" as well .
Dean Oliver 2-Apr-12 1:22am View
Could you please rephrase your question with more information? thanks ravithejag
Dean Oliver 2-Apr-12 1:15am View
Whats your question?
Dean Oliver 1-Apr-12 14:56pm View
excellent gave you 5! But where do you get the time to do all this on a sunday? Keep up the great work.
Dean Oliver 1-Apr-12 14:53pm View
What language?
Dean Oliver 1-Apr-12 14:50pm View
Why not rather enable and disable the use of that particular control that the user interacts with? or assign all 3 of you buttons to one click event and handle what will happen when each one is clicked based on the name that is passed in as the sender in the body of the one event method.
Dean Oliver 1-Apr-12 14:41pm View
Easy try researching first.
Dean Oliver 1-Apr-12 14:40pm View
And the problem is??????????????????
Dean Oliver 29-Mar-12 17:02pm View
Whats the exception being thrown?
Dean Oliver 26-Mar-12 12:28pm View
Whats the exception?
Dean Oliver 22-Mar-12 14:42pm View
Gave you 4 because although this is a good solution you promoting sql injection attacks.
Dean Oliver 22-Mar-12 7:09am View
I agree with you. I just gave an example on a file path because the question did not give enough information on what type of stream is being passed to the method etc.
Dean Oliver 22-Mar-12 2:23am View
please remember to place code in code tags.
Dean Oliver 22-Mar-12 2:13am View
What technology are you using? EF? Linq To Sql? old ADO.NET? And where did you read it has to be static? and whats in this class? Please provide sample code. thanks
Dean Oliver 22-Mar-12 1:35am View
nice. +5
Dean Oliver 20-Mar-12 7:25am View
have you thought of using a frame.
Dean Oliver 20-Mar-12 6:55am View
whats the exception?
Dean Oliver 20-Mar-12 2:24am View
Is this wpf or winforms?
Dean Oliver 20-Mar-12 1:33am View
What is your exact question. And in future post your supplied code in your question. Not in the comments section.
Dean Oliver 19-Mar-12 15:47pm View
should have learnt the basics of c# first.
Dean Oliver 19-Mar-12 2:16am View
In future rather spend time researching before asking for the answers first.
Dean Oliver 19-Mar-12 2:14am View
Please provide your attempted code.
Dean Oliver 17-Mar-12 12:01pm View
please provide the code for your GetFileList() method
Dean Oliver 17-Mar-12 11:58am View
Please provide the code you attempting to achieve your goal? And then we can go from there.
Dean Oliver 13-Mar-12 1:11am View
Please place this comment in your question. And linqtosql and entity framework are two different technologies.
Dean Oliver 12-Mar-12 10:13am View
so which is it?
Dean Oliver 12-Mar-12 10:11am View
wpf or winforms? please supply code as well.
Dean Oliver 12-Mar-12 10:06am View
is this linqtosql or entity framework you want to use in your project?
Dean Oliver 12-Mar-12 3:14am View
take a look at this link below. You have to remove the defining query element.

This will explain where this is
Dean Oliver 10-Mar-12 5:31am View
what does your Rows.Count bring back? 2 values?
Dean Oliver 9-Mar-12 7:00am View
Try researching first then supply code if you stuck.
Dean Oliver 9-Mar-12 6:58am View
goto is very poor practice.
Dean Oliver 8-Mar-12 10:43am View
Whats the exact exception?
Dean Oliver 5-Mar-12 1:05am View
Your class will allow you to create another constructor because you created the test class.
Dean Oliver 5-Mar-12 1:02am View
is this wpf or win forms?
Dean Oliver 28-Feb-12 14:46pm View
Is the BtnUpdate_Click event been fired? When you click the button. Put a breakpoint on the event as well as the UpdateContent() method
Dean Oliver 28-Feb-12 14:18pm View
What is the exact error you are getting?
Dean Oliver 28-Feb-12 8:58am View
Please do more research on the technology you are using before making huge mistakes. Like what MVC stands for.
Dean Oliver 28-Feb-12 8:56am View
Please post your code in the question not as a comment and reference the line in which the problem is ocuring. thanks.
Dean Oliver 28-Feb-12 8:50am View
Yes that's your problem, but what do you want to have it do?
Dean Oliver 28-Feb-12 8:48am View
Please supply your code.
Dean Oliver 28-Feb-12 0:52am View
there is you not calling it correctly.
Dean Oliver 28-Feb-12 0:47am View
are you looking to override ToString() method?
Dean Oliver 27-Feb-12 12:08pm View
Reason for my vote of 3
nice and simple.
Dean Oliver 27-Feb-12 12:07pm View
Reason for my vote of 2
seen this before.
Dean Oliver 27-Feb-12 11:04am View
Why not rather encrypt the data.
Dean Oliver 27-Feb-12 11:02am View
a checkbox takes a boolean value which can only be true or false. I think rather change your approach.
Dean Oliver 27-Feb-12 4:45am View
Dean Oliver 27-Feb-12 3:06am View
use DataGridViewCheckBoxCell
Dean Oliver 27-Feb-12 1:08am View
Is this normal or mvc3?
Dean Oliver 27-Feb-12 0:47am View
is this for win forms or wpf?
Dean Oliver 25-Feb-12 4:06am View
first part is irrelevant.
Dean Oliver 25-Feb-12 4:05am View
If this solved your problem please mark as the solution. thanks.
Dean Oliver 24-Feb-12 10:24am View
Why don't you use jQuery to fire the events based on id. Clearly your events aren't hooked up.
Dean Oliver 24-Feb-12 10:23am View
That defeats the purpose of the control.
Dean Oliver 24-Feb-12 10:12am View
what is the exact error. And could you please supply your code that's not working thanks.
Dean Oliver 24-Feb-12 10:04am View
I can see english is not your first language but could you perhaps add some clarity to your question by supplying your code. thanks
Dean Oliver 24-Feb-12 10:03am View
What is your question exactly and please supply some code to be more specific on what you want to achieve.
Dean Oliver 22-Feb-12 14:49pm View
What control. jquery,
Dean Oliver 22-Feb-12 14:48pm View
Please post the code. may be a datatype mismatch. in other words for that particular value you are not passing in a numeric.
Dean Oliver 20-Feb-12 13:12pm View
Please provide more information.
Dean Oliver 17-Feb-12 0:17am View
is your body property a string? "model.Body"
Dean Oliver 11-Feb-12 4:23am View
How about supplying some of your code. As well as specifying what technology you are using. EF. classic ADO.NET, EF Code first??
Dean Oliver 10-Feb-12 1:40am View
What technology is this Win forms, wpf or
Dean Oliver 10-Feb-12 1:32am View
Place it in your business logic class. click your mouse on [Function] and hit Ctrl + . and this will allow you to resolve your namespace. The namespace is System.Data.Linq.Mapping, The dll is System.Data.Linq (in System.Data.Linq.dll
Dean Oliver 9-Feb-12 0:46am View
Please supply your code. Why would you want a validation validating the login on those fields when you already logged in. It should rather not go to the page if you logged in. That validation would be suitable if you trying to login and you have not supplied any information.
Dean Oliver 9-Feb-12 0:42am View
not a very well written question. I must say.
Dean Oliver 3-Feb-12 13:35pm View
very old technology could you maybe do it in ef 4.2 and mvc? You'd get more votes that way. :)
Dean Oliver 2-Feb-12 1:22am View
I can only diagnose the problem if the code is supplied though.
Dean Oliver 2-Feb-12 0:39am View
wpf or windows forms?
Dean Oliver 2-Feb-12 0:33am View
Foreach loop only works on collections that implement an enumerator SingleOrDefault() gets a specific instance in a collection. that's why your loop won't work.
Dean Oliver 2-Feb-12 0:30am View
Whats the question?
Dean Oliver 1-Feb-12 14:12pm View
DotNet zip can do security attributes and encryption and generate new files during compression. If I can give you advice rather develop an api for something useful that no one else has done. It's because at the end of the day a tip or a trick is something that nobody else knows that we make them aware of to make there lives easier in development. And the Dotnet Zip api already does all that. But good effort at making your own api I applaud you for making the effort to share it.
Dean Oliver 1-Feb-12 2:27am View
Reason for my vote of 1
You could of explained in here. Else what is the point of adding a tip. Sow e can all follow links.
Dean Oliver 1-Feb-12 1:18am View
Hi can you just please rephrase your question. Do you want the control styled a certain way? Or do you want a specific framework that does those controls in
Dean Oliver 1-Feb-12 0:33am View
Reason for my vote of 1
a bit unnecessary there are api's that do this out the box.
Dean Oliver 1-Feb-12 0:30am View
Reason for my vote of 3
Very nifty tip. nicely done. but is this the cleanest way to go about doing this?
Dean Oliver 1-Feb-12 0:20am View
Reason for my vote of 1
Have you even taken the time to read this tip and trick. The whole point of this tip is to instantiate an object dynamically at runtime when you don't know the type. Here you are passing in a type at compile-time that you will know. This a very poor alternative no thought and research was done.
Dean Oliver 31-Jan-12 11:55am View
This is not a good question based on the fact that 1.0 is the standard what purpose would you gain from changing it?
Dean Oliver 31-Jan-12 11:52am View
Reason for my vote of 1
Unfortunately the problem with this is it's not a solution sure it works. but what if you only know the type at run-time then how you going to use your create Method. you basically using a fancy way to call new Example(); Not to mention the fact it is virtually the same as Activator.CreateInstance. not an alternative. Did you even try to test the performance differences between all the implementations?
Dean Oliver 31-Jan-12 10:30am View
System.IO if you have a problem resolving namespaces just hover over the class and press ctrl and dot at the same time to resolve a class to a namespace. ctrl
+ .
Dean Oliver 31-Jan-12 0:51am View
What are you trying to achieve exactly? I don't suggest just copying code and hoping it to solve your problem especially when you don't understand what it is doing.
Dean Oliver 30-Jan-12 1:56am View
Your whole projects interfaces or contracts must be centralized around one key project. called infrastructure, contracts, interfaces. etc and this project must be referenced to all the projects that will be calling a MEF import. the concrete implementation of each export can be in any project you see fit.
Dean Oliver 30-Jan-12 1:35am View
Dean Oliver 30-Jan-12 1:30am View

this should atleast get you started.
Dean Oliver 30-Jan-12 1:24am View
Question is too vague. more information is needed please.
Dean Oliver 30-Jan-12 1:19am View
Hi what technology do you want to do this in? And could you please supply your code trying to achieve this.
Dean Oliver 30-Jan-12 1:16am View
What you are asking is very unclear. Could you kindly provide more information on what you are trying to achieve.
Dean Oliver 30-Jan-12 1:14am View
Your question is very vague. Please supply your code so I can view what the problem could be.
Dean Oliver 30-Jan-12 1:12am View
Hi could you please provide more details. As well as an attempted solution on what you trying to do.
Dean Oliver 30-Jan-12 1:11am View
Your question is very open ended. You need to clarify a few things. What technology you want to use to call the data from the database. How you want it to be called. etc
Dean Oliver 29-Jan-12 3:17am View
Reason for my vote of 5
Very cool idea. I give you 5 because of your sheer originality.
Dean Oliver 26-Jan-12 11:50am View
thanks Andrew appreciate that. Why is it quicker though?
Dean Oliver 26-Jan-12 10:42am View
Sorry Paulo I actually accidentally posted the incorrect version. This is the code I meant to post prior to the last iteration.
Dean Oliver 26-Jan-12 0:40am View
I'd have to agree with your comment. The big bottleneck slowing everything down is the dynamic keyword.By about 100ms. I was getting far better times than the lambda purely because, I was initialising the call to GetContructor() in my class's constructor. Only then i was doing the test on the call to NewInstance(). Thus, the times were in favor of the DynamicMethod approach. However the winner is the lamda. My DynamicMethod: 171ms, Lambda: 137ms
Dean Oliver 25-Jan-12 14:44pm View
I am aware of this alternative. However my results where well in favour of the DynamicMethod implementation over the ExpressionTree. Expression lambda was 4x slower than the DynamicMethod. Maybe you can share your code so I can compare. But from my own tests Expressions are far slower. DynamicMethod will in most cases always be faster because it's directly generated to IL.
Dean Oliver 25-Jan-12 14:40pm View
Its actually considered to be bad practice to have static methods. I actually have this code inherit from an interface. because I use IOC container to instantiate it. Which is a far more maintainable way of coding. Try to avoid static methods in the future.