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Comments by samtoad (Top 2 by date)

samtoad 5-Aug-19 23:11pm View
Ok richard, smart-alic! I graduated in 1984, from Utah State University, Logan, Utah.. NOT IN 1940. Each one of us has each his style.
samtoad 4-Aug-19 18:27pm View
Ok Richard M., 'OriginalGriff': Ok, a little clarification; This is not homework
and nor am I in any university programming class. I graduated from a State
university in the USA a long time ago; probably a long before you were even born.
Shortly after, I learned "C" out in
industry and have stayed with it. Through out my education and industry
experience, I've just picked up a style that I've stayed with and have never
been critized for, since I was doing the programming and it has done me well.
Just a thought: find out all the facts first before you jump down their
throats and start critizing their work. Hum...