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Comments by Eduard Keilholz (Top 200 by date)

Eduard Keilholz 18-Sep-18 10:05am View    
Why would you downvote an answer without adding a comment?
Eduard Keilholz 8-Sep-17 3:00am View    
That is exactly what I do, I just need to define the relation within my datacontext so I can use the include ion my linq queries to also fetch the statusses related to the main entity. And instead of using the ID in the entity, I'd like to use the status number because most uses have a fixed and recognizable status number.
Eduard Keilholz 16-Dec-15 3:08am View    
Glad it could help :)
Eduard Keilholz 16-Dec-15 3:07am View    
The SQL Command you're about to execute
Eduard Keilholz 18-Mar-15 17:36pm View    
Because there's a datetime field of the event, I left it out because I thought it would be irrelevant for the result.