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Rocker-Star 19-May-16 11:56am View
Are you expecting more than 1 row from Subquery. If so change "=" to IN keyword. If you are not expecting more than one rows, then it could be data corruption.

Easiest way to solve is run the subquery and see what the output is like
Rocker-Star 16-May-16 17:19pm View
I am not sure why a server is needed here, anyways I would go for the same implementation as btnSend_Click() on the server application as well . Definitely you would expect an event for the server form to show, trap that event and implement btnSend_Click().

Hope this helps !!
Rocker-Star 16-May-16 17:14pm View
you have to escape single quote (') by adding one more single quote ('') in sql server as it is one of its literals.
try the following
declare @phone varchar(50)
set @phone='sdf%d''ff$%'
Rocker-Star 12-May-16 13:59pm View
Looking at your code, you have not instantiated the list.

Create the list on the first line List<log> = new List(). That will create a new list and you do not need a remove all call, as the list is already empty.
Rocker-Star 28-Oct-14 11:20am View
I would be using Session object instead, there is no point in adding Application object and removing it. at what point do you add the Login key on to your application object?
Rocker-Star 5-Sep-14 6:19am View
updated the solution, check it pls
Rocker-Star 3-Sep-14 7:32am View
Yes you have
Rocker-Star 3-Sep-14 4:37am View
Personally, i would not be interested in creating a duplicate validate method, if you have an API from the 3rd party vendor you could use that.
Rocker-Star 2-Sep-14 11:59am View
Kendo ListView should have arraylength property, which should give you the number of images in your case.
Rocker-Star 2-Sep-14 11:30am View
Can you check if the dialog box does not comes from the Orders process?