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elelont2 24-Feb-16 9:26am View
thanks for the reply, unfortunately i'm still a bit confused as to the "why".

My relativeLayout is filling up the screen, my imagebox is INSIDE this relativeLayout, therefore it should not go outside of the relativeLayout component.

Also, why does this behavior not show up in the AndroidStudio xml view?
Here is how it looks in the editor:
elelont2 16-Feb-16 4:32am View
I will try to post some code in the evening.

Buyt what is did was take a random picture, some 100*100px and placed that inside an imageView. I placed the imageview in my view in Android studio so that it was about 1cm from the bottom of the screen in the xml view with Nexus 5.

For some reason the image is displayed partially out of screen on the Galaxy S4.

The source of my confusion lies in the fact that both of these devices have a 5" FullHD screen. Why would the image be displayed differently.