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saxenaabhi6 2-Sep-14 1:59am View
Do response.redirect("xyz.aspx?success=true");
on page load just check the query parameter for true and display your label.
saxenaabhi6 2-Sep-14 1:41am View
If you mean you want to save a csv file at clients pc at c:\temp\folder by skipping that download save as popup. Then sorry, you cant do that, it is a browser requirement and your code has no control over it.
saxenaabhi6 19-Dec-11 1:51am View
read on this
saxenaabhi6 19-Dec-11 1:42am View
make your month dropdown values to 1-12 and set them based on values.
saxenaabhi6 19-Dec-11 1:35am View
use masked edit extender of ajax tool kit in that case.
saxenaabhi6 13-Dec-11 22:36pm View
use jquery ui calendar/datepicker they are awsome.
saxenaabhi6 1-Aug-11 6:41am View
its possible using ajax tabs, jquery tabs etc... but again same question as shameel.
saxenaabhi6 28-Jul-11 3:23am View
put it in update panel for starters, and please google first.
saxenaabhi6 28-Jul-11 3:17am View
its definitely helping, services are still working on my localhost, may hit an error after 50 edits i think :P, but still life is much easier now. Thanks
saxenaabhi6 28-Jul-11 1:36am View
What a find man great....
I have been to all the forums and looks like i missed the one you found out.
I wonder it's an old problem of 2007-2008s and still coming in my VS2010.
let me try this and will be back with an update...
Thanks a ton
saxenaabhi6 27-Jul-11 23:47pm View
thanks, your dp is so innovative is that your idea ?
saxenaabhi6 27-Jul-11 23:46pm View
good to see janwel now posting answers :)
saxenaabhi6 25-Jul-11 19:19pm View
sorry, was away...
did you solved it? if no, how you want to display your divs in repeater ? what is that you trying to achieve ?
saxenaabhi6 25-Jul-11 3:57am View
no specific time..
saxenaabhi6 9-Jun-11 2:05am View
Thanks for the links.. I will read them tonight.
My bad actually, I don't want to serialize UI I know its bad.
I just put this image control in my question to show how am i getting the image.

I should have rather asked : how to convert the incoming aspx response attached with an image to image bytes so that i can store them in database.
saxenaabhi6 8-Jun-11 0:31am View
got it working.. no change from my side, you are right :)
Actually The 3rd party IT guys were doing checks on the http header: user-agent to allow only blackberry (which they accept is rediculous) so they fixed it and its working now.
saxenaabhi6 7-Jun-11 22:05pm View
The IT guys of our client are saying that the http request trace dump they gave me is coming from a black berry device, which works fine. There code does not handle chunked request and i have to do it the same way as blackberry does.
they gave me the bb code as well see the updated question.
Now I have to find a way to get rid of chunking.
saxenaabhi6 7-Jun-11 21:25pm View
Thanks for the link I read that... as per my understanding the http request I reproduced and sending is technically correct until the server handles the chunked request correctly. I shall talk to them and will come back on this.
saxenaabhi6 7-Jun-11 21:25pm View
Thanks for the link I read that... as per my understanding the http request I reproduced and sending is technically correct until the server handles the chunked request correctly. I shall talk to them and will come back on this.
saxenaabhi6 7-Jun-11 6:52am View
i got the stream problem solved and able to get request going but I don't know y its 'Expect: 100-continue'. I updated my question.
saxenaabhi6 7-Jun-11 2:01am View
I did put the method "POST", page do flicker a little bit... but i can't see any request when i trace the network of the page using developer bar on IE.
when i debug the code i also see an exception thrown on my Stream variable saying: "This Stream does not support Seek Operations".
i picked this from here
saxenaabhi6 2-Jun-11 23:15pm View
grt answer
saxenaabhi6 2-Jun-11 20:18pm View
thanks :)
saxenaabhi6 31-May-11 2:10am View
yes you can call a function which you have defined in script tag in aspx page. An idea on what you want to do is:
1) add a class say class='restrictCB' on all your checkboxes at server side using same adding attribute stuff.
2) then in your js function which you have added in aspx page - use jquery to iterate each of the element with class 'restrictCB' and count to do your validation.
saxenaabhi6 31-May-11 2:04am View
i think fusion charts have added this feature to download image long back both from server side and client side and you can also export in batch. see their website you will get sample codes.
saxenaabhi6 31-May-11 1:54am View
see my updated answer where i added attribute to call a js function.
saxenaabhi6 31-May-11 1:51am View
argg! my bad...
you asked for js function... add an 'onclick' attribute on server side if you want
though you can also add any server side event...
saxenaabhi6 31-May-11 1:45am View
You can add event handler dynamically... See my updated answer above.
saxenaabhi6 26-May-11 23:56pm View
Ok i am sticking to the 1st one obvious solution... :)

2nd one do work for generating dynamic css, jscript etc... until you process it on the same aspx page. But not in my case where i want to access the property on the page that references the js itself.

3rd one again it will process the js as web form and do the processing to create dynamic content but all under the scope of that aspx page.
Thanks Guys !
saxenaabhi6 26-May-11 23:38pm View
yaa go it.... the js will come just like a banner image, no processing once rendered.. Thanks :) my 5
saxenaabhi6 26-May-11 23:35pm View
Thats called bog down, i should have stuck to the 'on page js' and moved forward :P
saxenaabhi6 26-May-11 23:25pm View
i tried changing my .js file to .aspx file like below
<code lang="javascript">
<%@ Page ContentType="text/javascript" %>
alert("coming here");
$(window).load(function() {
if ('<%= IsNewRecord %>' == 'True') {
alert("new record");

and referenced this aspx in script tag... it dosent work...
when build it says 'IsNewRecord' is not declared on your renamed aspx page.

Rather then renaming i also tried thi approach by creating a new jtest.aspx page and following all the steps, but no luck
saxenaabhi6 26-May-11 23:02pm View
let me test your 2nd option, i never heard of that.
saxenaabhi6 26-May-11 23:00pm View
hmmm.... I got what you said but i was thinking that aspx page will load properties first and then might load javascript file resolving the property...
any ways to set loading preferences.
saxenaabhi6 26-May-11 22:56pm View
i did put an alert on the top of my external test.js its
alerting that.
saxenaabhi6 25-May-11 23:38pm View
save image from where to where ?
who disconnected from what ?
saxenaabhi6 24-May-11 1:49am View
my 5 for a perfect link
saxenaabhi6 23-May-11 6:58am View
thanks for correcting me
but i dont know y, this 'as array' worked for me it fixes above code.
saxenaabhi6 23-May-11 2:28am View
thanks :)
saxenaabhi6 20-May-11 5:53am View
the task u have been given sounds right to me, but uare takin it in wrong way, u just have to read xml document and have to bind the menu control to it.. thats it.

you will not see the menu items while you developing your code but u will only see them once you run your application.
saxenaabhi6 20-May-11 5:14am View
of course the menu will load the values when you access the page in browser which is called dynamic behaviour.

you mean you want to see the menu from database when you developing your application, example you want to see them while you working in visual studio ? if so i dont think that is possible.

when you say 'On the page before running applicatin' what does this line mean ? you run the page in browser mean your application is running...
saxenaabhi6 19-May-11 22:57pm View
please mark it as answer if it fixes your problem. thanks
saxenaabhi6 19-May-11 3:03am View
vertical align dosent worked for me as well some time...
do it in div tag or use margin from top or bottom or use padding
saxenaabhi6 19-May-11 1:31am View
did you put the break points on str1 and str2 and watched what are the outputs for each iteration in the loop
saxenaabhi6 18-May-11 21:45pm View
show the code
saxenaabhi6 18-May-11 20:19pm View
your heading is not matching your question where is the gridview in your question ?
do you want to populate the second dropdown based on the value of first dropdown ?
or you populating both dropdowns from database at the same time ?
saxenaabhi6 18-May-11 20:15pm View
if you know how to make a database in sql server and how to make objects (class) corresponding to your tables and how to extract data from database to load those class object and how to use those objects to present data on your web page.. i think you are thru
saxenaabhi6 18-May-11 1:16am View
Please give a reason to downvote.
saxenaabhi6 17-May-11 22:22pm View
you can format the string like

TextBox5.Text = Format(TextBox5.Text, "####.##")

that is four place to the right of decimal and 2 to the left

if you want to do the rounding read more about how to round the numbers
saxenaabhi6 17-May-11 22:06pm View
my 5
@janwel, do read the link above
saxenaabhi6 17-May-11 7:54am View
my 5 for correct answer.
saxenaabhi6 17-May-11 7:54am View
show your code for aspx page
saxenaabhi6 17-May-11 4:07am View
on.vb page, i updated the code you need to check the onkyup event on the fhour text box.. leaving office now see you later in couple of hours
saxenaabhi6 17-May-11 4:00am View
add this in your html head section to include jquery in your code
<script src=""></script>

then add a javascript function on your 'FHour' text box as
<asp:TextBox ...... onkeyup="dothis()" ....../>

then add the function on your page
function dothis(){
$("#"+<%= TF.ClientID %>).val($("#"+<%= Fattend.ClientID %>).val() * $("#"+<%= Fhour.ClientID %>).val())
saxenaabhi6 17-May-11 3:03am View
define arguments like this
CommandArgument='<%# Bind("VersionID") %>
on your code

protected void gridView_RowCommand(Object sender, GridViewCommandEventArgs e)
if( e.CommandName == "Add")
Response.Redirect("/your page.aspx?VersionID=" + e.CommandArgument.ToString());
saxenaabhi6 17-May-11 2:03am View
rather then loading your list box in page load,
add 'OnSelectedIndexChanged=ddcategory_SelectedIndexChange' on your dropdown.

in your code add

Protected Sub ddcategory_SelectedIndexChange(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles ddcategory_SelectedIndexChange

Dim strSQL As String
Dim connection As SqlConnection = New SqlConnection("Data Source=ML0003135586;Initial Catalog=TestSQL;Integrated Security=True")
strSQL = "SELECT [CourseTitle] FROM [tblTrainingPlan] WHERE ([Category] LIKE '%' + @Category + '%')"

Dim command As New SqlCommand(strSQL, connection)
command.Parameters.AddWithValue("@Category", ddcategory.SelectedValue.ToString())
cbTitle.DataSource = command.ExecuteReader
cbTitle.DataTextField = "CourseTitle"
cbTitle.DataValueField = "CourseTitle"

End Sub

this will load your list box every time you select category

see if that helps you
please do read about page life cycle.
saxenaabhi6 17-May-11 1:36am View
y there is no event on yout list box, i think you need to add this as well in your list box 'OnSelectedIndexChanged=cbTitle_SelectedIndexChange'
saxenaabhi6 17-May-11 1:12am View
Is your list box loading based on your category drop down??
if yes then in that case you have to add an event for selected index changed on dropdown (the same what you did for your list box) and in that event you have to load your list box
saxenaabhi6 17-May-11 0:42am View
show your full code behind
saxenaabhi6 17-May-11 0:33am View
its quite straight forward, there would be some silly mistake.. what are you doing on 'onload' show the code
saxenaabhi6 16-May-11 22:42pm View
your second attempt to load textbox looks right to me, make sure you not setting text box to blank in your page load.

Is property of auto postback on your drop down set to true?
saxenaabhi6 16-May-11 21:31pm View
show the code of onclick event of your dropdown
saxenaabhi6 15-May-11 23:04pm View
Thanks Wonde, I am not allowed to use LINQ...
my application is on ASP.NET
dealing with an old legacy system having IDomian>domain>objects>ExtendedObjects>..blah blah.
saxenaabhi6 15-May-11 22:03pm View
as i said use data set and make your life easier
click here
saxenaabhi6 15-May-11 21:59pm View
ya my bad, but still CheckBoxList, DropDownList, RadioButtonList follow same implimentations. if it works for one it works for all
saxenaabhi6 15-May-11 21:53pm View
try this
cbTitle.Items.Add(New ListItem(DataReader("CourseTitle").ToString()))
saxenaabhi6 15-May-11 21:32pm View
My code is in c# you have to do that in vb (i think its not completely in vb yet), refer to walterhevedeich code, he created a datasource and looping thru the data reader to add data rows in it.
You got lot of options to load your drop down:
1) Get sql result in data set and bind your dropdown datasource to it.
2) Get sql result in data reader, loop thru the reader and fill your drop down list items.
3) Create a data source, loop thru reader and load data source and then bind it to your dropdown.
4) etc...

Please read more on datasets, data table, data readers and try diff examples on msdn...
saxenaabhi6 15-May-11 21:13pm View
dont execute the reader after entering the while block, remove that line.
saxenaabhi6 14-May-11 6:40am View
what reminder?.. please explain further...
saxenaabhi6 14-May-11 6:38am View
are both pages going to remain open for long ??
are you saving these parameters in database on page 1 ?
please explain in detail what you actually want to do ?
saxenaabhi6 13-May-11 9:10am View
are you using ajax control tool kit accordian?
saxenaabhi6 13-May-11 4:05am View
Thats y i suggested you to do a view with a custom computed column of a proper date and query to that.
saxenaabhi6 13-May-11 4:05am View
Thats y i suggested you to do a view with a custom computed column of a proper date and query to that.
saxenaabhi6 13-May-11 3:32am View
see if you can post your page (aspx or html) and the code...
saxenaabhi6 13-May-11 1:41am View
thats a dropdown in an ajax popup control, where target panel got a custom control to bring back top cities and other things...
go to the source page and use developer bar in firefox to trace the javascript...
saxenaabhi6 12-May-11 5:54am View
did you install the active-x plugin of alternate tiff in your browser.

the next line set the 'tiff0' to page 2 which is the id of the active-x object you placed in the web page.
saxenaabhi6 12-May-11 2:51am View
put this on your code behind

protected int CurrentPageNo
object value = ViewState["CurrentPageNo"];
return value == null ? 1 : (int)value;
set { ViewState["CurrentPageNo"] = value; }

on your button click event on page 2, set the CurrentPageNo = 2
and in your aspx page you can do this in javascript

tiff0.GoToPage(<%= CurrentPageNo %>)

i think this should set your tiff page to page no stored in viewstate
see if that works
saxenaabhi6 12-May-11 0:41am View
u want to create more panels thats good news, go for it...where is the problem?
saxenaabhi6 11-May-11 21:25pm View
my 5 to what i think is the best answer.
saxenaabhi6 11-May-11 21:22pm View
please elaborate... are you looking for content management systems?
saxenaabhi6 11-May-11 20:58pm View
though i would again stress you to learn and use ajax, trust me its beautiful :)
saxenaabhi6 10-May-11 22:54pm View
if you want to do it as a hack (bad way i think) ... read this on how session works in php
then make a session and set it to some value ( say 1) when you submit on blur. then in the script tag of page checks if the value is 1 then set the focus on your next control 'name'.
saxenaabhi6 10-May-11 22:43pm View
I am not a php guys, but as mark said you could use ajax in php to check weather the id already exists in db or not
saxenaabhi6 4-May-11 22:09pm View
thats by mistake, didn't mean to..
saxenaabhi6 4-May-11 21:53pm View
na na i want to use them for other purposes... i just want some way to override the update panel call and remove unnesessary data going with it...
moreover disabling viewstate on update panel dosent make much diff.. its all other data and viewstates of the page that goes with the call back
saxenaabhi6 4-May-11 2:12am View
please elaborate...
saxenaabhi6 3-May-11 21:49pm View
mark it as answer and rate if you go it :)
saxenaabhi6 3-May-11 21:42pm View
try this:
If IsPostBack = False Then

End If
saxenaabhi6 3-May-11 21:37pm View
are you checking if its not loading on every post back.