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Comments by Nicolas Dorier (Top 3 by date)

Nicolas Dorier 27-Dec-11 7:23am View    
what is bad ? do you have a better solution ?
Nicolas Dorier 13-Dec-11 3:56am View    
Yes, it should not change a lot when you are in a SOA design. That is, service first.
In RIA application, the definition of service is user interface driven so the service contract change as fast as the requirements change.
One way is to use a big datacontract (what I did before) so you don't have to change your service contract, but that's not really easy to use and write.
Nicolas Dorier 22-Nov-11 4:26am View    
Hi GATzilla,
In my case, I never use the wizard and always use ChannelFactory<t> class (except if I use an external service). This way, I don't have to think to regenerate proxies with Visual studio every time I change the service definition or a DataContract definition, it is always in sync. The proxy generation of Visual studio is great for external services since they don t change frequently. But I hate having to run the wizard everytime I make a change to a contract. Anyway, good observation I accept the alternative since I should have talked about it.