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ramyajaya 28-Sep-15 15:13pm View
The general working of content type is that the html tags are converted into fields instead of generating td with title case class you can use th tag which will do the needful.

Because td tag mean to generate column but it will not refer to any class and apply style but in html if you use tag it would have made bold
ramyajaya 27-Sep-15 0:20am View

Hope it helps
ramyajaya 26-Sep-15 17:16pm View
You can check if the header text is Item1 and add the chart to the tab panel before adding it to the container

Panel.controls. add(chartElement);
ramyajaya 2-Sep-15 16:05pm View
In your query u have selected x.first () obviously it will return one row right?
ramyajaya 2-Sep-15 16:02pm View
After setting the color you can set the value for the cell as blank as e.Row.Cells [0].Text="";
ramyajaya 11-Jun-15 9:05am View
If u have solved it in different way post it for others reference . Thanks
ramyajaya 11-Jun-15 1:23am View
Refer this as how to query XML doc.
ramyajaya 11-Jun-15 1:18am View
If the form you have createf d is a user control then you can directly add it in the tab page
ramyajaya 11-Jun-15 1:01am View
From my understanding you are trying to load a grid view on a value change and below that grid you want the column count.

1. On the value change event bind the grid you have created from data source with result of your db query
2 create another div holding a label in it below the grid

3 after binding with datasource calculate the column count and set it as value for the label below the grid
ramyajaya 11-Jun-15 0:51am View
You can use JavaScript Dom object

Refer this for example.
ramyajaya 11-Jun-15 0:44am View
If you have any Id then find control with that else in the canvas find for the icon element and change its source
ramyajaya 10-Jun-15 20:20pm View
Refer this
ramyajaya 10-Jun-15 13:33pm View
Check this example for better understanding
ramyajaya 10-Jun-15 8:57am View
Check this to know how to Compare two date time inputs.
Use datetime. Now() to fetch the current time
ramyajaya 10-Jun-15 8:49am View
That s also possible u r just adding rows to data table so you can bind the newly created data table to your existing grid then that's it
ramyajaya 10-Jun-15 2:30am View
You can use datetime. parse function using format passing make them as datetime and compare greater
ramyajaya 10-Jun-15 2:18am View
Check your query for it . The gridview returns only your query results
ramyajaya 10-Jun-15 1:52am View
Hope this helps
ramyajaya 10-Jun-15 1:44am View
Column count is a auto generated read only value if you add column it will get added automatically.

But in your code you are adding the same column as in query for which you could gave auto generate column as true and bind it will be easier
ramyajaya 10-Jun-15 1:36am View
Try to put the next button also in update panel since it is outside update panel it reloads the whole page
ramyajaya 10-Jun-15 1:15am View
You can get the status report from gsmcomm lib

Hope this helps
ramyajaya 10-Jun-15 0:54am View
Check this example

Hope it helps
ramyajaya 10-Jun-15 0:35am View
These are some ideas I have gathered hope it helps
ramyajaya 10-Jun-15 0:26am View
You can try running the java app asca process and pass inputs to it using process input
ramyajaya 10-Jun-15 0:05am View
Refer this hope it helps
ramyajaya 11-May-15 14:34pm View
May be u submit the form every time you refresh. So it happens like this . Do submit operations only on postback not on every load and refresh
ramyajaya 26-Apr-15 19:39pm View

In the link it says end tag missing error please rectify that others are not arnings in head tag which we can omit.

Ie is always sensitive to end tags whereas chrome will auto correct these when it display. So check that.
ramyajaya 25-Apr-15 20:24pm View
Sure it could be minor error check your error console whether it shows any error msg

Ie image source should be appropriate but in chrome relative path will also work .

In view page source of ie in the image src link click on the link should take up to the proper image else it will not be displayed
ramyajaya 22-Apr-15 14:34pm View
May I know what is your issue . Does it show any error?

Check this post it may be helpful for u
ramyajaya 18-Apr-15 20:13pm View
Please let us know what's the issue or error you face
ramyajaya 18-Apr-15 20:10pm View
Gridview you mean to say is gridview or html table

If its a asp gridview vthen refer this

If its a html table then you have to create each textbox with unique id and change value to that id
ramyajaya 18-Apr-15 19:57pm View
mention your ckeditor code and check in your browser error console whether it shows any error in it
ramyajaya 16-Apr-15 12:13pm View
Your exception type is httpexception so in catch process it as httpexception vand fetch the values.

You can use httprequest class to know the current request url information

Use HttpContext.Current.Request .url which will provide you the current request url
ramyajaya 16-Apr-15 11:45am View
Try to get the source from the inner exception .

If you can run through the types of exception then you can try with it.

Please provide sample output to support your question
ramyajaya 16-Apr-15 11:24am View
Try this

ramyajaya 15-Apr-15 21:21pm View
In your ajax, you hqve to set the text of that drop down list .


Add this line this will set the value of the select.

you are adding options tag to your dropdownlist am not surr why do you do this if you already know your possible datas, think about it.
ramyajaya 15-Apr-15 21:05pm View
Could you please check if their is any error in the browser error console .

Check if the value for get page is passed correctly?

And you have mentioned "when I advance to page one" using search or prev page button which scenario it didn't work check and confirm
ramyajaya 14-Apr-15 20:14pm View
mailto= document.getElementById ("txtMailToId");

If ((mailto!="")&&(//other conditions))
//do other functions
ramyajaya 14-Apr-15 19:05pm View
For the python andvyour module to be synced you have to confirm whether your module is compatible with the python you have installed. If so then you have to check ifvthe installed python has there environment variables being set properly so that your module will recognise it.

Please explain your problem Clearly to provide a relative solution.
ramyajaya 14-Apr-15 17:47pm View
Yes you can process it like that
ramyajaya 13-Apr-15 19:50pm View
You can add a row below holding the sum of the fields. You can easily calculate if you have a datatable using compute method refer
ramyajaya 12-Apr-15 19:28pm View
To my understanding the solution is

1. on click of hyper link of x page get the values you want from that page

2. set the values to some variables of the b page

3. in page load use those values to perform your desired function
ramyajaya 12-Apr-15 19:16pm View
The model in the view is account , so the post method will receive only account model .

So your http post should be

public ActionResult Login(AccountModel account)
ramyajaya 9-Apr-15 18:37pm View
1. You can create views or partial view for admin and users separately
2. Fetch the role for the current user from your current db or db context
3. Return the appropriate view using

return View ("viewname")

You can refer
ramyajaya 9-Apr-15 15:43pm View
As per your loginc

You can proceed like this
//if (Session["LogedUserID"] != null) { return View("userview"); }
//else { return RedirectToAction("Index"); }
return View("indexview");

Where userview and indexview are different view which you can create.

Else you can also create partialviews and render them same way as above.


For a basic understanding
ramyajaya 9-Apr-15 13:00pm View
$output = $db->query($query);
$results = $output->fetchAll(PDO::FETCH_ASSOC);

$replyCount=$ output ['ReplyCount'];

This will return the array of reply count
ramyajaya 8-Apr-15 8:20am View
You are done what else to be done further put your images and check
ramyajaya 8-Apr-15 4:20am View
Ajax calendar control doesn't deal with time you can use a html date time control . On change of one you can set the value of another
ramyajaya 7-Apr-15 20:37pm View
Your for loop initiation is wrong it has to be
for ($x = ($range - $typepage); $x < (($typepage + $range) + 1); $x++) though it might not solve your problem but it will avoid unnecessary looping
ramyajaya 7-Apr-15 20:05pm View
Check if your query is manually running properly in your mysql db
ramyajaya 7-Apr-15 18:25pm View
Your logic is correct. Check if the query executes manually and the query formed is correct.
ramyajaya 7-Apr-15 17:42pm View
Deleted has been updated please check out and let me know the result.

Note: for a fixed layout please always use table structure so that it will provide a best structure.
ramyajaya 7-Apr-15 8:52am View
Your approach is correct it gas to inside foreach thread
ramyajaya 7-Apr-15 8:32am View
You can change the content as html and write html tags in response. write
ramyajaya 6-Apr-15 3:06am View
As mentioned in this link try embedding your font when you export
ramyajaya 6-Apr-15 2:49am View
What is your destination file in ssrs reporting? Does it support kirtu dev 11 font? If so then apply it.
ramyajaya 4-Apr-15 22:37pm View
Input type time and date is not supported in ie . You can also check error console of ie for exact error
ramyajaya 4-Apr-15 22:20pm View
To make your content to the center of page inside form tag put a div enclosing all your other components and align that to center
ramyajaya 4-Apr-15 22:08pm View
Check this discussion to track your issue
ramyajaya 3-Apr-15 20:08pm View
When you are trying to translate from roman to hindi do you get any errors?
ramyajaya 3-Apr-15 19:55pm View
A comment box in html is nothing but a textarea, try it

ramyajaya 3-Apr-15 19:48pm View
ok. Great. What's your another question? couldn't see any itger post of you. If you have created newly please let me know the link.
ramyajaya 3-Apr-15 16:29pm View
What is ur question? Is ur previous problem got resolved?
ramyajaya 3-Apr-15 4:11am View
Gridview holds edititemtemplate feature why use a user control for edit
ramyajaya 2-Apr-15 18:47pm View
You can check your ie browser error console for html error which may solve your problem
ramyajaya 2-Apr-15 13:15pm View
In your html all the img tags doesnt have end tag please fix this hope that will solve the issue

You have also missed quotes in some if the attributes please check
ramyajaya 2-Apr-15 13:02pm View holds the examples if all menus if extjs 5
ramyajaya 2-Apr-15 4:14am View

I saw a minor mistake in your view I want you to correct it.

Your begin form is inside head tag but end form is in body tag so your html becomes a mess

Please do this change and check your code further
ramyajaya 1-Apr-15 17:18pm View
Please mention your issue in steps .

And please provide your exact view cide in the code you have guven I didnt find listview close tag and item template close tag and there is td tag inside item template why that is needed .

Please let us know your objective
ramyajaya 1-Apr-15 17:05pm View
Check if you have browser based errors while you run.

For example: if u have missed any close tag or any braces on the function this may result in some abnormal behaviour. Check in browser error console
ramyajaya 1-Apr-15 15:58pm View

I saw a minor mistake in your view I want you to correct it.

Your begin form is inside head tag but end form is in body tag so your html becomes a mess
ramyajaya 31-Mar-15 6:19am View
You can add a mouseout function for the div too . So that on mouse leave u can hide the div instead of page click
ramyajaya 31-Mar-15 5:23am View
As per my understanding

1. you have to invoke a event on dblclick for double click event

2. Add a div on double click as a tooltip displaying data for copying

Refer this url to show a div as tooltip

Hope it helps
ramyajaya 31-Mar-15 2:05am View
In this link whichbyou have given itself holds tye dblclick event information
ramyajaya 30-Mar-15 19:45pm View
Refer this link :

I feel the example which is mentioned is what you are trying to achieve.

As mentioned in the example use row data bound event to trigger row event.
ramyajaya 29-Mar-15 18:42pm View
Sorry I updated it right now it is the same as how you access in post of the value
ramyajaya 29-Mar-15 18:19pm View
Could u pls check on to your errors or post your code
ramyajaya 29-Mar-15 16:51pm View
You can also combine with ajax if you need . as per the scenario which you have mentioned you might not need ajax if u want to store the entries made in front end
ramyajaya 29-Mar-15 12:45pm View
Refer to this link to know all thr available controls
ramyajaya 28-Mar-15 10:31am View
Could you please check what error it shows either in browser or in some other logs which u have

And could you echo $-POST [ ' Progressid ' ] and check if u get proper value . Similar way you can track which echo important line shows and see if you have error
ramyajaya 28-Mar-15 9:40am View
Please add more details about the scenario in which it occur
ramyajaya 27-Mar-15 9:32am View
Did u check in browser is that textbox and value exists but its visiblity is false .

Else check if page load s happening and refreshes the previous table itself

There is no possibility for it to get hidden please check up in your browser to know what's exactly happening
ramyajaya 27-Mar-15 8:23am View
Since it is a post method instead of $_SESSION['Progressid'] it should have $_POST['Progressid']

Make that change and try
ramyajaya 27-Mar-15 4:28am View
Please check the below mentioned comments for your problem 1 hope that may be the reason for this .

ramyajaya 26-Mar-15 19:51pm View
The reason for ur problem 1 could be in the row inserted you have added tb1 tb2 and b1 which you are creating it globally so when you add the next row it may have resulted into error since the text box element with same id already exists in the page.

This may be the error you can check in browser error console for the exact reason
ramyajaya 26-Mar-15 19:41pm View
Problem 2 is because of this
<asp:Button ID="Button1" runat="server" Text="Button"
onclick="Button988_Click" />

<asp:Button ID="Button988" runat="server" Text="Button"
onclick="Button988_Click" />

Both the onclick event refers to the same server side function which adds a row in myTable which is your USA table
ramyajaya 25-Mar-15 21:15pm View
Since you get error in table.dataTable function, please check whether the src mentioned in these two lines are correct?
<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript" src="jquery.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript" src="jquery.dataTables.js"></script>
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="jquery.dataTables.css">

check for the java script and css tab

Hint: To verify the src go to browser check the link in src takes u to the proper file as expected
ramyajaya 25-Mar-15 13:36pm View
Try to use this
$(window).on('unload', function(event) {

Instead of beforeunload

This shows the msg when you navigate out of page not on any event occurrence within the page so that your get method will be called first
ramyajaya 25-Mar-15 10:15am View
The purpose you use datatable to your code is used to provide a good presentation to your table.

so what I asked you is to check whether the table is coming with data properly.

So remove the code which shows error and try.
ramyajaya 25-Mar-15 9:38am View
I accept DataTable is needed to do manipulation to the table but currently you render that table by removing it.

As I said in the example u have referred datatable is used to manipulate not to render the basic table.

Try to follow what I mentioned in the above comment to check if data rendering is correct if it works apply all the style mentioned in the example u refer
ramyajaya 25-Mar-15 8:11am View
Datatables is used to manipulate tables with respect to dataset. In your code you have already created the table using d3 so please check by removing this

$(document).ready(function() {
} );
ramyajaya 25-Mar-15 7:57am View
Instead of beforeunload try unload event since thise working of this event differs from browser to browser .

Reference :
ramyajaya 25-Mar-15 6:44am View
if you are ready to use two php then $(window).load function is not needed.
it flows like this

Currentwindow.php-> on button click-> window.unload display loading msg-> download.php does download operation and in end it redirect to current windows.php
ramyajaya 25-Mar-15 6:35am View
My first comment is for his older post which has been edited as mentioned in the reply
ramyajaya 25-Mar-15 6:33am View
Your code is correct but could you please check in your browser error console if it holds any error?
ramyajaya 24-Mar-15 20:45pm View
The problem I find in your code is $window.load is not getting called back . This will not called after your document is downloaded as because you are doing all the operation in the same page, load function will be called on loading of the page or refresh.

You can try some other option like display the loading div on calling of get pdf pho function and hide it off when that function complete its operations

Hope it helps
ramyajaya 24-Mar-15 20:06pm View
Scrollbars will not work in below cases use browser developer tools to check which property failed in your case

1. if the panel doesn't have a defined width since it will not when to scroll

2, if the panel style overflow property is not set to scroll

Try adding style="overflow-y:scroll"
ramyajaya 24-Mar-15 19:55pm View
According to my understanding u have appended a table tag with to your body tag, but you haven't appended tr or td tag inside the table tag then if you perform selectall on tr it will be null .

To avoid all this confusion create a blank table with tr td tags and append the values to it using d3
ramyajaya 21-Mar-15 17:44pm View
The issue may be, your page load function is getting called even on button click and refreshes the value of button textboxes

To avoid this,set Initial values of text boxes inside this function
if (!IsPostback)

usernamebox.Text = S.UserName;
emailbox.Text =;


Hope this solves your issue
ramyajaya 20-Mar-15 15:14pm View
Instead of this part
mail( "", $_POST['subject'], $_POST['message'], "From:" . $_POST['email']);

Add a line
mail( "", $_POST['subject'], $body, "From:" . $_POST['email']);

Try this
ramyajaya 20-Mar-15 9:16am View
Could you post ur working code and ur change there might be only a minor issue
ramyajaya 20-Mar-15 5:46am View
does it show any error in your error console? Or you are receiving mails without phone number?