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Use different browser or clear cache.
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Sorry, Caroline, but i can't agree with this statement: "So get into the habit of making sure you convert numbers to a string before you attempt to concatenate them(...)". That's the reason of 4.
BTW: This code is perfectly correct: Range("N" & i).Value. MSDN documentation does not mention the need of convert. I'd aggree with your statement if there would be [+] operator and there will be concatenation like this: "2" + 2. The result might be different than expected, especially, when on the left side would be variable type of variant.
Please, read this: Concatenation Operators in Visual Basic | Microsoft Docs[^]
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Sorry, but this sounds like homework. You have to write it by your own. If you get stuck with a specific problem, come back here and ask detailed question.
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Your requirements are not entirely clear...
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What LAMU is?
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Sorry, but usage of Regex is not OP's idea, but mine...
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Try again.

I can download it now.
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No. It's your job. I know nothing about your project.
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Try to move your database into different folder, for example into MyDocuments. Then run VS with admin privileges.
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Richard, why?
OP should define what language want to use.
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If i understand the question well, a function should return int.
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You mean this:
void Main()

	int[] numbers = new int[] { 8, 3, 9, 6, 7, 4 };

int testSum(int[] numbers = null, int b = 2)
	return Convert.ToInt32(numbers.All(x => x % b == 0));
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This should be a part of your question - inside a "What i have tried" section.

BTW: do you want to return boolean value if every number in an array divided by b is equal to zero?
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"What i have tried section" is for the snippet of code you used to resolve your issue.
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Do you mean this: cats_vs_dogs  |  TensorFlow Datasets[^]?
There's a link to github site, where you do have complete instruction how to load data.

BTW: Win10 is not a correct tag. Use proper one.
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You're very welcome.
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Thank you.
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There's no mistake. This is a reply to Richard's first post, but the view is displaying it this way.
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I'd firstly install all windows updates.
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Sounds like an answer :)
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This is not an answer. Please, delete it to avoid down-voting. To post a comment, use "Have a question or comment" under the solution.
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Does it really make a difference?
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This forum uses English. Please, use English.
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Try to run VS with admin priviledges. The simplest way is to modify shrtcut on the desktop (Properties => Run As Admin).
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You're joking, right?
Take a deep look at your input data and expected output. The last record for SM6ABC is with this time: 2022-04-01 09:12:00. If you STILL say i'm wrong, then i don't know what you mean by "last date/time".
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Thank you, Bruno.
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See updated answer.
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The code you posted is not complete. So, use "Improve question" widget to add missing code.
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Sounds like homework...
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Waht image? I do not see it.
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Check out updated answer.
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Not enough information! For example the body of loadcon procedure.
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You're very welcome.
Maciej Los 13-Apr-22 8:26am View
Are you sure?
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Sounds like homework.
What code have you tried to use?
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This is not an answer. Please, delete it.
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What version of MS SQL server?
SELECT @@version;
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Thank you.
Maciej Los 8-Apr-22 4:49am View
Please, read my answer carefully.
Maciej Los 8-Apr-22 3:59am View
Do NOT use images! Try to explain what's wrong and use text to visualize your problem.
Maciej Los 8-Apr-22 0:20am View
You're very welcome.
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You just need to loop through the collection of matches:
For Each m As Match In matches
	MessageBox.Show(String.Concat("Found: '", m.Value, "'"))
Next m
Maciej Los 6-Apr-22 1:47am View
We need details to be able to help you. What is input date format? What have you tried so far (complete example)?
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Maciej Los 5-Apr-22 14:33pm View
Not enough details!
1) Does all databases are placed on single PC?
2) What DBMS?
3) Does all databases are available in LAN/WAN?
Maciej Los 5-Apr-22 14:14pm View
Thanks, but this explains nothing.
Maciej Los 5-Apr-22 13:49pm View
What is an input data and how an output should look like?
Maciej Los 5-Apr-22 13:39pm View
Same on my side.
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ListBox item has to be selected before you can change the text - Are you sure, Caroline?
Maciej Los 5-Apr-22 12:44pm View
There's very slow connection - about ~10-20KB/s. File weight is 121MB, so time needed to download it is about 1h 30 min.
Maciej Los 3-Apr-22 15:10pm View
Does above example uses user interaction? No!
Maciej Los 3-Apr-22 15:09pm View
Short And To The Point!
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I haven't heard about an alternative tool to crystal report.
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Unfair downvote equalized!
Maciej Los 31-Mar-22 15:11pm View
You're very welcome.
Maciej Los 30-Mar-22 6:34am View
I know. Thank you, Richard.
Maciej Los 30-Mar-22 6:33am View
Thank you, Carlo.
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Short And To The Point!
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Sounds like an answer ;)
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What I have tried: section is used to provide information about your attempts to resolve issue, such as code, issues, etc.
Maciej Los 24-Mar-22 16:00pm View
This sounds like an answer, Gerry.
Maciej Los 24-Mar-22 15:55pm View
What line - exactly - causes the error?
Maciej Los 24-Mar-22 15:50pm View
Short And To The Point!
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Don't! Copy and paste DataGridView's data here. Then type expected result. Use "Improve question" widget.
Maciej Los 22-Mar-22 17:18pm View
What is NFA/DFA?
Maciej Los 22-Mar-22 17:13pm View
Well... you need to install SQLite NuGet package to be able to connect to SQLite database. See: Overview - Microsoft.Data.Sqlite | Microsoft Docs[^]
Maciej Los 22-Mar-22 7:38am View
If every method/property raises error, then Excel application initialization has failed. Check it out.
Maciej Los 21-Mar-22 15:19pm View
Maciej Los 21-Mar-22 9:35am View
I'm not sure it's possible to see what value was passed trough the parameter...
Maciej Los 21-Mar-22 9:22am View
Thank you, Caroline.
Maciej Los 21-Mar-22 8:32am View
Why do need to see it?
Maciej Los 21-Mar-22 8:32am View
I'm not asking how you close top window, but how do you call it from main window. I need to see your code.
Maciej Los 21-Mar-22 8:30am View
How do you call your cstom dialog form?
Maciej Los 21-Mar-22 8:12am View
Sorry, but above code is not related to the question.
Do you want to see what value of parameter ($1) was passed to the query, am i right?
Maciej Los 21-Mar-22 7:58am View
I'd strongly recomend to read this: Application.ActiveCell property (Excel) | Microsoft Docs[^]
At the time above code runs in background, Excel is activated and I type a letter.
While cell is in edition mode, you can not get active cell. You have to finish cell's edition to be able to return ActiveCell.
Maciej Los 21-Mar-22 7:54am View
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Where this server is located: in front of or behind the router?
Maciej Los 19-Mar-22 6:38am View
What method do you use to convert text into numbers? Do you use menu or vba code?
Maciej Los 19-Mar-22 6:34am View
Well, a question is in the title :)
Maciej Los 18-Mar-22 17:25pm View
Thank you. I wasn't able to understand what OP wanted to achieve. And... i was lazy to reproduce the issue :)
Maciej Los 18-Mar-22 17:09pm View
Maciej Los 18-Mar-22 17:08pm View
Caroline, i really appreciate your great answer. Excellent job!
Maciej Los 18-Mar-22 11:16am View
Maciej Los 18-Mar-22 10:44am View
What happens if you replace this line:
Copy Code
lines = new CsvReader(fs, csvConfig).GetRecords<T>().ToList();

Copy Code
using(var reader = new CsvReader(fs, csvConfig)){  var records = reader.GetRecords<T>();  lines = records.Cast<T>.ToList();}

Debug program to find out if [records] variable has data...

I do believe that you use: Josh Close - CsvHelper class[^]
Maciej Los 18-Mar-22 10:32am View
Good one. I'm affraid that the code provided under link is too hard to understand to OP.
Maciej Los 18-Mar-22 9:05am View
Maciej Los 17-Mar-22 11:25am View
OK. I did not change the code completely, but this changes nothing. Your answer is a duplicate of mine.
Maciej Los 17-Mar-22 10:22am View
Well... Take a look at answer of mine and yours. Do they look very (i mean very) similar? Mine and yours answers are pointing out to the same things: 1) bad name od DataSet and 2) c# is case-sensitive. Conclusion: your answer is duplicate of mine (even if it's indirectly).
So, your answer has been reported as a repost, because you posted it almost 1 hour later then me (you have seen it before you wrote your answer). Some members of CP does not accept such of behaviour and they rate your answer of 1, because your practice is called "reputation hunting".
I'd strongly suggest delete your answer to avoid further down-voting.
Maciej Los 17-Mar-22 10:09am View
Upvoted :)
Maciej Los 17-Mar-22 10:09am View
:) Upvoted!
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Maciej Los 16-Mar-22 16:09pm View
What value is in column[7]?
Maciej Los 16-Mar-22 16:08pm View
Wrong. Documentation is not messy. You haven't try enough to find the list of keywords.
Maciej Los 16-Mar-22 13:46pm View
We cannot help you without seeing sample data...
Maciej Los 16-Mar-22 13:40pm View
If you wonder why your answer has been down-voted, i'll explain you.
Maciej Los 16-Mar-22 13:39pm View
Maciej Los 16-Mar-22 13:39pm View
Glad to hear that.
Maciej Los 16-Mar-22 13:39pm View
Dave, some one has down-voted your answer. I'd suggest to remove it to avoid further down-voting and due to the fact that Richard's answer is providing to the same documentation.
Maciej Los 16-Mar-22 13:35pm View
Carlo, the link you provided is the list of functions, not keywords.
Some one has down-voted your answer, instead of posting comment, which is unfair.
Change the link and let me know, then i will upvote your answer.
Maciej Los 16-Mar-22 10:01am View
Oh, NO! Again a reference to the documentation? :D
Maciej Los 16-Mar-22 8:43am View
I'm looking for a tree, but i can't find it... :(
Maciej Los 16-Mar-22 8:41am View
Short and to the point, a 5!
Maciej Los 16-Mar-22 8:32am View
ds != DS
In other words, C# is case sensitive.
Maciej Los 16-Mar-22 7:59am View
Maciej Los 15-Mar-22 17:23pm View
And what is wrong with your code?
I'm not R specialist, but this seems to be interesting: Count the number of pattern matches in R dataframe column - DataScience Made Simple[^]

Good luck!
Maciej Los 15-Mar-22 17:12pm View
"I must lead a coding team" - Great! All you need to do is to meet with your team and do a brainstorm! In other words, do what leader have to do. People of your team do not expext from you to be the smartest. They want to have a person who can lead them. Got it?
Maciej Los 15-Mar-22 16:49pm View
Maciej Los 15-Mar-22 16:14pm View
Seems your output should be:
7+5=12   7+5+2=14 5+2=7
3+8=11   3+8+3=14 8+3=11
2+4=6    2+4+1=7  4+1=5
Maciej Los 15-Mar-22 16:04pm View
Which line causes the error?
Do you really want to let user to change your table structure? That's insane!
Maciej Los 15-Mar-22 16:02pm View
Maciej Los 15-Mar-22 15:58pm View
Sorry, Luc. I was thinking that it's OP's comment.
You're right and you're not :) Single left join does not resolve issue, but another will do.
Maciej Los 15-Mar-22 15:43pm View
Maciej Los 15-Mar-22 15:42pm View
Take a look at the last 2 lines of solution. Ther you'll find a tip how to resolve your issue.
Maciej Los 15-Mar-22 15:31pm View
Well, Form_Diseases_dataGridView.SelectedRows[0].Cells[0].Value does not return Disease, but some value. Based on that value, you can find Disease.

Please, tell us how you bind data to a DataGridView.
Maciej Los 15-Mar-22 9:52am View
Maciej Los 15-Mar-22 9:42am View
Does HOST=host is storing proper IP address?
And - please - read this:
Maciej Los 15-Mar-22 9:32am View
Maciej Los 15-Mar-22 9:29am View
Maciej Los 14-Mar-22 17:24pm View
The error message is quite obvious... You've got desease id, now find that id in the list, then...
Maciej Los 14-Mar-22 17:10pm View
You're very welcome. See updated answer (i've added another tip).
Maciej Los 14-Mar-22 5:46am View
Maciej Los 14-Mar-22 5:45am View
You're very welcome.
Maciej Los 14-Mar-22 5:39am View
Maciej Los 14-Mar-22 5:38am View
Thank you, Carlo.
Maciej Los 14-Mar-22 5:36am View
Thank you, Carlo.
Maciej Los 13-Mar-22 17:22pm View
How 1+5+7+8 can be equal to 26?
Maciej Los 13-Mar-22 14:19pm View
@LuckyChloe, please do not use images, use text instead.
Maciej Los 13-Mar-22 13:55pm View
What value counter variable holds?
Maciej Los 13-Mar-22 13:43pm View
What if there's no even number of {6, 1} per a day?
Maciej Los 13-Mar-22 13:32pm View
Thank you :)
Maciej Los 13-Mar-22 10:40am View
This is not an answer, but some additional information about your issue. So, remove this and use Improve question[^] widget to update your question.
Maciej Los 13-Mar-22 9:52am View
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I found similar question On GitHub: Style.BasedOn supported? · Issue #2343 · AvaloniaUI/Avalonia · GitHub[^]
It was asked 3 years ago and there's no answers till now :(
But(!) another question on GitHub might be interesting: WPF-style styles · Issue #2765 · AvaloniaUI/Avalonia · GitHub[^]
Maciej Los 11-Mar-22 15:21pm View
Try to debug your code to find out what's wrong. See: How to debug Php code? - Stack Overflow[^]
Maciej Los 11-Mar-22 15:01pm View
Have you tried to use entire name: "ToggleButton.SetupButton.ReturnButton"?
Note: i'm guessing based on this: Styles - Avalonia[^]
<Style Selector="TextBlock.h1">
Maciej Los 11-Mar-22 13:18pm View
Fair enough!
Maciej Los 11-Mar-22 13:03pm View
Maciej Los 11-Mar-22 13:00pm View
Maciej Los 11-Mar-22 12:48pm View
How you did understand this question - i have no idea...
Maciej Los 11-Mar-22 11:06am View
Based on exception message i can't tell how to solve it.
I'd suggest to use "As a question" widget.
Maciej Los 10-Mar-22 15:25pm View
What's an issue?
Maciej Los 10-Mar-22 13:19pm View
You're very welcome. :)
Maciej Los 10-Mar-22 6:35am View
Maciej Los 10-Mar-22 4:21am View
Oh... Who knows? Maybe...
Maciej Los 10-Mar-22 4:06am View
Please, do not post answer few times! Use "Improve solution" instead.
This one has been reported as "Repost".
Maciej Los 10-Mar-22 3:45am View
You mean modulo operator? I'm pretty sure - yes, they've studied that.
Maciej Los 9-Mar-22 14:48pm View
Maciej Los 9-Mar-22 14:45pm View
Not a single table. Entire database.