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girishmeena 27-Feb-20 8:23am View
ahh, got it. This counter tells about processed no. of requests.
Service: Calls - Number of calls to this service.
girishmeena 27-Feb-20 7:17am View
okay, to know how many calls my service getting I can take N1(no. of calls at lets say 7PM) and then N2(no. of calls at 7:01 PM). N2-N1 is no. of calls i am getting in 1 mins. Thanks

Similarly, for no. of call in processing will find with the help of calls outstanding. what about the calls processed (not processing)?
girishmeena 27-Feb-20 3:49am View
Hi phil,
Thanks for the answer. I understood Calls and Calls per second from your comments.
But how will I know how many calls my service getting at this point of time? calls per second is average.

and Does it mean that my service is currently processing calls = calls outstanding value? calls outstanding always equal to throttling value I set in per call set up.

further, how will I know how many calls my service process finishing per second? it will not equal to calls outstanding, right?
girishmeena 6-Apr-18 1:48am View
Could you explain more why you need multiple Controller?
I hope you have already using MVC routing to redirect to particular controller Action based on URI.

Further, URL versioning is to have version number within the URL.

E.g. Suppose you are using EmployeeController for employee APIs.

1st Version

2nd Version in the same controller
girishmeena 25-Sep-17 10:23am View
have you copied the code from somewhere? try removing the namespace and build the project.
girishmeena 1-Jul-17 4:39am View
Can you please explain more what are you trying to achieve?
girishmeena 28-Aug-16 6:08am View
I wish all other answers of this question get deleted from internet and only this answer can stay, to avoid all the confusion around this question. or all people can have this answer in their head while reading other's answer so that they can differentiate easily.
I also recommend to read different flavor of encapsulation (A language mechanism for restricting direct access to some of the object's components, A language construct that facilitates the bundling of data with the methods (or other functions) operating on that data ) and
abstraction (control abstraction, data abstraction and abstraction principal) which are given in above wiki link to get clear picture.
Thanks again
girishmeena 28-Aug-16 5:10am View
There are contradict answers on internet for this question. please refer

I am still not sure which one is correct one. Thanks
girishmeena 27-Jun-16 15:15pm View
may be it's a bot :)
girishmeena 14-May-16 14:48pm View
yes it was giving me error when writing "javascript" not in "java script"
girishmeena 14-May-16 13:49pm View
You are my hero :)
girishmeena 15-Mar-16 15:52pm View
We are doing it using Aspose.
girishmeena 15-Mar-16 15:17pm View
have you considered copying three grids to different sheet in excel?
girishmeena 13-Mar-16 5:26am View
OK, same thing we can do using C#. we can define SQL Connection's Isolation level in C#, That's it.
Basically it's one thing which can be set at your query level [stored procedure] or at C#. right? but why we have it multiple places?
girishmeena 12-Mar-16 14:59pm View
SqlTransaction class has IsolationLevel property.
girishmeena 20-Sep-15 13:46pm View
Thanks for your valuable suggestion !
girishmeena 19-Sep-15 15:19pm View
getting error "Object reference not set to an instance of an object." when using above code.
girishmeena 14-Sep-15 16:16pm View
Simply 5, Thanks
girishmeena 6-Aug-15 7:54am View
I suppose, it can be done using Signal R in What i was asking was related to Push technology like Facebook updates keep coming to our wall without refreshing the page.
girishmeena 6-Aug-15 7:50am View
It means, in case of normal and new scenario it looks for variable type. and in case of overriding it looks for instance type.
girishmeena 10-Apr-14 9:48am View
Ok, I will do my best in future. Thanks
girishmeena 9-Apr-14 9:37am View
Why Down Voted?
girishmeena 9-Apr-14 9:21am View
Than my Question should be up voted because other people will come to know that those links are not correct. It good that i posted question. what do you think?
girishmeena 9-Apr-14 9:19am View
Than it's very good that i posted this question. many people will know that those links are not correctly explaining it. so my question should be up voted. what do you think in this way?
girishmeena 9-Apr-14 8:57am View
Why down voted?
girishmeena 9-Apr-14 8:34am View
Still the problem is not solved?
girishmeena 9-Apr-14 8:34am View
Did you find solution?
girishmeena 6-Apr-14 1:28am View
Can you eaxplain me downvoting my answer. Just downvoting doesn't work you need to give proper explanations why you are downvoting it. Please
girishmeena 5-Apr-14 11:59am View
Hello, what do you want exactly. Do you need fb like button in your website or what?
girishmeena 1-Apr-14 3:41am View
Thanks Raul
girishmeena 29-Mar-14 10:31am View
But are you saying that the example provided in dofactory is incorrect. it is contradicting #4 though.
girishmeena 29-Mar-14 10:27am View
Thanks for taking your time and explaining things here.
girishmeena 19-Mar-14 4:36am View
Hello, Anyone here to answer?
girishmeena 14-Mar-14 11:11am View
Also Is there any way we can Authenticate with SharePoint Online Without Using Microsoft.SharePoint.Client, Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.RunTime? If no Than It mean we can not authenticate Window 8.1 Apps without having WCF solution which will have Wictor kind Solution.
girishmeena 11-Mar-14 0:25am View
Thanks You very much Griff. And Thanks again for giving many answers in a single question.
girishmeena 10-Mar-14 11:39am View
Ok. when it will go to DesignModeEnabled = true ?
girishmeena 10-Mar-14 7:10am View
Thanks, That's make sense to me. but what i need to do so that it will run under DesignModeEnabled = true.
Right now i am debugging the code in VS 2013 in my local machine but it always return DesignModeEnabled = false.
girishmeena 10-Mar-14 3:29am View
Hello SA, The only question i am trying to ask is "why we create variable of Type interface?" Suppose if we have 2 interface with same method, and a class implementing both interface. here we can create interface type and try to tell OK this method is related to Interface1.Foo() and this method is related to Interface2.Foo(). Is this the only scenario when we should create Interface Type?
girishmeena 9-Mar-14 23:23pm View
Can you pls tell me why it is not a question ?
girishmeena 9-Mar-14 14:01pm View
Hello Griff, Thanks for detailed answer. but consider me pro, I have also updated my question.
girishmeena 6-Feb-14 0:26am View
@JeevithaMani : Entity Framework came in 4.0 ?
girishmeena 29-Sep-10 0:16am View

I am using ajax update panel, timer control to refresh the graph after specified period. using all these it is refreshing the graph but i do want to hide the refreshing from users. means user should not know the refreshing is going on.