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Ron Beyer 27-Jan-14 10:03am View
Ron Beyer 27-Jan-14 9:45am View
"In contrast, "==" returns true as long as they are equal even they are of different type e.g. 2 == "2" return true"

Maybe in Java or PHP, but not in C#, you may want to clarify that.
Ron Beyer 26-Jan-14 21:15pm View
Even the concept of zero was adopted quite late, however there is a good reason finance "morons" use parens rather than a - sign. The reason is that when doing ledger sheets, debits are positive, credits are positive, and the balance is also positive. In order to quickly scan a very big list for a negative balance, its put in parenthesis to make it stand out more. In handwriting, a small - can be hard to spot quickly.

With the advent of computers its just a hold-over from "the old way".

+5 :)
Ron Beyer 26-Jan-14 19:03pm View
Is there anything in between the lines string Notes = ... and string Refund = ... ? Sounds like you have an extra } somewhere.
Ron Beyer 26-Jan-14 12:31pm View
One of those 5000's should have a >= by it, otherwise a salary of exactly 5000 will fall through the if's.
Ron Beyer 26-Jan-14 9:17am View
This would be a security hole, so browsers don't allow it. There are tricks using ActiveX but most modern browsers will have it disabled by default.
Ron Beyer 26-Jan-14 9:06am View
Convert.ToString(12) is a valid and workable piece of code that doesn't throw an exception.
Ron Beyer 26-Jan-14 8:48am View
Thanks Rahul!
Ron Beyer 26-Jan-14 8:48am View
Thanks Bill!
Ron Beyer 26-Jan-14 1:09am View
See my updated solution, its a 100% working sample so I'm not sure what you are doing to test if its working or not, you can copy/paste the code into a console application to see it work.
Ron Beyer 26-Jan-14 0:41am View
What is the problem? Do you get an error? What does "not set up in ... windows xp" mean exactly?
Ron Beyer 25-Jan-14 22:44pm View
+5, notifications are good for smaller systems but they don't scale well. I've been trying to find the point at which they become less effective. Nobody says at what scale they deteriorate they just say its not for "larger" scale systems.
Ron Beyer 25-Jan-14 22:31pm View
+5, thats about all you can do, unless the images are tagged or have metadata, but classifying them on what the images contain (party, Cancun, Joe in underwear, etc) is not really feasible using code.
Ron Beyer 25-Jan-14 22:00pm View
Unfortunately you are using an obsoleted mail component, it is recommended for .NET 2.0 and up to change over to the
Ron Beyer 25-Jan-14 20:57pm View
Grouped by what? File name, metadata? What is in the picture?
Ron Beyer 25-Jan-14 9:52am View
Unfortunately to run this code you will have to run the program with administrative permissions.
Ron Beyer 25-Jan-14 9:01am View
5, nice breakdown of it.
Ron Beyer 25-Jan-14 8:46am View
If I changed all the variables to doubles then yeah it will give a different answer. But if he did pass a double in for delay for the code above, it shouldn't produce a floating point number since the double will be converted to an integer at days = delay. It will round to the nearest whole number, which may still give an inaccurate answer.
Ron Beyer 25-Jan-14 0:46am View
I just updated it to show you. I ran a test with this and 400 as your example and addition produced a value of 155...
Ron Beyer 25-Jan-14 0:35am View
I really don't understand what "calculate the addition for these days by given value" means exactly. The purpose of your formula is not clear in your code.
Ron Beyer 25-Jan-14 0:28am View
So you have a variable that is the number of days, and you want the number of years, months, weeks, and days from that?
Ron Beyer 24-Jan-14 23:32pm View
Well if anything we are consistent!
Ron Beyer 24-Jan-14 23:30pm View
Ok, a vague title and a code dump do not a question make. Please tell us what you need or what you are trying to accomplish.
Ron Beyer 24-Jan-14 21:11pm View
Good explanation Bill, +5!
Ron Beyer 24-Jan-14 17:29pm View
Glad you got it solved!
Ron Beyer 24-Jan-14 16:30pm View
Yes, its possible to do anything in the code behind that it is in the XAML, but a lot harder. Can I ask where you put this style? In the Themes\Generic.xaml file or a different xaml file? I'd help with the code but I'm a lot better at the xaml side than the code side, and I don't think you can inherit it like you can with xaml.
Ron Beyer 24-Jan-14 15:54pm View
Do you have something like this in the static constructor on your control?

DefaultStyleKeyProperty.OverrideMetadata(typeof(MyUserControl), new FrameworkPropertyMetadata(typeof(MyUserControl)));

Ron Beyer 24-Jan-14 15:37pm View
Please note there is a bug in the CodeProject box that when submitting XML/XAML it removes all capitalization. I reported this bug.
Ron Beyer 24-Jan-14 14:22pm View
You need to have somebody on that computer give you rights, either create an administrative account for you, or give you the username/password for an existing admin account.

I think you should explain what the purpose of these files are and maybe a little more detail about why you need to this without the user knowing. Right now its starting to sound like you want to hack into other computers and put malicious things on them and we won't help you do that.
Ron Beyer 24-Jan-14 13:32pm View
See my answer below.
Ron Beyer 24-Jan-14 13:29pm View
Some compilers are pretty smart, and remember that they compile to generate the EXE, what you do later has no effect on how the compiler optimizes it. Some compilers are so smart that they will remove entire loops or inline functions without you explicitly setting them to.
Ron Beyer 24-Jan-14 13:04pm View
If you have administrative rights and/or the receiver computers are part of a domain this should not be too big of a problem, what is the network configuration? Are these computers on a domain? Do you have administrative rights to them?
Ron Beyer 24-Jan-14 8:56am View
Typically silent installations are for installing files from other installers. Is this your goal? How are you going to have the user initiate the installation?
Ron Beyer 24-Jan-14 8:27am View
You found a rather annoying feature. Selected text doesn't mean your selected item, it literally means if you take the mouse and highlight the text in the box, that would be the "SelectedText". You should use SelectedItem instead, its an object so you will have to cast it to a string, but it means the currently selected item. SelectedText really gets confusing since it doesn't do what you think it does.
Ron Beyer 23-Jan-14 23:54pm View
Both parameters must be converted to integers then, not just one (same method as my answer, just repeat for other one).
Ron Beyer 23-Jan-14 23:50pm View
It would have to be:

When setting a text value you have to use the quotes around the data.
Ron Beyer 23-Jan-14 23:23pm View
The only thing you have to change is the declaration of toys, it should read:

int[] toys = new int[4, 5]

That is the easiest way to fix it, I wouldn't monkey around with the loops since they are in a good logical order.
Ron Beyer 23-Jan-14 22:55pm View
"What ever you think this does, you are wildly mistaken." Ha! Love it. +5.
Ron Beyer 23-Jan-14 22:18pm View
Thanks Bill! :)
Ron Beyer 23-Jan-14 22:17pm View
You are using the array in the loops like [week, day] so you need to define it the same way. Since there are 5 days and 4 weeks, it should be int[5, 4]. Otherwise in all your loops you have to swap the indicies for week and day so that it is toys[day, week].
Ron Beyer 23-Jan-14 22:11pm View
Ahh, you have days and weeks reversed in the definition, it should be int[,] toys = new int[4,5], not sure how you aren't getting the out of bounds error in the first loop...
Ron Beyer 23-Jan-14 21:52pm View
You are missing toys[week, 4] after toys[week, 3] in the format string.
Ron Beyer 23-Jan-14 21:36pm View
Just change week to week+1 inside the for loop and that will fix it.

Like : ...string..Format(lineFormat,
week + 1, toys[week, 0] ...
Ron Beyer 23-Jan-14 21:17pm View
Just remove the "int" part in front of week in the for loop.

Ron Beyer 23-Jan-14 20:48pm View
I can answer this, but you should open a new question since I can't post it as an answer to a solution.
Ron Beyer 23-Jan-14 18:03pm View
Why not just create a file-share on the Unix machine and map the drive on your windows machine?
Ron Beyer 23-Jan-14 17:03pm View
This is completely wrong, please ignore it.
Ron Beyer 23-Jan-14 16:57pm View
This is homework, and we won't do your homework. You need to try doing this yourself, and don't delete your old questions and keep asking.
Ron Beyer 23-Jan-14 16:28pm View
If you read my post I say not to download it unless you are using Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox (or other browsers) don't download it right. If you continue donwloading, just rename it to something like Setup.msi, the file is right but the name is wrong. Its somewhere around 150mb.
Ron Beyer 23-Jan-14 16:17pm View
I see... you downloaded the debugging symbols instead of the sources, you need to click on the .NET framework link, here is the page you get the actual source files from The link I posted was the landing page.
Ron Beyer 23-Jan-14 16:01pm View
Its just the place to install the sources to, pick a folder you want a lot of source files extracted to.
Ron Beyer 23-Jan-14 16:01pm View
Either way, the link is there, you can download the sources and do whatever you need with them.
Ron Beyer 23-Jan-14 15:42pm View
I gave the link to download the source, so why the single star down-vote? Does it matter why you need the source? I (and others) gave you the link to download it!
Ron Beyer 23-Jan-14 15:07pm View
I would try to see exactly what command is being run on the database, copy it, and then run it in SQL Management Studio. It should be able to give you more information on why its not inserting. Is it that your page isn't updating, or is it really not inserting data?
Ron Beyer 23-Jan-14 14:53pm View
If its varchar then it wouldn't work this way, I'm not much of a VB guy, I think Integer is the actual term in VB. You could try specifying that its an nvarchar using this overload, you would just have to change the varchar to nvarchar, see the example below the documentation.
Ron Beyer 23-Jan-14 14:22pm View
What do you need it to do that the OpenFileDialog can't?
Ron Beyer 23-Jan-14 11:27am View
Are these windows that are owned by your application, or windows that are from other software? Judging by your code you are displaying video cameras or something like a video wall, correct?
Ron Beyer 23-Jan-14 11:23am View
Its a link, click it and learn.
Ron Beyer 23-Jan-14 11:21am View
Compilers are not typically DLL's, although they can be called from a command line. Some compilers (not any for C that I know) can be called with an API, like MSBuild.
Ron Beyer 23-Jan-14 11:13am View
ANTLR, that was the term I was looking for, I kept looking up ANT :) +5
Ron Beyer 23-Jan-14 11:13am View
Ron Beyer 23-Jan-14 11:12am View
Probably the easy way I said to do it, they actually compile it in the background and read the intermediate files from gcc. They even say that they use gcc in the title!
Ron Beyer 23-Jan-14 11:04am View
Doesn't matter if its "Hello World" or Duke Nukem, the process is the same unfortunately. It has nothing to do with how complicated the C code is, but how complicated the language itself is.
Ron Beyer 22-Jan-14 23:55pm View
You may need to add it to the toolbox explicitly. Right click in the toolbox and click "Choose Items", then there is an option to browse for a DLL file, select the one from the article and it should add it to a new tab.
Ron Beyer 22-Jan-14 23:37pm View
Then it should be drag and drop. Take a look at the demo application that came with the control in the article.
Ron Beyer 22-Jan-14 23:36pm View
Good luck!
Ron Beyer 22-Jan-14 23:20pm View
Please note, there is a bug with the CodeProject XML pre tags that removes capitalization. Please look up the proper capitalization for this setting before using it otherwise it won't work. Configuration settings names in XML are case sensitive.
Ron Beyer 22-Jan-14 19:41pm View
No, single quotes for string values, no quotes for things that are integers/numbers. The time I think still uses single quotes but it has to be in a format that the database can parse.
Ron Beyer 22-Jan-14 19:40pm View
No, single quotes for string values, no quotes for things that are integers/numbers. The time I think still uses single quotes but it has to be in a format that the database can parse.
Ron Beyer 22-Jan-14 19:04pm View
Can you post the table structure?
Ron Beyer 22-Jan-14 13:52pm View
Thanks Matt... Dictionaries are great for things like this, what I think people forget is that TValue can be a generic itself, so you can store dictionaries of lists (like this instance) or dictionaries of dictionaries, etc.
Ron Beyer 22-Jan-14 12:46pm View
Thanks Bill.
Ron Beyer 22-Jan-14 12:30pm View
Wow, so you just admitted to a federal crime on a site that has your personal information.

Ron Beyer 22-Jan-14 9:28am View
You will have to ask the author. There is a place at the bottom of the article to ask questions, that author is very active and should respond quickly.
Ron Beyer 22-Jan-14 9:27am View
I use the chart control in a SCADA/HMI software that has hundreds of distributions on factory floors, I don't have a single report of losing all the desktop items on any machine.

You may want to set up a virtual machine and run some tests, I very highly doubt that your problem is being caused by the chart control. Do you do any logging? Have you checked that?
Ron Beyer 22-Jan-14 1:33am View
I don't think I can explain it any other way, these are end-user apps, you would just have to change the symbols to be specific to what you need it to do. The only reason they are developer apps is because they use developer symbols, if you put other symbols in it, it can be for other types of users...
Ron Beyer 22-Jan-14 1:26am View
Yes, I know what you mean, and just because the articles I linked are for developers, you should read them, it outlines how to create a diagramming tool. You should be able to modify them to create end-user diagrams (they are just different symbols after all).
Ron Beyer 22-Jan-14 1:14am View
Its all the same concepts, you want to create a diagramming program, the links I posted have diagramming programs, you just need to change/modify them or pick out the pieces you need and add others that give different diagram shapes.
Ron Beyer 22-Jan-14 1:13am View
You need to add your dynamic button to the controls collection, like:

Button btn = new Button();

Ron Beyer 22-Jan-14 1:04am View
Did you add all the code from the article into your project? Resizing controls at runtime is not a simple setting, its actually quite complicated. Please thoroughly read the article I linked that includes all the extra code you need to put in place to be able to resize controls at runtime.

Again, this is not a simple property setting it requires a lot of extra code to do!
Ron Beyer 22-Jan-14 0:57am View
Yes, I understand, see the solution 2 I posted, it shows exactly how to do this.
Ron Beyer 22-Jan-14 0:39am View
You want to learn how to use SQL Server from C#, or you want to learn both SQL Server and C#?
Ron Beyer 22-Jan-14 0:35am View
+5 for answering what he asked, even though he didn't mean what he meant :)
Ron Beyer 22-Jan-14 0:32am View
This is different than what your question eludes to. What you are asking is runtime resizing of controls, not changing the size of dynamically created controls. See my solution.
Ron Beyer 22-Jan-14 0:14am View
You should Mark Karthik's answer as the solution, not your comment.
Ron Beyer 22-Jan-14 0:13am View
Or a hybrid approach for fast retrieval. Store the name/path of the image so you can relate it to other data, but put the actual file itself in the file system. +5
Ron Beyer 21-Jan-14 23:35pm View
Windows Forms, WPF? ASP? Mono?
Ron Beyer 21-Jan-14 23:25pm View
Showing us the service configuration isn't going to help here, there is a hard limit on the depth of an object graph when serializing, and it seems that you have hit that limit. This means something on your server side is very large and should be broken up into smaller pieces. See the answer below.
Ron Beyer 21-Jan-14 23:05pm View
Hands are on FIRE :)
Ron Beyer 21-Jan-14 22:50pm View
What chart control are you using?
Ron Beyer 21-Jan-14 22:18pm View
I gave the solution below.
Ron Beyer 21-Jan-14 22:05pm View
I understand, but I could recommend a way to do this without regex's, using regex makes it much more complicated...
Ron Beyer 21-Jan-14 21:46pm View
Are you hell bent on using a regex for this? I'm part of the club that believes any person who thinks they have a problem that can be solved with a RegEx typically ends up with two problems...
Ron Beyer 21-Jan-14 21:14pm View
Thanks Matt!
Ron Beyer 21-Jan-14 20:58pm View
Ron Beyer 21-Jan-14 20:40pm View
I added additional information for title casing the text.
Ron Beyer 21-Jan-14 18:35pm View
Uh, what? Mind rephrasing that?
Ron Beyer 21-Jan-14 17:55pm View
Try surrounding group in square brackets, like [group]=$group, I think group is a reserved keyword even without the "by", so that may be doing it for you.
Ron Beyer 21-Jan-14 17:53pm View
System.Net.Mail is not available in VS2003, it wasn't introduced until .NET 2.0 or VS2005. VS2003 only works with .NET 1.1
Ron Beyer 21-Jan-14 17:24pm View
Have you tried running the raw query text in a MySql management tool?
Ron Beyer 21-Jan-14 16:51pm View
Ron Beyer 21-Jan-14 16:50pm View
Ron Beyer 21-Jan-14 16:46pm View
Doesn't matter what it is, just use your string and the replace function that I outlined above. If you actually show your code, I could help more but I can't see your computer.
Ron Beyer 21-Jan-14 16:40pm View
Is "id" a string or a number, shouldn't it be something like: id=$user_id without the single quotes?
Ron Beyer 21-Jan-14 16:37pm View
Trim only removes spaces from the start or end of the string, not the middle of it. See my Solution 2.
Ron Beyer 21-Jan-14 15:26pm View
You could add .ToList at the end of your query, or in your for-each like:

For Each PC in Query.ToList

Ron Beyer 21-Jan-14 13:16pm View
Have you searched for any of this on Google?
Ron Beyer 21-Jan-14 9:56am View
When you run the query from the query designer do you give it the parameters @ColumnName and @Criteria?
Ron Beyer 21-Jan-14 1:22am View
Do you have administrative rights on that machine?
Ron Beyer 21-Jan-14 0:54am View
This looks like your homework, and we don't "give code" for homework. We can help you where you are stuck, but you need to show us your effort and ask specific questions.
Ron Beyer 21-Jan-14 0:41am View
And I work on DSL :)
Ron Beyer 20-Jan-14 23:18pm View
Please clarify your question as soon as possible. You want to know how many databases you can connect to in one report, or how many connections one database can handle?
Ron Beyer 20-Jan-14 22:59pm View
What are the errors it is giving you? I can tell you one of the problems is you didn't provide enough parameters for the insert...
Ron Beyer 20-Jan-14 22:56pm View
You are going to have to be a lot more specific than that. What database? Is it on the same computer? How are you connecting to it? What have you tried? What errors are you getting?

How can we help if your question is "please help me"?
Ron Beyer 20-Jan-14 22:38pm View
The best way to do it would be to draw it three times. First with a really thick stroke in the outline color, then again with a slightly thinner stroke in the background color, and last your segment in its normal color. This would give the appearance of an outline around the stroke. As far as I know there is no built-in way to outline a geometry path, just a bounding box.
Ron Beyer 20-Jan-14 22:23pm View
Is there some way to give us a picture of what you want? The Border control in WPF is a square border around the bounding box of the control, and I don't think thats what you want. Are you wanting an outline around the arc segment?
Ron Beyer 20-Jan-14 19:57pm View
Could you imagine the power savings in the world if we could get tasks to run when the computer is powered down? I'll start on the patent...
Ron Beyer 20-Jan-14 18:13pm View
How do you expect the macro to run if your PC is off? If your BIOS supports a wake timer you can use that to wake your PC up, but other than that I don't think this will work.
Ron Beyer 20-Jan-14 14:16pm View
Ron Beyer 20-Jan-14 10:55am View
What UI platform are you using? WPF? Windows Forms? Web?
Ron Beyer 20-Jan-14 8:38am View
Marco, you could also use a DockPanel or a grid inside the image. Maybe something like this?
Ron Beyer 19-Jan-14 21:18pm View
Don't let something that looks complicated hold you back. Threads are a fundamental part of programming, and this is a really good opportunity to get your feet wet!
Ron Beyer 19-Jan-14 21:01pm View
BTW, I edited it a little to add a property for knowing if its finished or not.
Ron Beyer 19-Jan-14 20:59pm View
Almost all of it is "real", you will need a little more code to create the thread, but other than that it should almost work out of the box.
Ron Beyer 19-Jan-14 20:46pm View
LoadCompleted won't say that its playing or not, it only identifies that the file is loaded into memory.
Ron Beyer 19-Jan-14 20:30pm View
I'd report that as a bug. I know I (and a lot of other people) have had issues with the file upload utility. On top of that there seems to be a hamster issue tonight, takes me 3-4 times to post comments.
Ron Beyer 19-Jan-14 20:22pm View
Can you post the code on how you play the file? We need to know what API's you are using. What platform is this for, Windows or XBox?
Ron Beyer 19-Jan-14 20:22pm View
Can you post the code on how you play the file? We need to know what API's you are using. What platform is this for, Windows or XBox?
Ron Beyer 19-Jan-14 19:22pm View
Well said, +5
Ron Beyer 19-Jan-14 17:11pm View
Commentary? Are you asking us to explain it? Or comment it? or what?
Ron Beyer 19-Jan-14 12:29pm View
Use ExecuteNonQuery for things like creating tables, inserting records, and updating records. Use ExecuteScalar for things like counting in a select or to get the first occurrence of something in the database.
Ron Beyer 17-Jan-14 18:30pm View
I would remove the try/catch and try running again, it may help clear things up. Also run outside of the debugger (open the Bin\Debug folder and double click the application).
Ron Beyer 17-Jan-14 18:24pm View
Have you tried putting a breakpoint in the catch and see if you are getting an exception? I'm guessing its an illegal cross thread exception, probably because the UI thread has more service work when you try to set the image.
Ron Beyer 17-Jan-14 18:09pm View
Is this done in a separate thread? Timer?
Ron Beyer 17-Jan-14 18:00pm View
You need to post code about how you are using the picturebox so we can see what you are doing to cause problems. From your description it will be difficult to figure out what is going on.
Ron Beyer 17-Jan-14 17:32pm View
The link (same as above) shows how to enable it.
Ron Beyer 17-Jan-14 17:21pm View
Ron Beyer 17-Jan-14 16:59pm View
If you wanted to run another test, I believe in order to create global mutexes on XP you need to have Fast User Switching turned on. It deals with the differences in process isolation for services that changed in Vista and above. Obviously the file lock is a better solution instead of requiring users to turn on FUS...
Ron Beyer 17-Jan-14 16:35pm View
As long as you have permissions to access the file from the other processes that's a method you can use. Microsoft used that for years (and still does) with MS Access, its what the ldb files are, it shows who has the database open and what kind of lock they have on it.
Ron Beyer 17-Jan-14 16:21pm View
Try CreateMutex for XP, I don't think you have to use the Ex version.
Ron Beyer 17-Jan-14 15:50pm View
Can you post the code on how you create the Mutex? It should be as simple as adding Global\ to the front of the name of the mutex...
Ron Beyer 17-Jan-14 15:49pm View
Did you copy/paste this code from your editor into here? What you have above would never compile, you are missing closing braces on the for loop...
Ron Beyer 17-Jan-14 15:42pm View
Thanks, I fixed it, for some reason selecting the word I want to link and pasting the link usually creates the right link, but it was mangling it in this case. I just posted the whole link, which is the same one you posted anyway.
Ron Beyer 17-Jan-14 15:41pm View
I fixed it, for some reason pasting it as a text link was mangling it.
Ron Beyer 17-Jan-14 15:32pm View
Por favor, intente utilizar Inglés, ya que es un foro principalmente de habla Inglés. Además, es necesario que nos diga cuál es el problema y en qué parte del código que están experimentando. Puedes usar Google Translate para traducir al Inglés.
Ron Beyer 17-Jan-14 15:20pm View
+5, good advice!
Ron Beyer 17-Jan-14 13:59pm View
This only works if the person is a member of a domain with AD services.
Ron Beyer 17-Jan-14 13:45pm View
If this isn't working, in the receiver just check that Form1.IsHandleCreated is true before calling invoke.
Ron Beyer 17-Jan-14 12:03pm View
Its not, and its because of the aggregate in the select statement, otherwise it would be. Thanks to @Wombaticus for assisting in figuring this out.
Ron Beyer 17-Jan-14 11:54am View
Try replacing if (cs.ExecuteScalar() == null) with if (cs.ExecuteScalar() == DBNull.Value) and see, I think MySql aggregate operator returns DBNull not null, since there is a result, but the result is null.
Ron Beyer 17-Jan-14 11:44am View
I think its because of the aggregate in this case. If you ran the same code above but using just "select ID from some_table_with_no_records" you should get a null (Nothing) value in return.
Ron Beyer 17-Jan-14 11:28am View
If you put a watch (or mouse hover over scalarVal) what is its type? If its not null it should be something like an integer, there really isn't a "blank" type...
Ron Beyer 17-Jan-14 11:27am View
MSDN DBCommand.ExecuteScalar take a look at the remarks. This is the class all providers implement for the commands, its the standard of how no results versus a null result in the first row is handled.
Ron Beyer 17-Jan-14 11:10am View
Please show your code, we won't just do it for you, but we can help you where you are stuck.
Ron Beyer 17-Jan-14 11:07am View
This isn't clear, you want to give the client the database schema only, or the entire database with data? What database? SQL Server? MySQL, SQLite?
Ron Beyer 17-Jan-14 10:53am View
So what is the value that is actually being returned from ExecuteScalar? The value of scalarVal in my suggestion? This will help narrow it down... Have you also tried your SQL in a simple query window for MySql? To see what is really returned?
Ron Beyer 17-Jan-14 10:38am View
I don't believe MessageBox is available in an ASP application, you would have to register an alert script.
Ron Beyer 17-Jan-14 10:33am View
+5, exceptions are things that the current set of code can't handle so it tells the application to pass it up until something can handle it. If nothing does, it presents it to the user. I also would not use an exception where you can handle it easily in a more friendly way.
Ron Beyer 17-Jan-14 10:20am View
The best language is the one you know that works on Windows. The libraries are the ones that work with said language.

This is difficult to answer without knowing what skills you have, what languages you know, etc.
Ron Beyer 17-Jan-14 10:00am View
Thats not true in this case. ExecuteScalar should return null if there are no results from the query, it will return DBNull.Value if there is a result, but its value is null.
Ron Beyer 17-Jan-14 0:52am View
Can you tell us what directory the executable is stored in? If its the Program Files directory you may not have permission to write to the file. Typically for user settings you want to create a Settings file and it gets stored in the user profile.
Ron Beyer 17-Jan-14 0:49am View
Is it a lot of code? If it isn't too much you can just paste it into your question.
Ron Beyer 17-Jan-14 0:44am View
I don't see why not. I would open another question and post your SMO code and ask how to achieve the same using ADO.NET classes.
Ron Beyer 17-Jan-14 0:40am View
Really the wrong site to ask that kind of question.
Ron Beyer 17-Jan-14 0:38am View
When a .NET 2 application (or DLL in this case) is loaded it uses a different runtime than the .NET 4 system. In order for the two to work together it has to do something called side-by-side loading. That means that both runtimes are loaded at the same time and (I think) in the same appdomain. The reason it may work with the WPF application is that it runs at a higher trust level than your WCF service, or there may be extra restrictions on side-by-side loading for WCF services. I'm not completely sure on that.
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If you are just running a simple database creation script, have you tried using the ADO.NET classes (SQLConnection, SQLCommand) to run it? You shouldn't need SMO just to run an SQL script.
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After a little more research it seems that SMO is not available for .NET 4, even though Microsoft says the above will work, people are saying it doesn't. Looks like the only reliable fix is to downgrade your application to use 3.5. You can use PasteBin to paste your code, what are you needing SMO for?
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5! Much nicer!
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Plus, you don't need the list, just use an int and += the parse, no need to use Linq at all in this problem, which I'm sure is way beyond where his class is.
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string.Join("", input.Skip(i * 2).Take(2).Select(k => k.ToString()).ToArray()

Super complicated way to say:

input.Substring(i*2, 2)
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You need to post the code including the line that the error occurs on. We cannot help you from just an error message.
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What is the problem with the .NET SAP connector?
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I 5'd, its a bit odd to call "sender" the value but you are right that you can use a custom event args object. Keeping with the standard EventHandler<t> pattern though, there will always be a sender, you just have to set it to null. There aren't really any "gotcha's" other than the sender being null, so you can't really use the same handler for both static and instance events of the same type.
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Yes, you are right, you have to replace this with null. I will edit my solution.
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There is no "your", there are 10 million members of this site, each one is welcome to contribute articles. This is a site to share knowledge, like Wikipedia kinda, not a single company providing articles and code. We are all volunteers just participating in a community.
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Why don't you bind the textblock text to the objects position in XAML?
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Its still not really going to help him, since you are demonstrating reading a single node of a non-RSS XML file, not looping through all the nodes of an RSS file. I don't want to sound like an ass, but if you post an example, it should be specific to what they need to do, I think this is going to confuse more than help.
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nodes should be xnlNodes, and inside the for loop xndNode should just be node, not sure where he got the code above from but its not right.
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My post has the definitive book on GOF patterns, and ironically the book is called Design Patterns.
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It doesn't work like that here, you need to show some effort and then tell us where you are stuck. Improve your question with what you have written and what parts you are stuck on and we can help, but we won't do your work for you.
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Instead of reading from whatever the user enters by the keyboard (which at the rate of 1 per second would take 70 hours to enter 250,000 numbers), I'm asking if you have a file on the disk that you read the numbers from.
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Which doesn't answer my question...
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Do you really expect to enter 50*50*100, or 250,000 numbers by hand? Or are you reading from a file?
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On the server, go to start>run>cmd then type "ipconfig", whatever it says there in ipv4, thats the address you use. Don't use your router address.
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Somehow I doubt your IP address is the same as the one in the article. You will need to change the IP address in the client to match the ip address of the server.
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Ok, so you have a problem, can you narrow it down? What does it do? What doesn't it do? What is it supposed to do?
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I can't see the code for your page, so I really can't tell you how to remove it from the page state. If you improve your question with the code, I can probably give you some better advice.
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Search for the file, find out what software package it belongs to, and contact them for a fix.
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Please be specific about your operating system and what type of application (WPF, Metro, Win Forms, console). There are certain restrictions on some operating systems about what type of application can access from where (Metro can't access c:\ I believe).
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You still need to post the code from Class1... also you should use the "Improve Question" link below your question instead of posting solutions as this will probably get flagged and removed.
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Please post your code for "Class1" and the lines you are getting this error on. Use the Improve Question link at the bottom right of your question to add it.
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Unclear, the setup runs slow, or the application runs slow?
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Proxy servers don't hand out IP addresses... is your "proxy" server and client on the same network? If so, two devices can't have the same IP.
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Please do not shout. All caps is shouting. Also, please show your effort, we aren't a drive through window.
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How do you expect silverlight isolated storage to work if the user doesn't have silverlight installed? Would you skip using any of your silverlight components/storage? Need more information about what you want the alternative action to be.
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Sounds like homework to me, you need to show some effort, we won't do your work for you.
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Good catch.