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Comments by Mitesh Prajapati14 (Top 5 by date)

Mitesh Prajapati14 13-Dec-14 2:01am View    
You need to store cart products into session. when user will logged in then you need to save that session object values into database with customer id.
Mitesh Prajapati14 13-Nov-14 2:06am View    
As per your stored procedure, you can define like this:


SELECT @isInfo = f.IsNFO FROM FAInvStatic Where <<your where condition>>

IF ISNULL(@isInfo, 0) = 1
<<your condition here>>
<<your condition here>>
Mitesh Prajapati14 13-Nov-14 1:43am View    
Can you post your stored procedure here? so we can give you best solution
Mitesh Prajapati14 12-Nov-14 1:51am View    
first check your image path on webserver. may be your image path is wrong.
Mitesh Prajapati14 12-Nov-14 1:02am View    
As per your code you need to pass record primary key in where condition. so it will not update all the record in db.

Current query will update all status where status='N'

your new query should be like this :
"update tbldata set status='Y' where status='N' and id=@id"