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Comments by Soulus83 (Top 7 by date)

Soulus83 20-Feb-12 13:05pm View    
Do you know what the InnerException is? Please past the message to see if its something we can manage.
Soulus83 26-May-11 13:20pm View    
Excellent! Updated, thanks a lot!
Soulus83 16-May-11 13:50pm View    
If he gets me the girl I could do that too :)
Soulus83 27-Dec-10 15:27pm View     CRLF
Exactly the same error! Well, I may need to wait until it is officialy released... Thanks!
Soulus83 14-Dec-10 10:10am View    
I'd join any Linux distribution group and navigate through the code if I'd like to exactly know the insides of this types of api's as in old times =D