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Comments by Muthu Nadar (Top 20 by date)

Muthu Nadar 7-May-14 4:22am View
Further I have tried using threading and Backgroundworker, but un successful
Muthu Nadar 6-May-14 9:05am View
Below is the code i used to call exe

var p = new System.Diagnostics.Process()
StartInfo =
FileName = pdfHtmlToPdfExePath,
Arguments = urlsSeparatedBySpaces + " " + outputFilename,
UseShellExecute = false,
RedirectStandardOutput = true,
RedirectStandardError = true,
RedirectStandardInput = true,
WorkingDirectory = outputFolder

var errorOutput = p.StandardError.ReadToEnd();

Additionally, I have used below code to read status from the console window,
while (p.HasExited)
Muthukumar Nadar 17-Sep-12 1:46am View
Kindly reply me with some solution, I ll surly tell why it is necessary if required.
Muthukumar Nadar 22-May-12 0:06am View
Thank you..
I ll definitely have a try...
Muthukumar Nadar 14-Mar-12 8:53am View
I think their is nothing to vague after mention CRM.
I know what all the features need to be implemented on a project once I hear "CRM"
Why I asked for some open source code is, so that I can come up with the ready project fast. As Open Source code for CRM will have all the basic functionally ready.
Muthukumar Nadar 25-Dec-11 23:09pm View
Reason for my vote of 3
Point are good..
Muthukumar Nadar 19-Dec-11 22:41pm View
How u want to send a message??? there are many things like email, sms, mms so on...
Muthukumar Nadar 29-Nov-11 23:21pm View
Thank you for giving me a reply.
I clearly understand your saying.
Muthukumar Nadar 15-Sep-11 9:20am View
You must have seen the things which i tried.
I also removed the session.abandon() and i just changed the session id. Then also the value in the session is not saved.
Muthukumar Nadar 15-Sep-11 9:10am View
Thank you for putting your valuable time in helping me...

You are right with the concept.

But is there any way on managing the things.
Can u help me out by giving some tips on how can i overcome Session Hijacking.
Muthukumar Nadar 15-Sep-11 9:08am View
Thank you for putting your valuable time in helping me...

I successfully change the session id. But what i need is, after changing the session id i am setting value to that session. While setting it get set. But when i postback the page the session value is lost.
Muthukumar Nadar 10-Aug-11 8:28am View
ICallBackEventHandler does that...

You need to call the Javascript, it will then trigger the server side event and getback the values to the client side javascript.
Muthukumar Nadar 6-Jul-11 0:24am View
ya i did all...
I created directory forcefully and i also tried commenting all directory related code, then also it throws the same error.

Anyways.. if an exe run when i double click on it, then it should also work when i attach it on scheduler.

But it fails...
Muthukumar Nadar 2-Jul-11 1:45am View
Sure buddy...
Muthukumar Nadar 29-Jun-11 3:54am View
Thanx for your reply guys.
I agree with both of ur points, actually i got my answer from Mr.Toniyo, what he said is correct, as i practically tested it.
And JV9999 u r also right, but you went too depth.
Thanx guys
Muthukumar Nadar 14-Jun-11 1:23am View
check some online e-book website like
where ebook cannot be downloaded
like that i m lookin
Muthukumar Nadar 10-Jun-11 6:49am View
Thanks for your reply.

But have you seen

The same functionality i expect.
I think their must be some open source dll.
Muthukumar Nadar 29-Jun-10 1:23am View
hey thanx man for ur Reply

i have a Code in C# which is below

using System;
using System.Collections;
using System.Management;

namespace HardDriveSample1
class HardDrive
private string model = null;
private string type = null;
private string serialNo = null;

public string Model
get {return model;}
set {model = value;}

public string Type
get {return type;}
set {type = value;}

public string SerialNo
get {return serialNo;}
set {serialNo = value;}

class TestProgram
/// <summary>
/// The main entry point for the application.
static void Main(string[] args)
ArrayList hdCollection = new ArrayList();

ManagementObjectSearcher searcher = new
ManagementObjectSearcher("SELECT * FROM Win32_DiskDrive");

foreach(ManagementObject wmi_HD in searcher.Get())
HardDrive hd = new HardDrive();
hd.Model = wmi_HD["Model"].ToString();
hd.Type = wmi_HD["InterfaceType"].ToString();


searcher = new
ManagementObjectSearcher("SELECT * FROM Win32_PhysicalMedia");

int i = 0;
foreach(ManagementObject wmi_HD in searcher.Get())
// get the hard drive from collection
// using index
HardDrive hd = (HardDrive)hdCollection[i];

// get the hardware serial no.
if (wmi_HD["SerialNumber"] == null)
hd.SerialNo = "None";
hd.SerialNo = wmi_HD["SerialNumber"].ToString();


// Display available hard drives
foreach(HardDrive hd in hdCollection)
Console.WriteLine("Model : " + hd.Model);
Console.WriteLine("Type : " + hd.Type);
Console.WriteLine("Serial No. : " + hd.SerialNo);

// Pause application
Console.WriteLine("Press [Enter] to exit...");

But this is not working in some OS like Windows server 2003

so i need a solution which can fetch Hard Disk Firmware Number from all Windows OS

Thank You
Surya :)
Muthukumar Nadar 15-Jun-10 1:01am View
Thanx for you Reply
Muthukumar Nadar 15-Jun-10 1:01am View
Thanx for you Reply

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