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DinoRondelly 30-Sep-14 18:09pm View    
Why do you have this question in a code block? Have you tried searching google before posting?
DinoRondelly 15-Jul-13 19:40pm View    
INSERT INTO table_name (column1,column2,column3,...)
VALUES (value1,value2,value3,...);
DinoRondelly 15-Jul-13 18:48pm View    
whats line 35?
DinoRondelly 13-Jun-13 19:07pm View    
I have to be honest with you i am confused. This seems overly complicated to me, why not just have a clock in clock out button that the users press when they clock in or clock out

The best advice i would give you is to check your access table for the log in time when you log out and compare the dates and save the log out time.
DinoRondelly 13-Jun-13 18:57pm View    
So your problem is saving the log out time on the same day as the long in time?